Endless Big Lies and Mass Deception About Russia

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In support of lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum, the NYT and other MSM provide press agent services for their crimes of war and against humanity — at home and abroad.

According to Times fake news, preeminent peace and stability advocate Vladimir Putin is an “aggressor (sic).”

Citing nonexistent US intelligence, the Big Lie about hostile Russian intentions against Ukraine persists.

No satellite images show Russian hordes massed near Ukraine’s border.

No evidence of a planned Russian “false flag attack” or other provocation exists to invade Ukraine or for any other reason.

No Kremlin plot to install a pro-Russian government in Kiev.

No Kremlin “information warfare” on all things Ukraine and the West.

No Russian breaches of international law of any kind.

Yet NYT fake news falsely reported otherwise.

Like countless earlier Russia bashing reports, its latest one reads like a White House, Pentagon, CIA and/or State Department press…

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