Scandal: Russian Defense Reveals New Details About Secret NATO Biolabs in Ukraine – Eng/Esp

translated from Spanish Posted on March 17, 2022 by ELCOMUNISTA.NET

Six families of viruses, including coronaviruses, and three types of pathogenic bacteria have been obtained during the US projects in Ukraine, Kirillov explained.

The head of the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops of the Russian Armed Forces, General Igor Kirillov, maintained that the US and Ukraine deliberately keep silent about biological activities in international reports.

He recalled that, according to the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological and Toxin Weapons, the States parties must communicate to the UN information about the installations and biological activities in progress.

“These are confidence measures that are published to supervise the application of the agreement. Since 2016, when the aforementioned projects began, the United States and Ukraine have been deliberately silent about them in international reports, despite their clear guidance related to biological weapons.

This secrecy is another reason to question the real objectives of the Pentagon in Ukraine,” Kirillov added.

According to him, the Ukrainian laboratories were the main executors of the P-782 project, which consists of studying the transmission of diseases through bats.

The investigation was systematic and had been carried out since at least 2009 under the direct supervision of US specialists in the framework of projects P-382, P-444 and P-568, he specified.

“In the course of these projects, six families of viruses [including coronaviruses] and three types of pathogenic bacteria [plague, brucellosis and leptospirosis] were identified.

This is due to the main characteristics of these pathogens that make them attractive for infection: resistance to drugs, speed of spread from animals to humans, etc,” Kirillov told the briefing.

He stressed that the Russian military department has at its disposal a number of documents “confirming the fact of transfer of biological samples collected in Ukraine to the territory of third countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom and Georgia.”
US studies indigenous pathogens in Ukraine

Kirillov also added that the pathogens being studied in Ukrainian laboratories under a US project were indigenous and their spread could masquerade as a naturally occurring outbreak.

“In our view, the interest of US military biologists is because these pathogens have natural foci in both Ukraine and Russia, and their use could masquerade as natural disease outbreaks,” he detailed.

He pointed out that they were Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever bacilli, leptospirosis and hantavirus.

Kirillov stated that the laboratories of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense located in kyiv, Odessa, Lviv and Kharkov received a total amount of 32 million dollars from the US.

As evidence, the military officer showed journalists a document dated March 6, 2015 that confirms the direct participation of the United States in the financing of projects for which he was in charge, in particular, the head of the Threat Reduction Agency Department of Defense (DTRA) of the Pentagon before the American Embassy in kyiv, Joanna Wintrol.

She admitted that Ukrainian specialists might not be aware of the “true goals of research carried out in laboratories.”

Russia launched a special operation on February 24 to stop Ukrainian bombardments against the civilian populations of Donetsk and Lugansk.

UPDATE: Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland confirms Ukraine BIOWEAPON LABS…

On March 8, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that documents had been found from the network of laboratories operating in Ukraine and supporting complaints against the United States for violations of the Convention for the Prohibition of Bacteriological and Toxin Weapons. (CABT).

Specifically, the captured documentation reveals that Ukrainian laboratories hastily destroyed highly dangerous pathogens of plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera and other deadly diseases on February 24, the same day that Russian forces launched the special operation in that country.

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, María Zajárova, stressed that these laboratories tried to eliminate the evidence to avoid discovering violations of article 1 of the CABT by Ukraine and the United States.

From Washington, the Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Victoria Nuland, admitted that Ukraine was home to several biological laboratories.

On March 10, the Russian Ministry of Defense presented a report in which it stated that experiments with the bat coronavirus were being carried out in these laboratories.

The report of the Russian Ministry states furthermore tthat the United States and its NATO allies would have been creating biological agents capable of selectively attacking certain racial groups.

Another project called UP-4 studied the possibility of using migratory birds to spread dangerous diseases such as the H5N1 avian flu, whose lethality reaches 50% in humans, as well as the highly contagious Newcastle infection that affects birds. .

The United States denies all the accusations, although it rejects international inspections.

The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vasili Nebenzia, denounced on March 11 in the Security Council of the international organization, that the United States has been blocking since 2001 a legally binding protocol of the Biological (Bacteriological) Weapons Convention on the creation of a mechanism effective verification process to ensure compliance. “This may lead us to think that the United States has something to hide,” he warned.

Nebenzia warned the rest of the European countries that the continent could be affected by an outbreak of a biological agent from Ukrainian laboratories, linked to the United States.

China urged US President Joe Biden to explain his country’s bacteriological weapons programs inside and outside its territory.


