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This article first appeared in The Anvil Vol 11 No 2, published 30 April 2022.


On 21 May, voters in Australia will choose which government will oversee exploitation and oppression of the working class by the capitalists for the next three years.  We won’t be able to vote for a free society, one where people live lives of equality and co-operation, where racism, sexism, homophobia and all the other toxic phenomena of capitalism don’t exist and where we live in harmony with our environment.  Even if the High Court hadn’t ruled in 1948 that socialism was precluded by Section 92 of the Constitution, Parliament isn’t a viable means of creating that society.

The current crisis

This doesn’t mean nothing important is going on, though.  Most importantly, the world is rapidly running out of time to prevent runaway climate change, which could destroy industrial civilisation and kill at…

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