Putin vows Response to Suicidal Escalation against Russia – Read Shocking Discussion here –

“Unbelievable, but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites,” Putin said.

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cold Water

“We have something to respond with…”. What? Respond already. Germany is sending tanks and weapons of war to kill Russians NOW. Stop being coy and ACT!


Vladimir Putin looks both strong and healthy.
But according to the Western media, he was dying of cancer.


Magnesium4M, Yes and he actually looks younger than he did a few months ago.

Joseph Ryan

The West is Depopulating Ukraine to advance the theft of the whole country. They will seal the deal when there’s no fighting age men left to stop them. For the West, messing with Russia and killing Russians is a bonus. Sick MFKR’s rule us.

12 hr

Qasim K

I wonder if the Russians have their own version of MOAB (Mother of all bombs) and if they do they could use it to take out the whole tank fleet as it enters from EU into Ukraine!

Paul Thomson

Qasim K, They have the “Father of all bombs”, not kidding lol

Pavithra Pavithra

US did use limited power nuclear rounds in Iraq to face Saddam Hossain’s army. The sites where US bombed with depleted uranium bombs in Iraq are still radioactive. Now, Abrams tanks US supplies to Ukraine too, exclusively use depleted uranium rounds. (though US says these Abrams tanks shipped to Ukraine use tungsten rounds instead of depleted uranium rounds). Depleted uranium rounds are very radioactive and the sites attacked with depleted uranium rounds by Abrams tanks will swarm with radioactivity. Under these circumstances Russia must be in a dilemma whether to use the same type of rounds or not.


Maybe it will take having to live in a radioactive wasteland to make us lose our taste for war.


Untill Russia shows that they mean what they say without delays the collective West will treat all such warnings as a bluff.


So what does he mean exactly ?


Berlin is a wussie; bending over to Biden every time he tells Scholz to. Shame. Time to go Scholz if you cannot stand up to Biden.

Koopa Troopa

Still waiting for Russia to drop at least one of their 20,000lb bombs on one of Ukraine’s airfields. The FOAB (Father of All Bombs)


The west keeps thinking this is Iraq or Libya or Syria. They keep thinking America has their back. Once the nukes starts falling the US will quickly back off saying it’s not their war


Germans never learn. They will only realise their mistake when they see a mushroom cloud over Berlin


Starkest warning yet. President Putin does not bluff. If they want a nuclear ☢️ war then let’s go and see what happens


Think of them as Target Practice…The NATO Psychopath’s are only interested in stealing USA Treasury Money, and feeding the Military Industrial Complex with it. Until 1 USA Military Soldier becomes a Casualty, the War Mongering USA won’t Declare War on Russia…however, the USA is inching ever so close…it takes a lot of daily maintenance to operate an Abrams Tank, and those wide behemoth’s make good target’s…Political War Mongering, against Russia, based, on the True History of Ukraines Overthrow, by the USA funded Banderites, Neo Nazi’s, and, the Obama Biden Clinton Democrat Party, must be presented, to the World Court, and, every Nation’s Newspaper’s, and, in Documentaties, such as Oliver Stones “Ukraine on Fire”…The USA Federal Government, and, its control of School Curriculum, and Media, which dumbs down the public, still blames Oswald, for killing JFK, even as it has been proven, to be a massive Federal Conspiracy, funded, by CIA Personnel, and, involving many other Federal and State Agency Personnel. It is Business as usual, to Ignore, a Full Investigation of Evidence, and Testimonies, by the Absolute Corrupted, USA Federal Government, and, its Controlling Personnel, whose only Collective Concern, is their Lifetime Rank Privilege, and, Guaranteed Income, and, Housing Security, and, Retirement Benefit’s,etc….all pilferred, from its States…

Jordan Thomson

Damn right its true, everybody who is participating in sending arms to Ukraine are truely no different then those who were lining up to go into Russia to fight and kill regular Russian Citizens..
“Unbelievable, but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites,”


Putin is playing a game, where the west cannot possibly compete…Russian is on another level… 🍁Rootin for Putin🍁

Michael B

I see fractures in the NATO and EU alliance. Europe does not want it’s fate decided by the policy maker think tanks in Washington. Now with the Ukrainian war many are seeing this firsthand and are rather sick and tired of the last eleven months. Europe does not want to fall victim to USA hegemony and the proxy war involving stockpiles of weapons that they send,only to be drawn into much bigger conflict with Russia. But USA is only pushing them more to the brink with US making huge profits for arms manufacturers and nothing is in it for them.


You have a lot of Amerucans here who want to help Russia defeat that befouled nest they live in. Is there any way Russia will let them volunteer? Everyone has lists of political, judicial, agency criminals they wanted shot dead. Those are worth preserving. A world without a bunch of John Bolton’s, or assorted US politicians, is a better world.

No Hair

What is Putin telling us? Maybe he is saying that killing is not the only way for Russia to make meat. The west’s exceptionally fragile infrastructure will do just splendidly.


No Hair, All he has to do is get Trump elected again. Trump will take America down for him.


Every Mushroom Cloud – has a Radioactive Silver lining


Let’s hope no mushroom clouds but the Neocon west is acting like a drug deprived pyscho


Every day now I look to the horizon and wonder when I will be seeing a mushroom cloud.


citris1, It’s the one you don’t see that kills you


God be with Russia!


ToniaB, This is a meaningless statement.


HEY WEST! …………… Listen!…………………. Putin DONT BLUFF!


