The Night is Ours! 1000’s of Women ‘Demand the Night’ and Closure of the Migrant Prison in Barcelona

4,000 women marched in a Night Demo in Barcelona with anti-racist and radical feminist chants and confronted police at the CIE women’s migrant prison.

from thefreeonline 0n 18th March 2o23 by Patricia Reguero Rios and Kike Rincon by .El Salto Diario @Des_bordes

Many went later to the CIE Migrant Prison located in the tax free zone to denounce the reopening of the women’s module in January.

“We Wont Stop till they Back Off,”

Hundreds of women occupied the streets of Barcelona on the night of March 7, called by the Collective “It’s Going To Make a BIG MESS” (‘Se va a Armar la Gorda’) which called for: a:

“Demonstration of feminist and autonomous action for women, dykes.. and free of flags, parties and unions”.

This is the thirteenth demo of these characteristics and some 4,000 women attended, according to the activists.

‘Violent lesbians’

The women blocked Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona carrying a banner with the slogan La nit és nostra. (The Night is Ours)

The activists had left from the Maria Cristina metro stop and arrived at the Sants station passing through the La Illa shopping center, where “the Mossos (‘Catalan’ Police) acted as bouncers for the shopping center,” according to Vicky Columba, from the Regularización Ya Collective (Legalization of Migrants), and who was on the march.

Later, some of them managed to get to the CIE located in the free zone, where they denounced the existence of these detention centers and, specifically, demanded that the reopening of the women’s module that was reopened in January before criticism from more than a hundred groups. “We are not going to stop until it is reversed”, Columba.

The activist explains that these nocturnal demonstrations, which have been called for thirteen years, arose because there are women who do not feel represented in the March 8 demonstration and which she describes as “official”.

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“It arose as an alternative demonstration because some of us are not represented by the normative claims of March 8,” she says. Throughout these years, “the most beautiful thing has been to see how this call has acquired a marked anti-racist character.”

In fact, one of the main demands of the activists is support for the Regularization Now campaign, which has just obtained the necessary signatures for the Popular Legislative Initiative to regularize migrants to be debated in Congress, and the petition to repeal the Aliens Law.

In addition, it is a march in which the claims of sex workers fit in and, in fact, the group Putas del Raval (prostitutes) participated in yesterday’s march.

Mani 7N .. of Barcelona – 13 Kike Rincon i Patricia Reguero Rios

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