July ’22- Hottest Ever Temperatures to fall like Bowling Pins

Here in Barcelona high July temperatures suck in a sea breeze.. So it never quite gets to 100 F, or 37.7 C. Even so with high humidity we humans suffer more.

India Heat Wave Kills Thousands & It’s Not The Only One

But look at Córdoba, in the south of Spain. Meteored forecasts max temperatures over 40 C (104 F) for 15 days consecutively . And next Thursday to hit 46 C, or 114 F.

The Spanish record maximum is 47.4 C or 117,32 F.

And as there are always a few met stations with higher temperatures the Spanish maximum is at risk, depending on the exact position of a depression in the Canary islands, pumping hot air from the Sahara..

In the Sahara an area nearly the size of Europe is over 40 C every afternoon. They say that humans destroyed the climate by burning the forest and too many goats!

Andalusia is hellishly hot in July, but spare a thought for Africans, or those in the Middle East and India without air conditioning, as Climate Tipping Points tip and the heat becomes unlivable. see India heat wave kills thousands |

Check out Meteored’s predictions for Baghdad this week. 50 C is 123 F.

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