USA Funded and Controlled Bioweapons Development in Ukraine- Illegal Weapons of Mass Destruction?- WMD

Much info from The Stephen Lendman Blog shared with thanks

You probably heard already the bizarre information that the Covid Vaccine Guru Fauci himself illegally organised moving US funds to Wuhan for banned ‘Gain of Function’ experiments (ie banned attempts to create more lethal viruses).

Bizarre and frightening. But now we find out the US has hundreds of such illegal biowarfare labs around the world.

And what’s more up to 30 of them are/were in Ukraine, with 2 brand new super expensive ones due to be commissioned in Kyiv, and hurriedly dismantled when the war began.….


“Russia at the UN Security Council claims the US has been weaponizing pathogens at biowarfare labs in Ukraine”.

…… excerpt.. There is something fishy going on…the US Embassy removed all their Ukraine Bioweapon lab documents from their website.

Try by yourself… If you go on their website, you will see a bunch of pdfs files listed on the left side of the page. Now press on one of the links… Just in the last day they removed all the PDF files from the embassy website here:

Biological Threat Reduction Program

The good news is they are still archived, here they are:

These labs are co-run by Fauci’s EcoHealth Alliance and rumor is Russia’s entire military operation right now is unofficially to either secure and/or destroy these labs and gather evidence.

note: we haven’t examined these files which were public until yesterday, but it’s unlikely they admit any great secrets. Still the scandal remains that the US has over 400 such labs all over the planet.

The 13th file begins like this>

The Pathogen Asset Control System (PACS) is an electronic system for accounting, management and control of biological agents. The application is designed to monitor the reception, transfer, movement and destruction of agents, as well as other actions performed with biological materials………

more here


Ukrainian Biolabs: From Conspiracy Theory, to Conspiracy Fact, to ‘It’s Russia’s Fault!’


“According to data released by the U.S., it has 26 bio-labs and other related facilities in Ukraine, over which the U.S. Department of Defense has absolute control,” Zhao said. “All dangerous pathogens in Ukraine must be stored in these labs and all research activities are led by the U.S. side. Without U.S. approval, no information shall be released to the public.”

This information has been freely available online for years, thanks to the diligent and professional reporting of Bulgarian war correspondent Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, at, who has documented the existence of the numerous biolabs encircling Russia, in Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and many other nations.

MintPressNews has also featured a lengthy, in-depth interview with Gaytandzhieva in the past week, along with a joint interview of Gaytandzhieva and Scott Ritter, the former UN arms inspector.

Glenn Greenwald, America’s premier dissident journalist (now living in Brazil), dissects Nuland’s comments and the American propaganda machinery in his article ‘Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities,” Worried Russia May Seize


Even the Youtube channel of Russell Brand, the English comedian turned geo-political analyst, is an excellent source for balanced analyses of the current situation, though he is careful not to cross the line and invoke the wrath of the YouTube censors and lose his channel (as has RT, RT America, Sputnik, and other channels who failed to hew the propaganda line).

While the corporate mainstream media in the West serves only as a means of broadcasting propaganda, the free press remains alive and thriving thanks to independent voices like those listed in the article.


Defensa rusa revela nuevos detalles sobre los biolaboratorios secretos de la OTAN en Ucrania


El jefe de las Tropas de Defensa Radiológica, Química y Biológica de las Fuerzas Armadas de Rusia, el general Ígor Kirílov, sostuvo que EEUU y Ucrania guardan deliberadamente silencio sobre las actividades biológicas en los informes internacionales.

Recordó que, de acuerdo con la Convención sobre la Prohibición de Armas Biológicas y Toxínicas, los Estados partes deben comunicar a la ONU información sobre las instalaciones y actividades biológicas en curso.

«Se trata de medidas de confianza que se publican para supervisar la aplicación del convenio. Desde 2016, cuando comenzaron los proyectos mencionados, Estados Unidos y Ucrania han guardado deliberadamente silencio sobre ellos en los informes internacionales, a pesar de su clara orientación relacionada con las armas biológicas. Este secretismo es otra razón para preguntarse por los verdaderos objetivos del Pentágono en Ucrania», agregó Kirílov.

Seis familias de virus, incluidos los coronavirus, y tres tipos de bacterias patógenas han sido obtenidos durante los proyectos de Estados Unidos en Ucrania, detalló Kirílov.

Según él, los laboratorios ucranianos fueron los principales ejecutores del proyecto P-782 que consiste en estudio de transmisión de enfermedades a través de murciélagos. La investigación era sistemática y se llevaba a cabo desde al menos 2009 bajo la supervisión directa de especialistas estadounidenses en el marco de los proyectos P-382, P-444 y P-568, precisó.

