Ukrainian forces Kill Children With Cluster Munitions in daily Blitz of Civilian areas of Donetsk

from SouthFront 7th July 22 via thefreeonline

Maria was killed by the AFU on July 6

Over the past two days, 5 children have been killed by Ukrainian shelling in the Donbass. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are intentionally shelling residential areas.

As a result, the number of civilian casualties is growing every day. Residents of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics have been suffering from the terrorist war of the Kiev regime for eight years.

On July 6, 7 civilians were killed in the Donetsk People’s Republic, including three children. 28 civilians were injured, including 8 children.

On July 6, the AFU shelled the residential quarter in the town of Makeevka with a Hurricane MLRS. As a result of the attack, three children and a man were killed.

The victims are an 8-years-old girl, a 7-years old boy and a 17-years-old boy. 10 others civilians were injured, including 7 children.

The military experts of the JCCC of the DPR confirmed the shelling of the Central City district of Makeyevka with the use of a BM-27 “Hurricane” MLRS with a 9M27K cluster warhead.

The AFU fired at the densely populated area of Makeyevka from their positions located near the locality of Solovyovo.

The shelling was carried out by the 25th separate assault brigade of the AFU, commander – Colonel Kurash Evgeny Yuryevich; chief of artillery – Lieutenant Colonel of the Chapter Vladimir Viktorovich.

A criminal case has been launched, the criminals will face capital punishment if captured by Russian forces.

Eyewitnesses described the attacks:

“After it calmed down a little bit, I went out on the balcony, looked: there were two children on the playground. A boy and a girl… The girl was still sitting, she was alive. She pulled the boy … Then, when I rushed out… the girl was already lying on the boy.”

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Locals bring flowers and toys to pay tribute to the victims.

Another boy was injured as a result of the shelling in Donetsk. He risked losing his arm but doctors managed to save it.

The Ukrainian military does not stop the terrorist attacks. Massive shelling continues.

On July 7, a Ukrainian shell killed a 30-year-old woman on Stakhanov Street in Donetsk.

Ukrainian Nazis Kill Children With Cluster Munitions

On July 7, as of 7 p.m. local time, Ukrainian forces have fired almost 300 large-caliber ammunition on the territory of the Republic, including BM-21 Grad MLRS, as well as 155, 152 and 122 mm artillery shells.

As a result of the shelling, a woman was killed, 10 more people were injured, including a child.

During 141 days of escalation, 232 civilians have been killed, including 16 children.




JerryDrakeJr Reply to  Erina 2 hours ago

All those rabid Ukrainian Nazi dogs, who are killing children in Donetsk, are hiding behind the same children where they are shelling Donetsk, so there is no point in giving them hell with artillery, we have to get to them…

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