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It’s just two weeks!

by Tessa Lena 9 hr ago from tessa.substack via thefreeonline

Before I get to the story, I want to thank Organic Consumers Association for the very kind and flattering words about my work……… — very heartwarming and impressive. So that’s that. Thank you, and I love you.

So last night, I was peacefully working on a philosophical article, and then I had the misfortune of reading the news. 😜

I mean of course we are being set up for yet another “two weeks to flatten the curve,” and of course they just barely let us breathe a bit for the summer—only to come down on us like a hammer later—but still. The terror campaign is in the air, and I hereby register my total contempt.

By the way, under the old normal, I would just ignore the lamentably irresponsible journos and their abysmally sensationalist coverage—but there is more to this than irresponsible journalism! Our psyches are still recovering from 2020. Remember 2020?

Well, it’s 2022. And we are happy to introduce the upgraded, shiny, invisible, “undetectable by PCR” but obviously very scary variant—in addition to moneypox, Marburg, the probably more dangerous-than-ever flu, the formidable giant African snail, the new tick-borne disease, and so on.

And just wait until we start agitating around the house cats and the potentially dangerous human parasites they harbor (I am half-joking, but this might be coming, too, since the parasite is real). I mean the world is a dangerous place!

The “Ninja” virus

See, it was all going well, we were almost done with the PANDEMIC, and whoooops…. we totally didn’t expect this but now, sorry, you have to hide under your desk with two masks on, get ten more shots (the BlackRock investors weren’t going to let us off the hook so easy, were they?), and most importantly, avoid human contact because a good citizen is the one who thinks of everybody else as a biohazard. Grandma keeeellaaaaaaaaas!

On a serious note

Yikes, all this! Yikes, all this!!!

  • Will they ever admit to the fact that these injections are causing lots of problems in lots of people, from suddenly dying—leaving the not-so-curious doctors scratching their empty heads—to heart and brain issues (vs this), sharp cognitive decline, shingles (which may be conveniently confused with moneypox), sudden aggressive cancer, as well as many others diseases?
  • Will they admit that the product of synthetic biology known to us as “spike protein,” is a toxin on its own, and that COVID injections trick the body into producing large amounts of a toxin?
  • Will they admit that by now it is clear that it’s the boosted who are at the highest risk of getting serious COVID? And that the more boosters, the worse one may fare (see the below tweet by Dr. McCullough)?
  • Will they admit that outside of Woketown, no one wants this thing anymore, and that a ton of people got COVID (and recurring COVID) after getting the shot and stopped caring about the terroristic campaign?
  • Oh and by the way, will they say out loud that there is an attempt to do away with clinical trials altogether for the future formulations of this product (here and here)?

The “right medicine for the world economy”

Here is a pretty obscene and telling Economist article dated March 5, 2020. By the way, the WHO announced the pandemic on March 11.

So I am just going to make a cheerful face and repeat the Russian joke:

”And just like that, by a sheer coincidence, there was a white concert grand piano sitting behind the bushes…”

Magazine cover (March 7, 2020, four days before the pandemic was declared):

How is that one going….?

To answer that question, I would like to quote what perhaps is the most famous punk song in Russia, ever. (The video is not the original song video.). The song is called, “Everything is Going According to the Plan,” and it’s a song by Yegor Letov and “Granzhdanskaya Oborona.”

The band name means “civic defense,” which was a military training subject at school where they talked about nuclear, biological, and various other weapons, and, theoretically, were supposed to teach older kids how to handle a gun.)

If I were to describe in one sentence what the song is about, it’s about being depressed over living under liars.

Everything is going according to the plan…. unless we remember that we are not robots and let them know.

(Thank you for your support, I depend on it)


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Rob DWrites The Rumble Strip 8 hr ago

Liked by Tessa Lena

Those of us who smelled a rat from the very beginning (and there were actually a lot of us out there), knew that if we fell for all of this, there would be never ending “viruses” and magical super secret warp speed “vaccines” for the rest of our lives. And to think we were called conspiracy theorists…

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4 replies by Tessa Lena and others

Ray8 hr ago

Liked by Tessa Lena

this is assuming that the energy and food problems dont set the world afire first but i dont think they would get such a level of compliance again, it was a one hit wonder. last time we were the 1% unmasked, this time compliance will drop fast, and too many have seen the damage of the jab etc

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