We’re all Suckers Now – Virtuously signalled Robbery – by The Slog

by The Slog on 10th July ’22 via thefreeonline

Virtuously signalled Robbery

Every morning when I fire up my hip-hop happening State-surveillance apparatus aka Smartphone, a panel appears saying that it wants to pinpoint my location in order to improve my user experience. It is my considered belief that they don’t give a monkey’s chuff about my user experience.

On my bank’s website for online usage is a message saying “our first concern is for the safety of your money”.

I don’t believe that one either – not least because we’ve been arguing the toss about a mysterious standing order on my account that shovels €45 euros every month into the coffers of a company I’ve never heard of, and wasn’t authorised by me, and in which they’ve shown very little interest beyond a sort of half-hearted, “Nuffin ter do wiv me, Guv”.

When I Google the company, I am redirected to another outfit who investigate “inexplicable standing orders”. Curiouser and curiouser.

It’s now clear (following forced release under Congressional pressure) that Pfizer’s testing procedures for developing their Covid19 “vaccine” used a lot of blind eyes, cut corners, data sins of omission, and downright lies.

Further, FOIs put to the CDC in the US show without any doubt that Fauci’s little plaything casually ignored all VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) data that should have resulted in product recall immediately.

We have also known for some eighteen months that PHE (Public Health England) did exactly the same thing under the even more shambolic system that pertains in my homeland.

It is often said that the early bird catches the worm. When it comes to the viruvax plot, the early adopter was rewarded with a can of worms………..

continues HERE: We’re all suckers now — The Slog

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