Oaxaca: Stop the Slaughter! 4 Women Murdered and One Disappeared before 8M

Oaxaca suma 27 feminicidios en este 2022 | La Verdad Noticias

Oaxaca suma 27 feminicidios

On March 4th, four days before International Women’s Day, two women were found dead in the community of Piedra Ancha, Jamiltepec.

Another woman was found on March 6th in Santa Maria Atzompa and only a few hours later a young woman was murdered in Santa Maria Petapa.

The Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System, placed Oaxaca in its January 2023 report as the state that ranks first in Mexico with 12 femicides.

As of March 6th, Oaxaca has 28 femicides (between femicides and intentional homicides) so far in 2023, reported the Rosario Castellanos Women’s Studies Group (GESMujer).

In contrast, this year will be the fourth anniversary of the Gender Violence Alert Declaration against Women; that is to say that the violence not only has not decreased, it has worsened.

So far in 2023, there are 33 missing women according to the Search Unit for Missing and Unlocated Persons of the Oaxaca Attorney General’s Office.

Among them, , who disappeared on March 7th in the capital of Oaxaca.

“It is unfortunate that, more than three years after the issuance of the Alert for Gender Violence, the government of Oaxaca continues without mechanisms with immediate and coordinated measures between the various powers and levels of government to face the seriousness of the situation of violence. against women”, the Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equity stated.

For the feminist Angelica Ayala Ortiz, president of GESMujer, Oaxaca is at “a critical moment” by having this first place for femicides nationwide in a country where more than ten women are murdered every day between femicides and intentional homicides.

“Disgraceful, pitiful and outrageous first place. Unfortunately, Oaxaca has 98% to 100% impunity in cases of femicide, this sends a bad sign that the attacker is not punished”, she lamented.

This March 8th, International Women’s Day, a green and purple tide spread through the streets of communities and cities in Oaxaca, to demand an end to femicides, disappearances of women, gender violence and to demand justice and security given the state of impunity.

“We are tired and fed up with what they want to impose on us, that they curtail our freedoms, rights and our lives, we all come together today because fear and impotence become small in the face of courage”, said a woman at the demonstration in the capital of Oaxaca.

They also accused the complicity that has existed between the last three prosecutors of the entity, Ruben Vasconcelos, Arturo Peimbert and the newcomer Bernardo Rodriguez Alamilla, which has left the victims of femicide violence in impunity.

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