subMedia have revamped their website so why not take a look.

          subMedia, always a great place to visit for the latest in videos, anarchist comment and discussion, they have revamped their website so why not take a look.

          We’re stoked to announce that we now have a new website! As always, you can find us at We’ve been working our asses off getting this together so let’s go over exactly what changes we made.
The most important thing we did was move our entire back catalogue of videos over to the Kolektiva severs! It was an enormous pain but we really needed to find a solution that supported subtitles/closed captioning after JWPlayer dropped that functionality from their last update. (Fuck you JWPlayer)
         Then we had to update all the embed codes on all the videos on our site. Since we had to do this on hundreds of videos, our resident social media troll still has carpal tunnel.
          Then we cleaned up a ton of broken links to old articles and also took a bunch of 3rd party videos off of our site. But don’t worry, those OPV’s (other people’s videos) can still be found on Kolektiva!
          When you’re on the homepage the 1st thing you may notice is a huge image for a video that will eventually slide to reveal more videos. This will always have be our most recent content! Below that are sliders for our videos organized by category.
          At the top of the site, we have a header bar with drop menus, links to about us, our contact page, our shop and a donate button (it’s pink!) You can now support us monetarily by clicking a more aesthetically pleasing pink donate button, wink wink. We also added new ways for people in the US and Canada to donate by accepting Venmo, Cashapp, and Interac E-Transfers
        You might also notice we have a language tab. There is now a Portuguese translation of our website and much of our content. We’re working on adding Portuguese subtitles to even more!
         Thank you so much for your ongoing support of subMedia! We hope that this website is more accessible, easier to navigate and will help new people find engaging anarchist and anti-colonial content for years to come!

The Crew at subMedia

Visit ann arky’s home at    

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