Trump betrays Rojava: allows Erdogan to Bomb, Invade and Genocide anti ISIS defenders

Donald Trump has betrayed the heroic fighters who fought and died to save us from ISIS.

To do this he will have personally signed a paper allowing Turkish jets and helicopters to invade the airspace and murder countless innocent people. Donald Tump is now a war criminal and mass murderer.

Protesters, predominantly from the Kurdish town of Ras al-Ayn, marched several miles to reach a base placed on the border with Turkey. Protesters presented a petition calling on coalition forces to halt the rumoured Turkish operation.
[BREAKING] US allows Turkey to attack Rojava! The White House just announced that US “will no longer be in the immediate area” of Northern Syria, allow Turkey to launch an invasion in the region  #riseup4rojava
A  new illegal and genocidal Turkish invasion also helps ISIS fighters to escape. It serves terror and is a real opportunity for Daesh to reorganize itself and thus take control of large areas of Syria. The declaration of war on #Rojava is a threat to the whole world. #riseup4rojava

Trump has done his ‘Evil Deal’ with Erdogan,  selling out and betraying his SDF and Kurdish allies who conquered ISIS. We can be sure that both mafia style presidents will receive untraceable kickbacks  in anonymous offshore accounts.

The US has given Erdogan free rein to flood Rojava with his fast growing mercenary army of jihadi Syrian militias, including many ISIS and Al Qaeda and militias now holed up in Idlib. Erdogan is paying the terrorists 500 Turkish dollars a month and offering loot, land and power destroying Rojava. Especially evil is the promise to destroy the unique womens’ liberation movement, returning women to semi slavery under medieval jihadi rule and implicitly offering the terrorist mercenaries  the right to kidnap, rape and torture the heroic YPJ womens defense militia, as is already happening in Afrin.

All they asked for was peace and democracy: This is what Erdogan did to Kurdish cities just over the border in Turkey in 2015.

Erdogan has already taken over Afrin, Al Bab, Azaz, Jarablus  and much of Idlib and has openly boasted he will conquer all lands once held by the Ottoman Empire …At home he has  gained total dictatorial control, /destroyed Kurdish areas killing thousands and ordered the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of people on suspicion.

What can we do, reading this in some safer and stabler part of the world?

by ..  If the Turkish government and its henchmen expect their extermination fantasies to become reality, they have not taken into account the resistance of the women’s and people’s defense units (YPJ/YPG) and especially the resistance of the people in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Those who have defeated the Islamic state through the sacrifice of thousands of martyrs and the courageous resistance of the population will defend the self-governing areas against a Turkish invasion.

We must all do our part and fulfill our responsibility of defending this revolution!

The military, economic and diplomatic cooperation between Turkey, the USA, NATO and European countries must be exposed and politically attacked. No support for Erdogan, his regime and his war!

No arms supply and no financial or political aid to the Turkish extermination policy!

If democratic movements decide to put the issue on the agenda: in the media, on the streets, in the factories, businesses and classrooms of their countries, then we can develop a common force against Turkey’s war plans.

We must build a permanent political resistance capable of preventing cooperation with Turkish fascism in our countries.

Should it come to Day X, the beginning of a Turkish invasion: take to the streets, take actions, occupy, disrupt and block! Show those responsible in the government offices and company headquarters what you think of their war!

Together we can stop the war of aggression of Turkey! No war against Northern Syria!

The revolution in Northeast Syria will win, fascism will be smashed! ”



”In the event of a Turkish invasion, you can use every means in your power to discredit and impede the Turkish state, Erdogan, Trump, Putin and the others who paved the way for that outcome.

Even if you are not able to stop them—even if you can’t save our lives—you will be part of building the kind of social movements and collective capacity that will be necessary to save others’ lives in the future.

In addition, you can look for ways to get resources to people in this part of the world, who have suffered so much and will continue to suffer as the next act of this tragedy plays out.

Barcelona demo 17.00  7th Oct

see also: ‘Erdogan’s terrorists ”Assassinating, Beheading, Stabbing and Planting Explosives’ in ‘Safe Zone’  

RiseUp4Rojava ..Erdogan uses Refugee Blackmail on EU to boost ”Safe Zone” invasion

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