Loiterers Resistance Movement,

The Loiterers Resistance Movement – Loitering with Good Intentions

The Loiterers Resistance Movement, a collective of urban explorers “loite

‘Shrieking Violet’ does a series on the unknown Heroines of Manchester

ring with intent to make Manchester wonderful”, is probably Manchester’s only local history and walking group watched over by the Greek goddess of chaos, Eris, and influenced by the flâneur, a dandy-esque Victorian figure who wandered the city as a detached observer.Founder Morag Rose complains “modern society is so rigid”. Chaos, on the other hand, “can be a creative force”.Morag explains, “chaos is thought of as scary, but it can be beautiful”.

In a manifesto-esque statement of intent on the internet, The LRM lists its likes and dislikes: “plants growing out of the side of buildings” are good, “gentrification” is bad. The LRM celebrates the “colourful and diverse”. Continue reading “Loiterers Resistance Movement,”

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