More New Centers Occupied : networking mutual aid

The squatter movement is strengthened with new occupations in Maresme and networking, creating islands of freedom and sanity in capitalist chaos.  from La Directa, shared and translated with thanksImage result for Premia de Mar, Can Sanpere

Closed municipal offices, abandoned hotels, banks and vacant lots are some of the properties that have been occupied in recent months for self-managed projects along the Maresme coast and around Catalonia (see map).

Last week, the first meeting of the group Recover Masnou town was held, in a building located at number 2 Avenue Joan Maragall, a former Bankia  bank ; the first open assembly produced all sorts of proposals to give it life from a library to a community food bank, from workshops to a popular gym.

Last month the Occupied Social Center ‘Ca La Luna’ took off in Canet de Mar-  a new space that plans to offer various activities for residents and raise money to help out prisoners and other ”’victims of the system.”bruna

La Bruna..Occupied ex hotel

Weeks before, a squatter community recovered an old abandoned hotel in Calella, in a ceremony full of symbolism for a population seriously affected by mass tourism. La Bruna is a vegan and feminist space, and has been well received by the people.  ( see article here:   We’ve Occupied an Abandoned Hotel ..La Bruna.. for a Self-run Social Center:) Continue reading “More New Centers Occupied : networking mutual aid”

Familia desallotjat violèntament sense avís/ Violent no warning evictions.

foto de un desalojo similar de otro familia

“Aquest matí a les 8 del mati 5 furgonetes de antidisturbis i Guardia Urbana han aparegut davant del número 28 del c/Marin per desallotjar una familia que vivia des de feia anys en un pis okupat per desesperació. Sense previ avís judicial, sense respectar el dret a defensar-se han desallotjat la familia amb una violència inaudita. 500×20 creu que les poders fàctics estan generalitzant el desnonament sense avís per evitar la defensa que fan de les famílies les organitzacions pel dret a l’habitatge.

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