Amid a high-stakes standoff with U.S. trade officials over favored American agricultural products, Mexico is slashing the amount of glyphosate allowed to be imported into the country by 50% for 2023.

The move is no surprise — Mexico issued a decree in 2020 giving its farmers until 2024 to stop using the weed-killing chemical. But coming amid an increasingly heated dispute with U.S. trade officials, the action underscores Mexico’s commitment to free itself from a dependence on the synthetic pesticides and genetically engineered crops promoted by American interests.

Along with banning glyphosate, Mexico is ratcheting back imports of genetically engineered corn that is designed to be sprayed with glyphosate. Mexico says the changes are needed to protect the health of its population.

The country has also signaled concerns about other genetically modified (GMO) crops sprayed with glyphosate.

Glyphosate is classified as a probable human carcinogen…