«En el curso de estos proyectos se identificaron seis familias de virus [incluidos los coronavirus] y tres tipos de bacterias patógenas [peste, brucelosis y leptospirosis]. Esto se debe a las principales características de estos agentes patógenos que los hacen atractivos para la infección: resistencia a los medicamentos, rapidez de propagación de los animales a los humanos, etc.», dijo Kirílov en la sesión informativa.

Destacó que el departamento militar ruso tiene a su disposición una serie de documentos «que confirman el hecho de la transferencia de muestras biológicas recogidas en Ucrania al territorio de terceros países, entre ellos Alemania, el Reino Unido y Georgia».

EEUU estudia en Ucrania patógenos autóctonos

Asimismo, Kirílov añadió que los patógenos que se estudiaban en los laboratorios ucranianos en el marco de un proyecto de Estados Unidos eran autóctonos y su propagación podría hacerse pasar por un brote surgido de manera natural.

«Desde nuestro punto de vista, el interés de los biólogos militares estadounidenses se debe a que estos patógenos tienen focos naturales tanto en Ucrania como en Rusia, y su uso podría hacerse pasar por brotes naturales de enfermedades», detalló.

Señaló que se trataba de bacilos de fiebre hemorrágica de Crimea-Congo, leptospirosis y hantavirus.

Kirílov afirmó que los laboratorios del Ministerio de Defensa ucraniano situados en Kiev, Odesa, Lviv y Járkov recibieron de EEUU un importe total de 32 millones de dólares.

En calidad de prueba, el militar enseñó a los periodistas un documento fechado del 6 de marzo de 2015 que confirma la participación directa de EEUU en la financiación de proyectos de los que se encargaba, en particular, la jefa de la Agencia de Reducción de Amenazas de Defensa (DTRA) del Pentágono ante la Embajada estadounidense en Kiev, Joanna Wintrol.

Admitió que los especialistas ucranianos podrían no percatarse de los «verdaderos objetivos de las investigaciones realizadas en los laboratorios».

Rusia inició el 24 de febrero una operación especial para frenar los bombardeos ucranianos contra las poblaciones civiles de Donetsk y Lugansk.

El 8 de marzo, el Ministerio de Exteriores de Rusia informó que se habían hallado documentos de la red de laboratorios que operaban en Ucrania y que sustentaban las quejas contra Estados Unidos por las violaciones de la Convención para la Prohibición de las Armas Bacteriológicas y las Toxínicas (CABT).

En concreto, la documentación capturada revela que los laboratorios ucranianos destruyeron apresuradamente patógenos altamente peligrosos de la peste, ántrax, tularemia, cólera y otras enfermedades mortales el 24 de febrero, el mismo día que las fuerzas de Rusia iniciaran la operación especial en ese país.

La portavoz de la Cancillería, María Zajárova, recalcó que esos laboratorios intentaron eliminar las evidencias para evitar que se descubrieran violaciones del artículo 1 de la CABT por parte de Ucrania y Estados Unidos.

Desde Washington, la secretaria de Estado adjunta para Asuntos Políticos, Victoria Nuland, admitió que Ucrania albergaba varios laboratorios biológicos.

El 10 de marzo, el Ministerio de Defensa de Rusia presentó un informe en el que afirmó que en esos laboratorios se hacían experimentos con el coronavirus de murciélago.

El informe del Ministerio ruso consigna además que Estados Unidos y sus aliados de la OTAN habrían estado creando agentes biológicos capaces de atacar de forma selectiva a determinados grupos raciales.

Otro de los proyectos denominado UP-4 estudiaba la posibilidad de usar a las aves migratorias para propagar enfermedades peligrosas como la gripe aviar H5N1, cuya letalidad alcanza el 50% en los humanos, así como la infección Newcastle, altamente contagiosa que afecta a las aves.

Estados Unidos niega todas las acusaciones, aunque rechaza inspecciones internacionales.

El embajador de Rusia ante la ONU, Vasili Nebenzia, denunció el 11 de marzo en el Consejo de Seguridad del organismo internacional, que Estados Unidos bloquea desde 2001 un protocolo legalmente vinculantes de la Convención de Armas Biológicas (Bacteriológicas) sobre la creación de un mecanismo de verificación efectivo para garantizar su cumplimiento. «Esto puede llevarnos a pensar que Estados Unidos tiene algo que ocultar», advirtió.

Nebenzia alertó al resto de países europeos que el continente podría verse afectado por un brote de un agente biológico procedente de los laboratorios ucranianos, vinculados a Estados Unidos.

China instó al presidente estadounidense Joe Biden a explicar los programas de armas bacteriológicas de su país dentro y fuera de su territorio.


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