Bucha : Why did Ukraine dump 300 victims in Mass Graves- unidentified in rubbish bags? Ignoring their Families

Who committed the ghastly massacre in Bucha?

One easy way to find out the truth was to let the families bury their dead but:“In Bucha, we have already buried 280 people in mass graves,” mayor Anatoly Fedoruk told AFP by phone on April 2nd.

No flowers, no families, no mourning, no identification , no wreaths in the street. They scooped them in rubbish bags and dumped them in mass graves. (The western media even tried to suggest it was the Russians who buried them).

Another easy way to find the truth was just to ask their families their names.

Did they have Ukrainian names? Or ethnic Russian, as maybe suggested by many wearing the white armbands (see below) and having boxes of Russian Food Aid.

Were they really all ethnic Ukrainians? How come then that nobody demanded to bury the bodies of their relatives?

How come no mothers identified their sons lying in the street for days waiting for the Press Corps to arrive?

Why were there no flowers, wreaths or candles where they fell?

Did they even speak to the families of the dead? Just a few words would show their accents, or grammatical mistakes.

Why was there no outcry about the massacre on local social media?

Were some of them poor working class ‘immigrants’ from the war in Donbass where nearly 14,000 more have been killed by the now nazi led Ukrainian army?

Or how many of the dead were Roma, or Black, Lesbian, Gay or Trans, Immigrants or Refugees? Were any of them from the minorities the new leaders in the military urged each other to ‘eliminate’? Those earnest young men conditioned by 8 years of glorifying white-supremacist macho morons, and now banning all seven opposition parties.

Why won’t the Russians directly accuse the nazi led army of the massacre? Would that be an admission their war to de-nazify Ukraine is backfiring?

Why did they so hastily mass bury the victims, like rubbish left in the streets? Is not the first police duty to identify a murder victim? Why was there hardly any blood on the streets?

And why were many of the corpses taken away freshly killed and floppy in the photos (no rigor mortis) if they had been there at least 4 days since the Russians left. Never mind being there “weeks” according to ‘CIA supplied’ satellite photos via the New York Times.

Removing the evidence, No rigor nortis.

Is it true that nazi groups boasted on Telegram of their exploits in Bucha after the Russians pulled out? We tried to find out by copy/pasting Ukrainian into Google Translate, but couldn’t get into their Telegram channels.

Did they claim revenge for the ‘Blood and Honor of their leaders killed in a downed helicopter escaping from Mariupol?

Is it possible that the uncontrollable Azov battalion or the Territorial Army agreed to make a False Flag and at the same time win more military control and kudos, and terrify their opponents into silence?

What about the armbands? Why were some victims still wearing the white ‘non-combatant’ armbands after the Russians left?

Did they not realize that nationalists might take that to mean they were pro-Russian? That they might rip off the armbands to tie their hands before killing them?

ç Why were many of the dead photographed next to boxes of Russian Food Aid? Why were none of the up to 400 killed apparently wearing the blue Ukrainian armbands?

Does Zelensky know 0r suspect the truth? If so he is still a great actor! We know he has been forced to shut up and give in to the mass murder of Azov in Donbass, Mariupol, etc. and that his ‘sponsor’, oligarch and billionaire backer, Ihor Kolomoyskyi also sponsors the Nazi battalion in the Ukrainian army.

Would you or I dare speak to the press, place flowers, or demand the body of our son, if it were true that fascist forces inside the state had killed him and threatened us and our families?

On the other hand why would we NOT demand his body, speak to the press, demand aid, lead a vigil or hold a family funeral with all our community, if our dead son was really killed by the evil invaders?

Why is there no outcry about the massacre on local social media? Could it be that locals, taken in by the nationalist hype, informed on who were ethnic Russian “traitors”?

Was this really the the war crime of Putin? Or could it be the long awaited False Flag, covered up by hysterical national war fever, that nobody dares speak against.?

Was Putin justified in trying to stop the fascist takeover and defend Donbass? Even appealing to the traditional Soviet trauma of losing 27 million dead the last time they attacked Russia in 1942?

Or does he even care?

Nazis are still a minority in Ukraine. Few of us would actually vote for them. But fascists first abolish democracy of any sort. Putin’s war may have backfired by giving the fascist minority power and more control of the 250,000 strong Ukrainian army.

What happened and is happening is a successful Atrocity against Humanity, whoever did it.

The truth of the Bucha Pogrom will likely be argued for generations. But the consequences of rampaging western financed fascism are already arriving in Ukraine.

Hitler, Goebbels and Stepan Bandera would be proud.

see also yesterday’s post

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