American Empire to Suicide as ‘Neo-Con Ayatollahs’ force Sanctions/War against China

rage-driven Mistake – despite a Chinese peace mediation offer that the State Department was quick to dismiss

from thefreeonlinee on by Ms. Cat7 agencies

Punishing China will likely backfire against the dollar and unleash a de-dollarization wave that could knock it off the reserve status. Here’s what you must know! America’s Ultimate Mistake via Sean Foo

If the United States and its allies impose Russian style blanket sanctions on China, this could be the greatest financial mistake in all of its modern history. Unlike Russia, China is enormous and more resilient and has deeper ties across the global economy.

“China’s economy is 10 times larger than that of Russia. Its banking sector is 30 times larger than that of Russia.

Daleep Singh
Daleep Singh, the man in charge of Russia sanctions policy at the White House when he worked as the .Senate Banking Committee

It’s the largest manufactured goods exporter in the world by a very large margin.

It has a dominant position in many different critical supply chains, solar panels, EV batteries, machine tools, 5G, even parts of the semiconductor supply chain like assembly and packaging.

It also has nearly a pure status with us on foundational technologies like AI, biotech and even quantum computing,” he said.

China Has Friends, More Than US

“China has also accumulated a lot of soft power since the Belt & Road Initiative was initiated in 2013.

It’s the largest lender to emerging market countries, two times as much as all other Western governments combined, and much more than the World Bank.”

General Li Shangfu, China’s new miltary commander, at a session of the National People’s Congress in Beijing, March 12, 2023.

Putin’s popularity is higher than Biden’s. America’s support for Ukraine is in decline.

70% of the world has a favorable view of Russia and China. The ‘good news‘, most of the world prefers American-style “freedom” to Chinese-style “autocracy.

See also. … China could outmaneuver US ‘without firing a shot’ – retired general..

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