Russian Military Operation Prevented Launch Of new U.S. Bio-Laboratories In Ukraine. Kiev Hiding Evidence

by South Front 27th Feb 2022. shared with thanks and post below by The Free Online

The Russian military special operation in Ukraine coincided with the planned launch of U.S. military biolaboratories in Kiev and Odessa. On February 26, the US Embassy in Ukraine rushed to delete all documents about 11 Pentagon-funded bio-laboratories in Ukraine from its website. All these documents (now deleted by the Embassy), you can read HERE.

see also below> 5 of US Biowarfare Genocide Labs in Ukraine ‘now situated in Russian controlled area’ 2/27/22

In October 2021, the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) of the U.S. Department of Defense published on the U.S. government procurement website an additional agreement on “combating highly dangerous pathogens.

The document concerns the final stage of work on the launch of two bio-laboratories in Ukraine: in Kiev and Odessa. The additional agreement covers the equipping and training of personnel and commissioning of the facilities.

The cost of the work is 3.6 million dollars, but some figures in the document are hidden for reasons of secrecy. According to the document, the laboratories were more than 90 per cent ready.

However, the projects’ completion was delayed up to seven months from the date of signing the document (July 2021), thus to the end of February 2022:

The laboratories in Ukraine were built within the U.S. Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, which was launched in 1991 and was aimed against Russia and the former Soviet Union.

They were funded in frame of the Biological Threat Reduction Program. Cooperation between Ukraine and the United States in this field intensified after the first Maidan revolution in Ukraine in 2005.

You can read more on the U.S. bio-laboratories, including in Ukraine: HERE, HERE, HERE.

The two new laboratories are being created on the basis of the Kiev State Research Institute for Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise and the Odessa division of the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

The main part of the Ukrainian collection of endemic strains of dangerous disease agents is stored in Odessa. The buildings of the new biolaboratories in Kiev and Odessa were built back in 2019, but were not put into operation.

The document above notice makes it clear that this project is important and urgent for the U.S. government: further potential delays are called unacceptable, and “DTRA requires the urgent completion and surrender of both laboratories to ensure the active and safe execution of the DTRA mission.”

Both facilities are owned and secured by the Government of Ukraine, but neither facility is currently performing active biological work because DTRA has asked the Ukrainian authorities not to begin work until acceptance and completion is complete, the procurement materials said.

Moscow has claimed its concern over the developing biological weapons near Russia’s borders. Russian President Vladimir Putin worried about the “purposeful and professional” collection of biomaterials of Russians by foreigners.

The on-going Russian military operation in Ukraine may stop the DTRA program in Ukraine. Anyway, the projects in Kiev and Odessa will be postponed if not cancelled.

Technicians disseminate live biological agents for identification sensitivity tests.

 The U.S. has already spent over 2 billion dollars on such programs in Ukraine alone, and there are more in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

Now, as Russian forces  are advancing in Ukraine, Kiev seems to be in a rush to hide the evidence that the USA violates the convention on non-proliferation of biological weapons. The end of the Russian operation will show.


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see also> 5 of US Biowarfare Genocide Labs in Ukraine ‘now situated in Russian controlled area’ 2/27/22

Its clear from the latest maps that at least 5 of the 12 evil, deadly, dangerous, genocidal US BioLabs are now in territory overrun by the Russian military.

3 0f them are just north of Kiev right in the area of the great push south from the border to besiege the capital and ostensibly demilitarize and de-natzify Ukraine. see maps.

map from 23rd Feb 2022. Hopefully the BioWarfare genocide labs were not included in the ‘military installations eliminated’.

The fourth appears to be right on the border with Crimea. Its an area the Russians might just hold onto as its ethnic Russian and closed to the Crimean water supply canal wghich has been cut off by Ukraine fir the last 8 years. see maps.

Oh wait! We’ve just spotted 5th BioLab on the map, just north of Luhansk city, which appears to have fallen into Russian hands, or is right on the front line of ‘Luhansk Republic’ and Ukraine

We don’t know of course whether the US military had evacuated the BioWar labs before the invasion. We suppose the Russians are too responsible to just bomb the labs, which could let loose world genocide. Thet are careful enough not to damage the Nuclear power stations or the many gas pipelines still pumping gas to Western Europe

The excuse for locating them around the world, the US admits having at least 200 such BioWar Labs, is “that it gives more security to US citizens in case of a leak”. However this rationale is shown as a joke by the way Covid-19 zipped round the Planet.

US financed “Gain Of Function Research”, is what Dr Fauci was famously prominent in and set up in Wuhan when the US tried to limit him, is the Biologiocal Arms Race. The ‘holy grail’ of Gain of Function Research is to develop genocidal viruses that only murder your enemy.

This may be the real reason for situating the Labs on the Russian borders, where fresh ethnic Russian DNA is available. A similar pattern can be surmised from the placing of the US genocide labs in Georgia, Uzbekistan and in Kazakhstan near Almaty as close a possible to China.

Information and speculation on the US BioWar Labs is now rife on social media. First a report by @WarClandestine showed the US military genocide labs in Ukraine. @WarClandestine was quickly banned from Twitter, but copies had been made and went viral, with more info on the labs in Kaakhstan and Georgia.


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