Workers struggle for rights in Turkey: 17,000 workers, 108 strikes in 2 months. As Inflation rockets.

labour notes from from Bianet shared with thanks

“I haven’t gone to the cinema, seen a theater play or attended a concert for two years,” says a worker from the Yemeksepeti online food delivery company, speaking to the Labor Studies Community and daily Evrensel for their report.

From resistance to victory: Migros workers’ protest ends with folk dances Bianet :: English

Resisting for their rights, Migros warehouse workers win

Migros warehouse workers have celebrated with folk dances that their protests for their rights have ended in their favor. Workers’ lawyer Ünder says that their struggle marks an unforgettable resistance in the history of Turkey’s working class.

Turkish worker strikes hit highest level since 1970s as living costs spiral | Ahval

The Warehouse, Port, Dock and Maritime Workers Union (DGD-SEN) has announced that an agreement has been reached with the employer regarding the wage increase and premiums of Migros warehouse workers.

Soaring Energy Bills Deepen Crisis for Turks, and Erdogan

Hit by spiraling inflation, electricity bills have doubled for households and businesses in only a month.

Youth in Turkey report: 73 percent want to live abroad

Germany-based Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Association has shared the findings of a recent survey: 48 percent of young people say that “they don’t trust the President at all”, nearly 73 percent would live abroad if they had the opportunity.

Why Gen Z Is A Real Threat To Erdogan’s Grip On Power In Turkey – Worldcrunch

In 2013, Gezi Park protests spread across the whole of Turkey and the young generation found its voice. Michael Bunel/Nurphoto/

Turkish police detained ~100 Migros supermarket workers on strike today. They had gathered to demand an hourly raise of just 4 lira, just enough for one loaf of bread. That’s less than 30 cents.

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As the official inflation is near 50%; worker protests continue, the police detain over 150 Migros workers #MigrosDepoyaSesVerFebruary 9, 2022With 1 comment

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A nation imprisoned: A record number of 68 new prisons have been opened in Turkey in 2021.January 3, 2022With 1 comment

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