Genocide Tomorrow: Trump sells ‘right to invade Rojava’ to Erdogan for $3.5bn .. STOP him NOW

According to Donald Trump, reports by Reuters and numerous American media, the 2000 US military troops are to be withdrawn from Syria. However the Pentagon may be stronger than Trump and hates the idea.

In a linked news, the State Department has approved a Sale to Turkey of eighty (80) Patriot MIM-104E GEM-T) missiles, sixty (60) PAC-3 (MSE) missiles for  $3.5 billion.

The deal appears to be a straight swap, $3.5 billion for the right to invade, massacre and take over Rojava, and resembles that done when Erdogan bought S-400 missiles and allowed the #turkstream 2 pipeline in exchange for Russia moving out its troops and giving bombing permission to invade Afrin.The presence of the US troops in Rojava has until now prevented Turkey from invading and colonizing all of North Syria and destroying the democratic multi ethnic, feminist Rojava Revolution, as repeatedly threatened by the elected dictator Erdogan. see.. Turkey says Kurdish in Syria ‘will be buried in their ditches 20/12/18

Turkey has already invaded and is ‘Turkifying’ Afrin, Jarablus and Al Bab areas, as well as growing parts of Idlib where it is recruitng the jihadi militias, including ex ISIS and Al Qaeda, to its FSA mercenaries, paid in Turkish money, by promising them land, loot, rape and conquest in Rojava.

“The decision was taken yesterday (Tuesday)”, an American official told AFP, adding withdrawal would be “full and rapid.” This is a 180 degree turn compared to the US statement saying they will keep a long-term military presence in Syria.

Spokespeople from the YPG and YPJ Rojava defense forces  and the SDF multi ethnic militia are calling for international support and self reliance against the looming Turkish sponsored genocide, which will probably begin when the US troops are out and the Idlib mercenaries prepared. The US is apparently abandoning them after sacrificing thousands of volunteers to take back Raqqa, the ISIS capital and nearly all north Syria.

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We are witnessing a new world atrocity. Apart from mass civil support and international volunteers the Rojava democratic revolution is left with no state support, with the US, Russia, Syria, Iran and Israel etc competing for the right to destroy it.

note: we use the term ´genocide´to indicate mass murder and ‘ethnic cleansing’ in a mission to suppress the identity, property, culture, language and history of a group of people.. what the Turkish state has often tried to do to the Kurds, Armenians  and other minorities.

Aldar Khalil: The peoples of the region will defend themselves by relying on their own power

After the American statements, the official of the Diplomatic Relations Committee in the Democratic Society Movement, Aldar Khalil, called on all the Kurdish people and the peoples of northern Syria to rely on their own strength, to escalate the struggle to the highest levels and to respond to all forms of the attacks.

Khalil pointed out that the peoples of the region have fought the terrorist gangs, and that these peoples and the protection forces will also confront and defend themselves against the attacks of genocide either from the Turkish state or any other hand, relying on their own forces.

At the end of his statement, Khalil called on all the Kurdish people to work now to turn all fields into fields of struggle against any possible occupying attempts or attacks.

via  ANHA

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Dec. 19, 2018
With reports of the Trump administration planning to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, along with disturbing new documentation released today on war crimes in Afrin, we are writing to alert our elected representatives and the public to the dire consequences should Turkey attack Rojava (the Kurdish majority region in northeastern Syria) east of the Euphrates, as it has promised.

see also.. Athens, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against Turkish State-Owned Company Istikbal in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin

Turkey appears poised to attack whether or not American troops are stationed there. On Dec. 12, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a
speech saying a Turkish offensive is imminent.
The US has warned Turkey similarly in the past with no real

Turkey has already been signaling its intentions by sniping at civilians across the border and bombing Kurdish areas in Iraq including the Makhmour refugee camp and Mount Shingal, home to the Yazidis.

A year ago, without any provocation, Turkey crossed the border into Syria to invade and occupy Afrin, driving out its Kurdish citizens, looting and confiscating their property, taking hostages, and repopulating the area with
jihadis and Arabs from other parts of Syria in a demographic change that amounts to ethnic cleansing.

The U.S. ignored Kurdish appeals for help despite the help of the coalition of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to defeat ISIS. Now the Trump Administration says it will withdraw troops from Syria.

