The Bucha Atrocity: Who did it and Why? + 11 Reasons the Russians can’t be Guilty


note: We DON’T support the dictatorial Russian State, which also supports western nazis when it suits them! We support the Ukrainian people who have always voted against the nazis embedded in their State and army.

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1) Russians couldn’t have done it because they left 2 days before

The massacre in Bucha near Kyivhas become the front page of the media around the world. European and American politicians talk about nothing else. That means that the provocation has achieved its advertising objective.)

Russian troops left Bucha on March 30. The next day, the mayor of the town, Anatoly Fedoruk, said with a smile of joy on his lips: “March 31 will go down in the history of our town and the entire territorial community as the day of liberation from the orcs. Russians, the Russian occupiers of our towns by our Ukrainian armed forces”. Other officials spoke in a similar vein.

see the South Front videos HERE.. The screenshot image above is one where the body seems to wake up and move when seen inn the side mirror after the jeep passes

Would he be happy if dozens of his compatriots were out on the street at that moment, shot to death? Why didn’t he say anything in his statement about the atrocities committed by the Russians? Why was he silent about the “torture, rape and murder”? Why would the Russians massacre those ‘friendlies’ wearing white armbands, probably ethnic Russians, right after feeding them?

The context: The Russians had ordered their forces to pull back and stop the partial siege of Kyiv, saying this was a ‘trust boosting measure’ after Ukraine offered to become a Neutral Country at the negotiations. But the Ukraine military, led by the Azov fascists had other ideas and attacked. In Bucha there was a hail of indiscriminate mortar fire as the Russians pulled out, abandoning equipment. Now negotiations are impossible.

NewsReal: Bucha False-Flag – Sanctions Gas Theater – BRICS …

2) The white ‘non combatant’ armbands signified ‘Russian collaborators’ to the nazis who arrived on 1st April. Likely to wear them were ethnic Russian immigrants from the East, scraping a living in the far suburbs of Kyiv.. Likely many are ethnic Russians fleeing the 8 year long Ukrainian siege of Donbass in which 14,000 people have died.

The ‘narrative’ that swept the world just assumes that the Russian soldiers suddenly decided to seek out and murder these people, much like their own families, in the middle of a nightmare retreat under fire

3) Many of the dead had small boxes of Russian food aid beside them. Proof to the nazis of collaboration. We can’t find the photo right now but it shows dead people with various boxes of the Russian Food Aid scattered about.

The Russian army delivered humanitarian aid in - One News ...

The Russian army delivers humanitarian aid

Context is that the nazi led military, be they Azov, Territorial or regular army were obviously influenced by 8 years of glorification of Fascism and Hitler,(even for example with a TV presenter urging the killing of Russians on TV). Especially Azov is indoctrinated wirthg genocide, and were enraged by the exposé of torturing Russian prisoners last week, as well as the plight of their leaders trapped in Mariupol.

Zelensky sheds a tear in Bucha see.. Ukraine War! What Is It Good For? The Nazi Agenda.. Zelenskyy’s problem is that he is merely the puppet of his billionnaire backer, Ihor Kolomoyskyi. In turn, Kolomoyskyi is one of the main sources of funding for the Azov, Aydar and Dnepre regiments.

4) The official Russian policy is to avoid civilian casualties, provide civilian escape routes, food aid, etc and counter the propaganda war. Ostensibly the siege of Kyiv was to pressure the government and destroy military hardware, not kill the 250,000 strong Ukrainian army.. The Russian soldiers are under military discipline, without conscripts or reservists. Everyone was waiting for a False Flag. Certainly military crimes were possible, but the whole garrison suddenly massacring 400 people seems a ludicrous proposition.

5) The Russians left Bucha in a hurry under a hail of mortar fire. SEE ‘The Context’ above

6) One of the video clips, published and later deleted by Ukrainian military commander Sergey Korotkih, showed Ukrainian troops in Bucha discussing engagement rules. Korotkih, formerly a citizen of Belarus, is an open neo-Nazi who went to Ukraine back in 2014 to fight in the ranks of the notorious Azov Battalion. In Russia, Korotkih is wanted on multiple murder charges.

One of the fighters can be heard asking if it was OK to shoot at “guys not wearing blue armbands” identifying Ukrainian soldiers. The response was an affirmative “you bet”.
Some of the civilians killed in Bucha were wearing white armbands. Russian troops had reportedly asked civilians to wear them to identify themselves as non-combatants.

7) The western media is a completely servile and unquestioning lire machine, ever since they colluded to support the Pandemic ‘narrative’.

Russian servicemen delivered tons of humanitarian cargo to the residents of Mariupol,

8) The Russians have been complaining loudly for weeks that a false flag was being prepared to halt peace talks. In Mariupol the staged hospital and theater ‘atrocities’ by the Azov Ukrainian fascists turned out to be obvious fakes and the media shut up.

NewsReal: Bucha False-Flag – Sanctions Gas Theater – BRICS …

9) The first unit of the Ukrainian armed forces to enter Bucha was the special forces of the National Guard of Ukraine. The official telegram channel of the National Guard published a video, filmed by the detachment’s own troops. The video shows Ukrainian soldiers calmly walking through the streets of the city, and no dead bodies are seen in the streets.

10) Afterwards, the Ukrainian soldiers communicate with the inhabitants, and there is not a single complaint from the population about the Russian occupiers. The population simply points to the buildings in the town that had been used by Russian troops as accommodation bases.

This shows that at the time of Bucha’s transition to the control of the Ukrainian armed forces, there were still no crimes in the locality. There were no corpses in the streets, no mass graves, no tied up and shot civilians.

11) The first videos with corpses did not appear on Twitter until the afternoon of April 1, and information about them did not begin to spread until April 3. The images do not show blood stains on the ground, suggesting that the bodies were moved to that location from some other location.

Russian soldiers deliver humanitarian aid near Kharkiv …

see also: Stop Arms to Ukraine. Stop the War… Workers Block Delivery of U.S. Weapons in Greece, Italy and Germany

The way to end the war is to stop it. It costs us very little to give the Russians basic security and make Ukraine, with its now nazi led 250,000 strong military, into a neutral state in the EU .…..continues here

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