Most ppl I know are fiercely against this war.. It’s those d@mned politicians in ‘the west’ again that are war mongering and power playing with NATO, EU, USA, UK leading that pack. Politicians are NOT bearing the brunt of the consequences of this prolonged war. Once Putin gets really mad, I do hope he’ll take that into account and limit the ‘collateral damage’ on innocent citizens, please Mr. President.

Comment has been deleted


Everybody seems to think that Putin was threatening the use of nuclear weapons. But, he may be thinking far worse! He could get Trump elected again. That’s his ultimate nuclear option. U.S. democracy could not survive another 4 years.


Peace101, Mata Hillary is that you!

Hans Brix

Putin isn’t warning us. Our governments haven’t represented our will in over 100 years.

Vanessa Stone

Hans Brix, It isn’t our government it’s the government

Sun Risings

tomo4321 … BBC is the British state news organization of the extremist country that cant tell the truth to its own people and is also a State Sponsor of Terrorism.


Sun Risings, And you think RT is sponsored by whom? Guardian of Galaxy?

tomo4321, You are projecting!!


The biggest warmonger in Poland is Bydgoszcz city, it is what I heard from my friend who was there.


the west is setting world on fire

Sun Risings

In case you missed it, since the days of Rommel, tanks are sitting ducks without Air Superiority. And the ukies don’t have any. The F-16s aren’t coming.

Joe got the message.

More news from the incredibly shrinking Ukraine in a few moments….

Officer Malloy

The Zionists in the District Of Criminals WILL HAVE THEIR BLOOD WAR AS ALWAYS, all wars are BANKERS WARS!


Sadly thats all he does and NO-ONE in the west really takes Putin seriously any more. I respect Mr Putin and think he’s a decent man, but his NOT a wartime leader! All he does is threaten the west and NATO, allowing them to amass in the Baltic states and in Ukraine! You want to convince me he does not know there are NATO troops and advisors in Ukraine, most likely in Kiev – and THAT may be the reason he’s reluctant to take out the HEAD of the Ukrainian snake, or rather ONE of the heads! He has been warning for over a year, as a matter of fact, for many years and kept re-drawing RED lines – with NO consequences to those that have crossed pretty much ALL of the red lines!

Sun Risings

Objectivity, Every time the ‘west’ crosses a ‘red line’, it backfires, horribly.

Russians will not do the kind of battles the ‘west’ does. Like flattening cities full of civilians, creating angered insurgencies as a result and LOSING the entire War.


Russia tells NATO what they are going to do- fifty times. They do it. NATO: WTF?


It is not a good idea to provoke Russia, I am amazed at the restraint they show, how long will it last?
How many more insults will they take? What will happen when they unlish hell, which is bound to happen sooner or later?
Me myself and my shadow moved to South America just in case … go at it boys! You learned nothing from history so go and repeat it.


jenoke, South America was a good choice. I did, too, 10 years ago. Never looked back.


It’s time to show your power and to demostrate the world you are above Usa and its allies. Make of this “war” a good Victory. Show no mercy cause they won’t show it either

luis c robles

Natives are being wipe out driven to depression and murder with drugs and alcohol .I curse them more in Canada Cia USA.

luis c robles

Please oh God prompt Mr putin to nuke all USA UK hurry I want to die with them I can no longer take their torture with sonar frequencies using their forcefully arbitrary microchips on me I curse them.

luis c robles

I will never bless those who do me wrong as iam not a sadist monk there for I curse all North America regime my father was murder by their orders , my sister rape and me torture night and day I curse you all USA Canada.

luis c robles

Let’s hope all North America gets nuke soon toasted bacon powder I really dislike the spoil monsters who do wrong to other countries people at home , this regime always blame their victims .I want to get nuke hurry up

Sandy Coleman

luis c robles, Let them nuke DC and all democrat states.

luis c robles

I hope he means nukes let’s get it over with iam wishing iam suffering under a cruel regime I want to die with them and their children.

luis c robles

This is to show you how USA was always fascist nazzi imperial regime even if they fought Germany it was just for control to get rid of competition, nazzi North America was always brutal monsters against native Indians, African Americans ,Latinos etc etc Asians


luis c robles, The People referred to as Black and African American…are not from Africa and neither are they Black.. but I agree with the spirit of your words…North America and the Americas needs a reckoning.

luis c robles

Karma is coming to North America we deserve to get nuke do to what it was done to native Indians they were wipe out almost to extinction .

luis c robles

Did Britain and descendants forgot the wipe out of aboriginals stolen lands almost 40 million Square kilometes of stolen lands .


Stalingrad battle changed history forever..The arrogance of the Western European was smashed, and the myth of Western European superiority changed forever. Ofcourse the west decided to nuke Asia just to show that they could be brutal, even after collapse of Europe, the US did not nuke Europe…The Soviets earned their victory, the Brits scampered and pleaded for support under new western overlord America, and rest of Asia even today struggles to earn their ‘freedom’ and just rights to be free..

luis c robles

Moral provocation vs dismoral provocation is two different things moral provocation is with in the laws the other outside the laws .one is to defend the other to offend.

luis c robles

We are about to get nuke in Canada USA by those they so provoke just how crazy horse predicted it long ago USA was going to die in flames , I also saw visions of this happening

Bill McCannel


kami safavi

These GERMAN tanks evocative of GERMAN NAZIS offensive during the world war II it is the best motivation for the RUSSIAN army to stand and destroy western weapons and facilities which have sent to the UKRAINE .

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