‘Dance Against Deficit Lies’

Dance Against Deficit Lies is a new movement against cuts to Arts funding. They had their first dance last week in front of the Bank of England, London.

via LibCon – Activism » Videos from the ‘Dance Against Deficit Lies’ protest.

‘Climate Denier Syndrome’ rife in US males.

Congrats to all who continue with patient polite efforts to deal with the deluded victims of Climate Denier Syndrome..

Of course below the surface this has nothing to do with science or rationality, the deniers have triumphed  by exploiting the reactionary feelings of men who see themselves deprived of their privileges, largely illusory, gained by capitalist corporations stripping the planet.


It’s important to understand and cut the roots of  Climate Denier Syndrome which has run rife through US society and politicians

It’s hysteria, or maybe ‘testeria’, like McCarthyism, the red scare, used
cynically to further exploit people.

There’s a direct relation between right wing politics and Denier Syndrome.. I quote George Monbiot:    ”It’s the same story everywhere. At a senatorial hustings in New Hampshire last week, all six Republican candidates denied that man-made climate change is taking place(9). Judging by its recent antics in the Senate and by primary campaigns all over the country, the Republican party appears to be heading towards a unanimous rejection of the science. The ultra-neoliberal Czech president Vaclav Klaus asserts that “global warming is a false myth and every serious person and scientist says so.”(10) The hard-right UK Independence Party may soon be led by Lord Monckton(11), the craziest man in British politics, who claims that action on climate change is a conspiracy to create a communist world government(12). The further to the right you travel, the more likely you are to insist that man-made climate change isn’t happening. Denial has nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics.” http://www.monbiot.com/2010/08/23/right-and-wrong/

Like the Tea party, Denier Syndrome is sponsored and fomented by  the funds, personnel, internet bots and lunatic greed of US corporate power. But this doesn’t explain why the virus has been so violent and  insidious. Unsurprisingly only in the 1st world does  anyone deny climate science… sooner deny the light comes on when you connect the wires, it’s great that people challenge scientific consensus, but not if it’s just promoting a bunch of obvious lies by sheer quantity of  internet repetition .
Patient firm explanation is the only advice, plus exposure of mental and physical intimidation, death threats, etc.

We urgently need a cure for the rampant plague of Climate Denier Syndrome.. we may be already reaching a ‘no way back’ tipping point.
What a pity that our one chance to save a future for our children is being squandered by the understandable knee jerk destruction by a minority of  ‘testerical’ white north American males.

The 400 Richest Americans Are Now Richer Than the Bottom 50 Percent Combined

On Wednesday we told you that a rather shocking number of American politicians aren’t much like most Americans at all, pulling in six-figure salaries to add to their existing seven-figure fortunes. Today, thanks to some quick math by the documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, there’s another way to look at how rich our leaders are compared to the rest of the country: In 2009, if you were to add up the total fortune of America’s richest 400 people, that amount—$1.27 trillion—would be more than the holdings of the bottom 50 percent of Americans, less than $1.22 trillion.

Save Climate and Double Food Production

Save Climate and Double Food Production With Eco-Farming

By Stephen Leahy

UXBRIDGE, Mar 8, 2011 (IPS) – Eco-farming could double food production in entire regions within 10 years while mitigating climate change, according to a new U.N. report released Tuesday in Geneva.

An urgent transformation to ‘eco-farming’ is the only way to end hunger and face the challenges of climate change and rural poverty, said Olivier De Schutter, U.N. Special Rapporteur on the right to food, following the presentation of his annual report focusing on agro-ecology and the right to food to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

“Agro-ecology mimics nature not industrial processes. It replaces the external inputs like fertiliser with knowledge of how a combination of plants, trees and animals can enhance productivity of the land,” De Sc

via Save Climate and Double Food Production With Eco-Farming – IPS ipsnews.net.

ToPPLe The TyRants

– Activists say they have occupied a London mansion owned by a son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.
squatters on roof 10 million pound 'home'

A group calling itself Topple the Tyrants said it entered the house Wednesday. Spokesman Montgomery Jones says the squatters, who are not Libyan, will stay “until this property can be returned to the Libyan people.”

Police say officers are monitoring the situation and no arrests had been made.

The eight-bedroom Georgian-style house with swimming-pool and sauna is reportedly owned by Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, who had put it on the market for more than 10 million pounds ($16 million). It was withdrawn from sale last month.

The British government has seized more than $3.3 billion in assets belonging to the Gadhafi family and associates, as part of sanctions.

book review for The Free


Act 1 – Linda.
”Poor Linda, discovering her father having an affair with awful Janice in front of an audience. This passage works really well, oscillating between Linda’s horrified embarrassment and her friends hilarity at what’s going on. I could not only visualise this but hear the girls squeals and jeering comments.
‘Oh my god… Maybe I’d killed a saint!’ Really amusing, shows the uncertainty Linda has about religion despite the sister being a right harridan. Daddy’s behaviour towards her isn’t right as Linda is just beginning to understand, thanks to Janice. No wonder she’s so angry.
Vibrant prose with realistic dialogue. Teenaged Linda’s thoughts and actions are nicely observed and come across really well. Who couldn’t like her or fail to empathise with her?”

Nanty – Chrys!       7th March 2011

Check out Nanty’s cool book here::


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