‘SIDE BY SIDE, Facing Repression Together’ – New Campaign Launched

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SIDE BY SIDE we confront Repression

Various anarchist groups have together launched the SIDE BY SIDE campaign . Let’s jointly face the repression and show solidarity with the people indicted more than two years ago in the so-called Operation Piñata, and other similar operations that, with the excuse of anti-terrorism, have attacked the anarchist movement.

SIDE BY SIDE, facing together the repression that seeks to dissuade us, immobilize us, discourage us. Together, not isolated. With the strength that we try to understand our differences and learn to find ourselves in complicities.
SIDE BY SIDE, that’s what we call this campaign, this cry of resistance, this new challenge to power. Another attempt to break the silence, to make visible the social conflict increasingly evident as a result of the sharpening of the structural crisis of the capitalist system.

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3 Anarchist Victims of Spanish Repression freed : There’s no Evidence

Freedom is the crimeThe National Court has ordered the release without bail bond  for three of the five people who were until now in custody, detained under the ‘Operation Piñata’, anti anarchist raids, on 31 March.

As  explained  Daniel Amelang to the paper Diagonal, one of the lawyers representing the defendants in Operation Piñata, they are now waiting for the Court to rule on the freedom of the other two people who are still in custody.piñata victory

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