Tim Guilty of Oil Sabotage



Environmentalist Tim DeChristopher Found Guilty of Sabotaging Oil and Gas Auction; Faces up to 10 Years in Jail

A federal jury in Salt Lake City has convicted environmental activist Tim DeChristopher of two felony counts for disrupting the auction of more than 100,000 acres of federal land for oil and gas drilling. DeChristopher was charged in December 2008 with infiltrating a public auction and disrupting the Bush administration’s last-minute move to auction off oil and gas exploitation rights on vast swaths of federal land. A student at the time, DeChristopher posed as a bidder and bought 22,000 acres of land with no intent to pay in an attempt to save the property from drilling. He faces up to ten years in prison. DeChristopher joins us today to talk about the verdict. [includes rush transcript]

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Anti-Cuts ‘Carnival’.

Anti-Cuts Campaigners Plan ‘Carnival of Civil Disobedience’

Student groups and tax avoidance protesters will stage occupations to coincide with TUC demonstration on 26 March

by Matthew Taylor

Anti-cuts campaigners are planning a wave of sit-ins, occupations and “people’s assemblies” to coincide with this month’s TUC demonstration, in a “carnival of civil disobedience” designed to highlight opposition to the government’s programme of cuts.

Anti-cuts protesters in Birmingham last year. (Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) Student activists, tax avoidance campaigners and anti-capitalist groups say they plan to occupy some of the capital’s “great buildings”, close down scores of high street stores and stage a 24-hour occupation of Hyde Park.

“This is going to be a really important day,” said Anna Walker of the campai

via Anti-Cuts Campaigners Plan ‘Carnival of Civil Disobedience’ | Common Dreams.

The Resistance – March 26th 2011

The Resistance – March 26th 2011

On March 26th 2011 we will show the government how angry we are and we will take to the Streets & occupy parts of London we will also have a party in Hyde Park for 24 hours after the TUC March. Are brothers and Sisters in the Middle East have shown us what needs to be done world wide. Check Ou

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Brian Viziondanz



1 March 2011

Your Chance to Help Brian Viziondanz

Many of you may know Brian. Always present at festivals and campaigns, he talks to everyone, films everyone and connects with everyone. His commitment and actions towards creating a fairer and more peaceful world are renowned. Many people have been touched by Brian’s love, generosity and kindness over the years. Now Brian needs our help.

In January 2011 Brian was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and liver cancer, with the additional challenge of blood clots in his lungs and his legs. As a person who always lives with hope in his heart, Brian has embarked on a course of alternative treatment to survive the cancer. He has already radically changed his diet to a predominantly raw and alkalizing routine. However this is not enough and time now is of the essence to see him through this difficult patch

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..Stop eviction of Barcelona bike workshop..Aturem el desallotjament

(this photo is Christiania…same idea)

Aturem el desallotjament del taller de bicis de Roquetes-Verdun
per Veïnes Solidaries amb Biciosxs 13 mar 2011
Esmorzar Solidari!


Dijous 17 de març 9:00 hores c/Joaquim Valls, 137

Porta més de 6 anys funcionant, surt dels joves de barri i participen un munt de infants, adolescents i joves de la barriada, funciona sense calers i treballa de manera comunitària amb la resta d’entitas de la zona.
Contra l´absurditat, esmorzar solidari.
Dijous 17 de març 9:00 hores c/Joaquim Valls, 137


‘Climate Denier Syndrome’

Congrats to all who continue with patient polite efforts to deal with the deluded victims of Climate Denier Syndrome..

Of course below the surface this has nothing to do with science or rationality, the deniers have triumphed  by exploiting the reactionary feelings of men who see themselves deprived of their privileges, largely illusory, gained by capitalist corporations stripping the planet.

It’s important to understand and cut the roots of  Climate Denier Syndrome which has run rife through US society and political circles.

It’s hysteria, or maybe ‘testeria’, like McCarthyism, the red scare, used cynically by a small but powerful group to further exploit people.

There’s a direct relation between right wing politics and Denier Syndrome.

. I quote George Monbiot:    ”It’s the same story everywhere. At a senatorial hustings in New Hampshire last week, all six Republican candidates denied that man-made climate change is taking place(9). Judging by its recent antics in the Senate and by primary campaigns all over the country, the Republican party appears to be heading towards a unanimous rejection of the science. The ultra-neoliberal Czech president Vaclav Klaus asserts that “global warming is a false myth and every serious person and scientist says so.”(10) The hard-right UK Independence Party may soon be led by Lord Monckton(11), the craziest man in British politics, who claims that action on climate change is a conspiracy to create a communist world government(12). The further to the right you travel, the more likely you are to insist that man-made climate change isn’t happening. Denial has nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics.” http://www.monbiot.com/2010/08/23/right-and-wrong/

Like the Tea party, Denier Syndrome is sponsored and fomented by  the funds, personnel, internet bots and lunatic greed of US corporate power. But this doesn’t explain why the virus has been so violent and  insidious. Unsurprisingly only in the 1st world does  anyone deny climate science… sooner deny the light comes on when you connect the wires, it’s great that people challenge scientific consensus, but not if it’s just promoting a bunch of obvious lies by sheer quantity of  internet repetition .
Patient firm explanation is the only advice, plus exposure of mental and physical intimidation, death threats, etc.

We urgently need a cure for the rampant plague of Climate Denier Syndrome.. we may be already reaching a ‘no way back’ tipping point.
What a pity that our one chance to save a future for our children is being squandered by the understandable knee jerk destruction by a minority of  ‘testerical’ white north American males.



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God, what a year.

Federal scientists have concluded that we’ve just come through the warmest six months, the warmest year, and the warmest decade in human history. Nineteen nations have set new all-time temperature records; the mercury in Pakistan reached 129 degrees, the hottest temperature ever seen in Asia. And there’s nothing abstract about those numbers, not with Moscow choking on smoke from its epic heat wave and fires, not with Pakistan half washed away from its unprecedented flooding.


‘Dance Against Deficit Lies’

Dance Against Deficit Lies is a new movement against cuts to Arts funding. They had their first dance last week in front of the Bank of England, London.

via LibCon – Activism » Videos from the ‘Dance Against Deficit Lies’ protest.

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