New Zealand: Oil disaster on Tauranga reef

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New Zealand said it was preparing for an environmental disaster Friday as a container ship stranded off the North Island threatened to break up and spill oil into the pristine Bay of Plenty.

Source: Supplied by John Mathieson Rena, the ship stranded off the coast of Tauranga after striking the Astrolabe Reef

The 47,000 tonne container vessel “Rena”, which hit a reef off the coast of Tauranga earlier this week, has already created an oil slick more than five-kilometres (three miles) long that has killed a number of seabirds.

But the pollution would be far worse if the ship broke up on the Astrolabe Reef, releasing the 1,700 tonnes of heavy fuel oil on board into a marine environment that is home to whales, dolphins, seals and penguins.

Environment Minister Nick Smith told Fairfax Media the accident “has the potential to be New Zealand’s most significant maritime pollution disaster in decades”.

Oiled seabirds have already been found dead close to the Rena and more birds have been spotted in the water, covered in oil.

Corexit 9500 sprayed on the water to disperse the oil – it essentially means never cleaning up the oil

Response teams have so far been unable to deploy oil booms to contain the spill. The response so far as been to use a dispersant called Corexit  9500 – which is being sprayed on the water to disperse the oil. Corexit is the same chemical used in the Gulf of


Mexico to deal with the oil from BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill.

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One simple solution to all these tragedies is to stop using Petroleum. There is one long overloooked alternative which is cheaper

produces zero CO2, and no SOX or SOx pollution either.

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3 thoughts on “New Zealand: Oil disaster on Tauranga reef”

  1. I think CSIRO has identified NH3 as a greenhouse gas.

    I have no idea what to replace oil with. I do know that whale oil was used a lot before humanity started pumping crude out of its prehistoric burial pools back in the early 19th century. I seriously think that large scale use of hemp sees for oil would fill in a lot of uses and needs we would have in a cooperative commonwealth.


    1. thanks Mike for your comment. NH3 isn’t a greenhouse gas. It isn’t even a gas. The coop commonwealth is a great idea.. but I don’t see the connection with hemp seeds!..
      all the best though……….m


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