Series of activities on International Women’s Day in Euphrates region

 The cities of Manbij and Kobani witnessed a series of activities within the framework of the activities organized by women’s institutions on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day. WOMAN 2022-03-01  Manbij

The Young Women’s Union organized, today, at the beginning of March, in the city of Manbij, a free women’s tent, under the slogan “Let’s unite to take revenge and defeat the occupation”, in the Sabaa Bahrat roundabout, west of the city.

 The event began by a minute, and then the administrator of the Young Women’s Union welcomed Sedana Hannoush to attend and congratulated all women on the International Women’s Day.

 It was followed by a speech on behalf of the Military Women’s Council delivered by Fatima Muhammad, who said, “On behalf of the Manbij Military Council, we extend our warmest congratulations and bless all women in the world, on the advent of International Women’s Day at the beginning of spring, and we wish a good year”

 Then the co-chair of the Circassian Association, Taleen Najm Al-Din, delivered a speech on behalf of civil society organizations, in which she said, “In the spirit of women’s struggle for peace and freedom, we welcome the International Women’s Day, and congratulate all women who represent the hope of humanity for their efforts.”

 The administrator of the Relations Office of the Syrian Women’s Council, Rola Othman, also delivered a speech in which she said, “In my name and in the name of the Syrian Women’s Council, I congratulate and congratulate the approaching (International Women’s Day), which falls on the eighth of March, which is celebrated by the whole world. Women are the loud voice in society.  striving for equality between men and women.

 Then, a member of the Training Committee at the Zenobia Women’s Gathering Office, Heba Al-Ahmad, congratulated all the women of north and east Syria and the women of the whole world on this day, the eighth of March. The woman, despite all the difficulties is still strong and resistant.

 The event also included a cycling race for girls.


 In the context, the Golden Crescent Movement in the Kobani canton made a statement to the public opinion in which it congratulated the International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8 of this month, and the statement pledged to follow in the footsteps of the martyrs of women’s freedom and highlight their resistance and heroism through art.

 The statement was read near one of the resistance landmarks in the city of Kobani, where the spot contains the hair of a number of female martyrs of the Women’s Protection Units during the Battle of Kobani.

 A member of the Golden Crescent Movement’s management in Kobani canton, Zilan Jalilati, read the statement in Kurdish, in the presence of dozens of movement members.

 The statement stated that “the male authority practices all kinds of physical and psychological torture on women with the aim of breaking the will of women and imposing their full authority on women and their existence, and in this regard, women are still resisting that authority to gain their freedom and protect their culture.”

 The statement added, “The culture of resistance was planted in the entity of women who made a legacy of the struggle against the dominant patriarchal authorities, and thousands of women all over the world sacrificed their lives for the sake of their freedom.”

 The statement congratulated all women on the occasion of International Women’s Day, and pledged to continue “the approach and thought of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.”



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