The State Goes After Squatters


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The State Goes After Squatters (Europe)

Squat news from Amsterdam (Holland)


This Tuesday the 22nd of March, the city of Amsterdam witnessed a huge eviction-wave.

It was the first big series of evictions after the new anti-squat law in Holland. The formerly quite tolerant attitude in Holland towards squatting has been replaced by a zero-tolerance approach to anyone taking housing rights into their own hands.

Instead of evicting squatted houses one by one, the Amsterdam police has a tradition of evicting in so-called “eviction waves”. An eviction wave generally consists of a high number of riot

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Oil Still Leaking from Deepwater Horizon

Credit: Courtesy of Huffington Post (Jerry Moran/Stuart Smith

While the media is busy assuring their audiences that we still need nuclear energy despite catastrophic accidents potential, environmentalists would like you to remember we still have issues in the Gulf of Mexico from another one of our short-sighted energy policies.

The Coast Guard is investigating reports of a potentially large oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico not far from the Deepwater Horizon site. According to a knowledgeable source, the slick was sighted by a helicopter pilot on Friday and is about 100 miles long. A fishing boat captain said he went through the slick yesterday and it was strong enough to make his eyes burn.

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next GM Sugar Beets and Fish


By Center for Food Safety 


The debate over genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is no longer just over alfalfa; the Center for Food Safety reports that GM fish and GM sugar beets are now being considered for the market. A bipartisan effort to ban the sale of these new genetically engineered products, or to require mandatory labeling if the items get approved for consumption, is already underway. Click here to learn more about these issues, and to sign pledges and see what else you can do to prevent GM beets and fish from becoming commonplace fare in your supermarket.

[Photo by Maureen Reilly]

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