Not AGAIN! Catastrophic life-threatening flash floods, total blackout and urban flooding across Puerto Rico tonight

Since the destruction by Hurricane Maria in 2017 Puerto Rico has been neglected, ignored, mired in debt and corruption and denied the urgent aid by the racist Federal govt of the USA to repair the destroyed infrastructure and electricity system


Flakeysnow38 minutes agoThe power went out fast, flooded fast, and infrastructure went down with a whimper before the real winds ever came. Why has Puerto Rico been allowed to be run by those who can’t? Sad.

SomersetBoyStormChaser1935 minutes ago that thick band of rain is crazy.. very concerning given the flooding reports we’re getting from PR 3 ReplyShare ›


serialteg Storm Master23 minutes ago Well, I saw Euro model storm totals of up to 50 inches, that takes time to pan out. Days…

Key Messages:

1. Heavy rains from Fiona will continue across Puerto Rico through tonight and occur over the Dominican Republic later today intoMonday. These rainfall amounts will produce catastrophiclife-threatening flash floods and urban flooding across Puerto Rico and portions of the eastern Dominican Republic, along with mudslides and landslides in areas of higher terrain.

Hurricane DevoGr8lakebreeze9 minutes ago There is a feeder band developing right now on satellite that will train right over Puerto Rico and it extends all the way down to 15n. That is well over 200 miles of rain coming3 ReplyShare ›

Storm Master7 minutes ago

I think PR is getting more rain than what is forecast


Uncountable_Infinity14 minutes ago

One thing to keep in mind is that even though Fiona’s winds are much less than Maria’s, the rainfall may be greater. The latest HWRF has maybe 20% of Puerto Rico with more rain than in Maria (with some areas exceeding Maria’s max of 37.9 inches). So the flooding could be worse than in Maria (and based on the comments below it might already be).

Gr8lakebreezeHurricane Devo8 minutes ago This is a disaster.1 ReplyShare ›


Flakeysnow13 minutes ago

Two hot towers rotating center, classic RI. Insulated, and not much to stop intensifying looks.

View — SunriseMama JRRP36 minutes ago

With that eye, I see a full profile of Fiona and she’s not pretty!

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Juan Gabriel Rodriguez Monsegu31 minutes ago

Horrible winds still in Yauco Puerto Rico!

I think this has been worst than Maria at least on my area

hurricane_guineapig JRRP32 minutes ago • edited

Perfect structure with one complete and intensifying eyewall, no secondary eyewalls or dry air intrusions in sight, and she’s been doing this while over land/right next to land the last couple of hours. The Dominican Republic could be about to take a Cat 4 full in the face if this continues and she doesn’t turn.


Caribboy JRRP37 minutes ago

Insane level of organization.

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Puerto Rico Mutual Aid Centers in Action.. after Hurricane Maria…2018

2 Votes

listen first of all, work with the needs of people, act with firmness and sacrifice, and of course, not ask for forgiveness or permission”

In the Post-Maria situation we are promoting the creation of Mutual Support Centers throughout the island to address the serious situation of our people.Help us build another Puerto Rico,FIND AND HELP.. click  HERE ON FACEBOOK… MUTUAL AID CENTERS.. Centros de Apoyo Mutuo

We are currently supporting community and grassroots organizations, including Taller Salud, El Hormiguero, Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico, the Boricuá collective, and the agroecological movement, which are working in the communities, from Santurce to Loíza.

Our center of operations is in Cucina 135 in Hato Rey, with the telephone line 787-767-9862, where we agree daily to join collective, organizational and community efforts of all the organizations mentioned.

We are betting on the capacity and potential of communities to identify their own needs, organize their own reconstruction and build long-term collective resilience. We urgently need supplies to provide the communities most devastated by the hurricane and which, as a matter of fact, have been forgotten and abandoned by the authorities.

Puerto Rico. Without forgiveness and without permission

By Giovanni Roberto 2018

..In Puerto Rico there is .. an emerging movement of radical self-management that threatens to gain strength after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

CAM  Mutual Aid Centers

One of the expressions of this emergency is the Mutual Support Centers (CAM), spaces for popular needs management with the perspective of building new communities. The “mutual support” includes .. an anti-system position, because in Puerto Rico the colonial assistance with charity has been one of the ideological bases with which the population is tied up and the State is sustained.

With the slogan “better to ask for forgiveness than permission,”a group of residents of all ages in Las Carolinas, Caguas took over the  Maria Montañez Gomez Elementary School, which was closed in May, and turned it into the Mutual Support Center of Las Carolinas. Also in Caguas, the members of the first CAM of the island, quickly reorganisedat the facilities of what was 30 years ago the Social Security Offices.

In Las Marías, another diverse group of residents of the Bucarabones neighborhood occupied their school closed 15 years ago and turn it into a CAM little by little. And in other communities or projects there is discussion about what space to rescue, what school to re-open to fix or how to manage things in the most independent way.

…This seems to point out better than anything else the real and moral bankruptcy … of these governments under the economic mantle of neoliberalism, that of privatizing everything, turning everything into merchandise, selling, accumulating, earning only for you…

continues here + en Español


Yes, Climate Change Is Real — Ask Puerto Rico!

The whole island has lost power again!! Dammit …

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