Western media’s invented ‘Narrative’ ignores Ukraine’s public Kill List: ’12 journalists killed already’- must be deleted!

by Eva Bartlett at censored News Agency via thefreeonline

The Mirotvorets death list is an issue trending in independent and Russian media, but not in the mainstream international press. According to the Anti-Repression Foundation, 12 journalists have already been killed, including Oles Buzina (Ukraine), Daria Dugina and Andrey Stenin (both from Russia), and Andrea Rocchelli (Italy). Anti-Repression Foundation see post below all
Photo: Anti-Repression Foundation

‘Peacemaker’ of death: This Ukrainian website threatens hundreds of thousands with extrajudicial killings — some are Americans

Eva Bartlett

This week, a number of international and Russian journalists convened in Moscow – with more joining by video link – to discuss the now-infamous Ukrainian Mirotvorets “kill list.” Many of them are included themselves.

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian independent journalist. She has spent years on the ground covering conflict zones in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Palestine (where she lived for nearly four years). @evakbartlett

Journalist Olesya Buzina shot dead in Kiev ” E-News.su

While some don’t take it seriously, the horrific car-bombing murder of Darya Dugina on August 20 and the subsequent marking on her Mirotvorets entry as “liquidated” makes it fairly clear the people behind the list do, in fact, want people dead. 

The same thing happened to the entry of Russian photojournalist Andrei Stenin and many others listed and subsequently killed, including the Italian Andrea Rocchelli.

What it feels like to be on the list

The head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, Mira Terada, who convened the panel, noted that of the thousands of names entered on the site, 341 are journalists and, shockingly, 327 are minors.

“Publishing personal data on minors is a crime. It’s like a menu for pedophiles or people doing human trafficking.”

While her concern is for the children, journalists, activists, political figures and even ordinary Ukrainians who have somehow angered the Kiev regime and those behind the list, Terada now needs to exercise some caution after she herself was added to the database.

Mira Terada, Head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice

An hour and a half after a July 21 press conference about children being placed on Mirotvorets, Mira found herself listed. “This changed my life. I have to be vigilant 24/7,” she said.

Christelle Néant, a French war correspondent reporting from Donbass for the past six and a half years, mentioned to me before the panel began that some of the information on the site is not disclosed to the general public, and is password-locked. 

Néant, who said she’s been receiving death threats for years, spoke of how it impacts her: “Every time I use my car, I check underneath it for any unpleasant surprise,” referring to a potential car bomb. “I don’t publish any photos with people I live with or love. I have to be vigilant at all times.”

“I’m not a terrorist, not a criminal, I’m just a correspondent. This list must be closed and all of those involved must be held accountable.”

German journalist Thomas Röper rightly noted that Western media outlets prefer to look the other way. “They could have reported on this, but they’re saying nothing.”

He also pointed out the silence of the German government, even when asked at press conferences.

Western media continues to ignore Ukraine's public 'kill list' aimed at those who question the Kiev regime

“A state has a duty to protect its citizens, but I haven’t seen anything from my government to condemn the fact that Germans are on this list and one German national has been killed.”

And, in fact, rather than protect German journalists, the government is persecuting them, as is the case with Alina Lipp, whose bank account, and that of her mother, was closed after the German government launched a criminal case against her for her reporting from Donbass.

Russian journalist Veronika Naydenova, originally from Crimea but living in Germany, was added to the list in January, also after raising the inclusion of children, including 13-year-old Faina Savenkova, from the Lugansk People’s Republic. 

“The same day my article was published, I was added to the list. But this hasn’t stopped me, I’ve written many articles since.”

She highlighted an additional, very real, threat: that of the refugees who’ve come to Germany from Ukraine, it isn’t possible to know who is merely a refugee and who holds Ukrainian nationalist extremist views. This is a very real fear for Naydenova, whose address is listed on Mirotvorets.

Dutch journalist Sonya van den Ende likewise fears returning home. “I’m labeled an ‘enemy of the state’ now in the Netherlands. I cannot go back, it’s very dangerous for me to do so.”

Janus Putkonen, a Finnish journalist who has been living in Donbass since 2015, pointed out how the risk extends globally.

“Because the Mirotvorets kill list has not been stopped, people around the world are now in danger of falling victim to the state terrorism of Ukrainian Nazism, comparable to ISIS terrorism.”

But, most of all, it threatens Ukrainians within Ukraine, something British journalist Johnny Miller emphasized.

“If you’re a journalist, blogger, political figure, or a citizen in Ukraine who wants to criticize extremism in Ukraine, which there is a lot of, or if you want to criticize Ukrainian government policies, most likely you’re going to be put on that list. And be under serious threat of death.”

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Miller, who has reported from areas of western Ukraine, raised another important point:

“There are so many people in Ukraine who want to push for peaceful negotiations with Russia. But if anybody in Ukrainian society wants to stand up and push this line, they’re most likely going to be put on that list. Mirotvorets is very much a symbol of the extremist elements in Ukraine at the moment.” 

