Ukrainian army itself announces ‘reprisals’ against remaining Kherson civilians. Only 20% have declined voluntary evacuation

by Liu Sivaya /CNN /Daily Mail/ Sky News via thefreeonline

🇬🇧The media lie: Ukraine is already in Kherson and the citizens celebrate it. They are happy and safe.

The reality: the Ukrainian army itself announces reprisals against civilians. They believe that the vast majority of those who stayed collaborated with Russia. They promise revenge.

Daily Mail photo

🇪🇸La mentira de los medios: Ucrania ya está en Jersón y los ciudadanos lo celebran. Están felices y a salvo.La realidad: el propio ejército ucraniano anuncia represalias contra los civiles. Creen que la gran mayoría de los que se quedaron colaboraron con Rusia. Prometen venganza.

🇬🇧 Kherson. This man (below) has been arrested because he did the military service in the Soviet Union and in his military primer appears “Russian” as his nationality. The Ukrainian soldiers humiliate him and record themselves proudly. According to the politicians of the European Union, these are the values of Europe..

🇪🇸 Jersón. A este hombre lo han detenido porque hizo la mili en la Unión Soviética y en su cartilla militar pone “ruso” como nacionalidad. Los militares ucranianos lo humillan y se graban orgullosos. Según los políticos de la Unión Europea, estos son los valores de Europa…

❌ It is a channel (one of many) that is now dedicated to pointing to the alleged “collaborists” in Kherson so that the Ukrainian army can take revenge on them. There are no soldiers on that list. They are civilians whose only crime was to stay in the city when Russia came. Please, LET’S DENOUNCE.// 🇪🇸Es un canal (uno de tantos) que ahora se dedica a señalar a los supuestos “colaboracionistas” en Jersón para que el ejército ucraniano pueda vengarse de ellos. En esa lista no hay militares. Son civiles cuyo único delito fue quedarse en la ciudad cuando vino Rusia. Por favor, DENUNCIEMOS.

CNN on the ground as Kherson celebrates liberation

‘This is what liberation looks like’: Britain, USA and Ukraine take back Kherson CNN

❗️🇺🇦 Ukraine revoked accreditation of 6 journalists for reporting from Kherson, including CNN and Sky News

🇬🇧A CNN report from Kherson showed a resident giving a Nazi salute while holding a Ukrainian flag. After the report, CNN was stripped of its accreditation.

“Recently, media representatives, ignoring prohibitions and warnings, without the consent of relevant commanders and public relations services of military units, carried out information activities in the city of Kherson even before they were completed. stabilization measures,” says the official statement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

🇬🇧The immediate presence of the international press was credited in Russian Telegram channels with preventing civilians in Kherson from being massacred by Ukrainian soldiers for “collaboration” in false-flag operations, as seen after Russian pullouts in Bucha, or in Izyum, Balakliya and Krasny Lyman’

The Daily Mail shared photos of Kherson, which were taken by Associated Press journalists. The photo shows suspected ‘collaborators’ with the Russian army tied to posts. It is reported that “filtration measures” are now being carried out in the city.

🇬🇧AP also featured a report on how Kherson residents received soldiers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine; however, many of them have American or British flags on their uniforms and autographed the Ukrainian flags in English.// 🇪🇸Daily Mail compartió fotos de Jersón, que fueron tomadas por periodistas de Associated Press.

🇪🇸 La foto muestra a presuntos ‘colaboradores’ con el ejército ruso atados a los postes. Se informa que ahora se están realizando las “medidas de filtración” en la ciudad.

🇪🇸Un informe de CNN sobre Jersón mostró a un residente haciendo un saludo nazi mientras sostenía una bandera ucraniana. Después del informe, CNN fue despojada de su acreditación.

Ukrainians tie ‘collaborators’ to poles in Kherson

rt.comrussia/566485-kherson-punishment-ap-photos/3 hours ago

Kherson residents suspected of collaborating with Russia allegedly face public punishment, as seen in photographs released by The Associated Press (AP). Ukrainian forces took over the city last week, after the withdrawal of Russian troops.. The news agency published pictures of two individuals tied to posts.

Russia committed war crimes in Kherson: Zelenskiy | The Daily Star

 A group of civilians and at least one soldier can be seen next to them. According to the AP description, the people were “alleged collaborators.” It didn’t explain how the punishment had come about. Pillorying is not part of the Ukrainian legal system but has been used by nationalists in the country in recent years. The provincial capital of Kherson Region has been under Russian control since the first days of the offensive. 

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