To Be Who You Are … How Feminism Liberated Me

'Be free'. Marcha das Vadias Photo  Maria Objetiva 
‘Be free’. Marcha das Vadias Photo  Maria Objetiva

 by Michelle Karen Santos for Feminist Bloggers .. translation The Free    …    I am a Pastor’s daughter and I was born in a family where everyone is evangelical, that’s how I identified myself until I was 15 years old. I always went to church, sang, prayed and was part of all the groups that were there. I was the pastor’s daughter, the girl who should set an example for everyone, especially for the other girls.

Feminist Bloggers
Feminist Bloggers

I grew up seeing church leaders being all men, and the most that a woman could achieve was the leadership of the group of children or ladies. Rebellion is Life.. Submission is Death

The spaces were occupied by pastors who said that women should be submissive, behave like a “lady”, be careful, less gossipy, should have sex with their husbands even without wanting to, that they should have children even without wishing for them, that they should be wise and build their homes, that all women should be what the church declared they should to be. Continue reading “To Be Who You Are … How Feminism Liberated Me”

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