For myself, I’ve been on the list since 2019, after going to Crimea and reporting from areas of the DPR where civilians were being terrorized by Ukrainian shelling, houses destroyed “street by street” as a local told me. 

Complicit media

For various reasons, I haven’t been in my native Canada since February 2020, and at this point, don’t know what fate I would face were I to go back. 

Ottawa unconditionally supports the Kiev regime, including its war against the civilians of Donbass, which the country has abetted by sending money and weapons to Ukraine for years before Russia’s military operation began in February. 

But in addition to that, the Canadian government knows about Mirotvorets.

The state-run Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in July ran a smear piece on me, using information apparently gleaned from my Mirotvorets entry, though it doesn’t mention the kill list by name.

How do I think I know CBC was aware of the kill list entry on me? Their producer emailed me for an interview (which I did not concede to), mentioning my April participation in a Moscow-based panel on Ukraine’s war crimes.

Except it wasn’t April, it was on March 11. The only other source for my participation being in April was, you guessed it, Mirotvorets.

Of course, there was no condemnation or call to shut down Mirotvorets (which independent Canadian media outlets previously interviewed me about and subsequently contacted the CBC about).

Instead, they tried to spin my multiple reports on Ukraine’s war crimes in Donbass as a way to smear me as a Russian propagandist.

And now, the CBC has flagged my name to Ukrainian Nationalists in Canada who might otherwise not have known of me, and to Canadians who went to fight in Ukraine, became radicalized and indoctrinated, and could commit Azov-style crimes against journalists like me who have been reporting from the other side.

Journalists already have enough reasons to fear being targeted – one example is the August 4 bombing by Kiev’s forces of a Donetsk hotel that multiple journalists, including myself, were in.

There is no conclusive proof that the hotel and the journalists were the intended targets, but given everything mentioned above, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility

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Ukraine will retake Crimea in a year – ex-US general

A terrorist database

After the panel, I chatted again with Néant, who said she’d been appealing to international organizations about Mirotvorets for years.

“I’ve written to organizations like the OSCE, Amnesty, etc. None reacted, even when I discovered that children are on this list.” All she got was an automated confirmation of receipt.

During a Q&A after the panel, an American man in the audience suggested that Russia should have its own “hit force” going out and doing the same thing to the Ukrainian side.

In reply, Johnny Miller noted:

“When I tell people here in the UK about this kill list, one of the first things that people reply to me is,

‘Well, I’m sure Russia has a similar list.’  And I have to explain to them that, no, Russia does not have a list published on the internet with the names and home addresses of journalists and children and promote their killing. That’s the distinction between a civilized government and extremism and barbarism.”

According to Mira Terada, her foundation transferred documents and the evidence it collected to Russia’s Federal Security Service and is asking the service to recognize Mirotvorets as a terrorist organization.

Note the irony: We are listed as terrorists for the work we do to highlight the suffering of civilians under the Kiev regime’s actual terrorism.

Bombing targets pro-Russian civilians in Ukraine city

A Melitopol blast targeted a pro-Russian group distributing humanitarian aid

File photo: A ‘Together with Russia’ office in Molochansk, Zaporozhye Region, september 2, 2022

The offices of the nongovernmental organization ‘Together With Russia’ in Melitopol were bombed on Wednesday evening, the group said on social media. Though the building was damaged, there were no reports of injuries or deaths.‘Together With he group distributes humanitarian aid to residents of the Russian-controlled territories in Ukraine’s Zaporozhye Region and advocates for unification with Russia.

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“It all worked out like Orwell’s.” Mirotvorets website against freedom of speech

Vladimir Emelianenko08.09.2022


Up to 600 journalists from around the world applied to the UN through the Russian Foundation for Combating Repression. All of them are included in the lists of the Ukrainian nationalist website “Mirotvorets” marked either “Subject to liquidation” or”warned about the ban on entry to Ukraine.” The requirement of journalists is to recognize the Mirotvorets website as a terrorist organization.

Journalist Alina Lipp (Germany) after a business trip to the Donbass and the publication of her articles in the German media, where she wrote that the war there has been going on not since February 24, 2022, as they believe in her homeland, but since 2014, was included in the list of “enemies of Ukraine” on the Mirotvorets website. The reaction in Germany, on instructions from Kiev, followed immediately: the bank card of the journalist was blocked, then her mother and father. Criminal proceedings have been launched against Lipp in Berlin. Now the girl lives in Russia, where she also moved her parents – they were deprived of their homes, jobs and death threats in Germany.

– The horror of the situation is that I was included in the execution list, with the exact address, car number and phone number indicated – – says Alina, barely holding back tears. – All I can say is that we changed our phone numbers, hid our place of residence in Russia, and after the murder of Daria Dugina in Moscow, we changed our minds about buying a car. I’m not a criminal, I’m a journalist, but I’m learning to think differently, like a spy. I’m afraid, but I won’t give up my profession. I just want to inform people about the war, and they want to take everything away from me – the right to freedom of movement, profession, life.

