Night of Rage and Fire in France as dictator Macron cuts Pensions without vote: 310 arrests ..+ shorts

The French govt skipped voting and Imposed Pension Cuts by Decree.

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Immediately numerous protesters gathered in the streets and clashes with the police took place throughout the night in several French cities, such as Nantes, Lyon, Rennes, Marseille and Paris.

In total the number of detainees is 310. Of them 258 in Paris, after the police intervened to evict the Place de la Concorde.

The rally had been called by the Solidaires union and some 6,000 protesters gathered.

The situation became progressively tense until the police decided to evict the demonstrators, who were still numerous after having gathered in the afternoon.

Located in front of the Plaza de la Concordia, the Assembly was specially protected by the police during the day. But they finally started firing tear gas shortly before 8:00 p.m.

The police then used water cannons to disperse the crowd, which was still massive. Shortly after there was a large charge by dozens of policemen.

The charges caused major movements of the crowd in the square, which responded by firing pyrotechnic mortars at the police.

After the charges, the protesters left the square to disperse through the streets and surrounding neighborhoods, where they set fire to the containers in which mountains of garbage have been piled up for 10 days, due to the strike of the cleaning workers.

After last night’s fires, roadblocks began this morning on the Paris outskirts, which is causing major traffic jams.

The unions have called a ninth day of strikes and demonstrations for Thursday of next week.


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