Italian Foreign Ministry confirms death of Italian journalist Andrea …

According to the Anti-Repression Foundation, there are up to 600 journalists in the world like Lipp. They are from different countries, mainly from the United States, Canada and EU countries, and were included in the lists of the extremist website “Mirotvorets” only because they covered the events in the Donbas, but their assessment of events did not coincide with the official point of view of Kiev. The list includes 105 women and 225 men from abroad, 146 journalists from Russia, and even 11 child bloggers aged 9 to 17 from the DPR and LPR.

Alina Lipp. Freeze frame

All of them are threatened with physical violence, they are harassed in public space and social networks,” says Mira Terada, head of the Anti – Repression Foundation. – This is a direct danger for journalists to fulfill their professional duty – to create an information picture and provide data on what is happening in Ukraine and in the world. What is going on cannot be called anything other than information Gestapo and spitting in the face of the world.

Adding a site to the list takes place in several stages. The first is the indication of the first and last name with a ban on entering the country. The second is the publication of the place of residence and exact address, the third-passport data, phone number or car number, which means guidance for the execution of a terrorist sentence. According to the Anti-Repression Foundation, 12 journalists have already been killed, including Oles Buzina (Ukraine), Daria Dugina and Andrey Stenin (both from Russia), and Andrea Rocchelli (Italy). Today in social networks poison forced to move to Russia Alina Lipp (Germany) Eva Bartlett (Canada), Sonia van Dan Anda (Netherlands), Kristel Naan (France).

This is because, for example, our country, like Sweden, the Baltic states and Poland, is most globalistic,” says Dutch television journalist Sonja van den Ende. ” I, for example, in Kiev communicated with Ukrainian citizens who do not agree with the official course of Kiev regarding the eight years of blockade and war in Ukraine. Donets Basin until 2022. And they even talk about it. We have only the official point of view – ” Russia attacked the Donbass-part of a democratic Ukraine.” When I was shooting reports about the fact that “Azov” – a Nazi organization with Nazi symbols and ideology, when I showed on the air how the Azovites kept Hitler’s Mein Kampf in their headquarters and wore Nazi tattoos on their bodies, I was accused of “Russian propaganda”. 

Formally, I can return home, but I will be immediately arrested, because according to the information and request of the Ukrainian website “Mirotvorets”, which we perceive as official, criminal proceedings were opened against me at home “for helping the aggressor”, that is, Russia.

Sonja Van den Ende. Freeze frame

Van den Ende is convinced that the method of prosecution and the handwriting of the “Peacemaker” copies the style of work of the “White Helmets” in Syria, whose headquarters are located in Amsterdam. True, the “White Helmets” made staged provocative videos, and on their basis scandalous criminal cases were started, which then burst like soap bubbles for unprovenness and outright lies. “Mirotvorets” goes further, the very freedom of information dissemination, if it does not coincide with the assessments of official Kiev and Brussels, proclaiming “lies and provocation” and demanding punishment of objectionable journalists.

According to the same model, only journalists Johnny Miller from the UK and Janus Putkonen from Finland are currently banned from entering Ukraine. Both were deported from the country. Their fault lies in the fact that correspondents, by the way, quite officially, went from Kiev to Donetsk and Lugansk and wrote that the execution lists of the website “Mirotvorets” – indicating the home address and phone number – included… children from 9 to 17 years old from Donetsk and Lugansk. They are accused of “terrorism” only because they blog about the war in the Donbass or went to the Victory Day parade on May 9 in their cities.

Journalist Johnny Miller. Photo: freeze frame

– I am accused of spreading “Russian propaganda” and “views of the aggressor”, and I just gave a report on the violation of the fundamental rights of not just a person-a child, – says Johnny Miller– It turned out like Orwell: they demand self-censorship from us, when things cannot be called by their proper names – terror against children. I believe that the barbarity of banning freedom of speech through terrorizing children exceeds the scale of ISIS (an organization banned in the Russian Federation).

According to journalists from different countries who have applied to the Russian Foundation for Combating Repression and the UN, such radicalization is being instilled for the sake of further aggravation and globalization of the conflict in Ukraine.

We have already asked the UN to close Mirotvorets as an extremist website that violates international law and human rights,” recalls Mira Terada. – Now we repeat our request with a request to protect the rights and lives of almost 600 journalists from different countries.

At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry is considering the possibility of convening a meeting of the UN Security Council on the issue of harassment of journalists writing and filming about Ukraine.

However, the journalists themselves-Johnny Miller, Janus Putkonen, Sonja van den Ende and others-insist that the Mirotvorets website be recognized as a terrorist organization and closed, and its creators should be tried by an international tribunal.

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