Half the population of Afrin are expelled, many to  makeshift refugee camps in mid winter and their lands and property seized

We call on Congress and the American people to see that thisextraordinary but fragile democracy is not endangered. It is critical that the U.S. take this stand because:
Rojava is the only democratically-run part of Syria based on secular, feminist, and ecological principles.
Its values oppose both fundamentalism and dictatorship.
integration of other ethnicities and women into positions of power throughout society.
The SDF have consistently proven to be the only reliable US ally in the war against ISIS. Now that they have almost finished the job, and taken immense losses, it is essential that we honor our moral obligation to the people who fought ISIS by helping them realize a peaceful co-existence with all regional powers.
Rather than deserting Rojava, the U.S. must commit to giving the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (the official name of Rojava), economic and political as well as military assistance, and should put all possible pressure on Turkey to reopen peace negotiations with its own Kurds.

As Aliza Marcus said recently in the New York Times:
‘The U.S. has faltered in Syria too many times in the past. It can prevent a bloodbath and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, if it demands Erdogan stand down. It can press Turkey to reopen peace negotiations with its own Kurdish population, stopping the endless cycle of
violence. We urge the Trump Administration and Congress to act to defend Rojava before it is too late. Emergency Committee for Rojava Steering Committee The U.S.-based Emergency Committee for Rojava was formed in March 2018 after the Turkish invasion of Afrin and is supported by prominent American academics and activists’.

Contact: Debbie Bookchin or Matt Whitley at +1.914.222.1587 or at:

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Genocide Tomorrow: Erdogan pays ex ISIS thugs to rape Rojava.. STOP him NOW

by solidaries
E-mail: solidaries ARROBA 16th of 2018

This coming year the Turkish fascist state has proposed a genocide in Rojava, Syrian Kurdisyan. After the invasion and killing of Afrin, of the latest attacks on Kobane that are swelling the refugee camps (which he also attacks!), and the entire list of killings and selective jails, Erdogan threatens to attack Rojava and its revolution

( Note: as with the Afrin invasion atrocities Erdogan first pours out lies and propaganda as he prepares the FSA mercenaries, including Al Qaeda and ex ISIS terrorists in Idlib (and his giant NATO army), raising their wages of death and openly promising them loot, rape, properties and land in Rojava, hoping to then annex, ‘cleanse ethnically’ and ‘Turkify’ the whole of Syria. This man is worse than Hitler! )

These threats are serious, and we know they have the means to do so.
Fighters and the general population say that, as always, they will fight to defend themselves from these attacks.

Each of these decisions from the offices of Turkish power and supported by European armament, will end up with many deaths, people injured, more refugees, food shortages and a world of pain.

Once again, people of all ages are forced to defend themselves from fascist terror, which endorses groups like the Islamic State and, on the other hand, criminalizes the resistance and the Kurdish Revolution.

Let us not forget that the Revolution that is taking place in Kurdistan is a feminist and anti-capitalist Revolution, that they are also our partners and that therefore our solidarity becomes essential.

We expect from these (relatively) rich and privileged countries the rejection to Erdogan and anger for the complicity and silence of the rest of the world.

Strength for those who fight in Kurdistan!

Jin, jyyan, Azadî

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Erdogan agreed #turkstream 2 pipeline for Russian okay to Bomb Afrin

Just 24 hrs before they started blasting the only progressive forces in the Middle East with US planes and German tanks the ‘Turkish Hitler’ Erdogan gave permission to Russia to build the 2nd #turkstreamgas pipeline through Turkey into Europe. (see Jan 21 2018 Gazprom receives construction permit for second string of TurkStream)In return Russia was probably blackmailed to criminally okay the bombing.

  • 154th journalist imprisoned in Turkey by ErdoganAsli Ceren Aslan, editor of the newspaper Özgür Gelecek (Free Future) was arrested on 9 February in the province of Urfa province, Kurdish southeast of Turkey. She was “officially” arrested in Urfa, near the border with Syria while following the events in Syria and Rojava Kurdistan.
Damning UN report slams Turkey, revealing the extent of its anti-Kurdish war in Turkey
Manchester and London stations brought to standstill by Afrin solidarity blockade
Feb 21, 2018   Erdogan actually declared war on all countries that were part of the Ottoman Empire from Morocco to Mecca and from Vienna to Persia. He declared war on well over 30 countries. Erdogan is a mad man, even a mad dog. Someone will have to put him on a strong …

………………continues   HERE

Athens, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against Turkish State-Owned Company Istikbal in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin


”During the night of the 2nd of February we attacked the Turkish company Istikbal with an incendiary device and we torched a 7.5 tonne truck in front of their headquarters at 152 Kifissias Avenue.


Feminists Seve, Fatma and Pakiza killed by Erdogan in Silopi.

Ambulance blocked by police. DBP Silopi District Co-Chair, Gülşen Özden speaking to BBC Turkish in Silopi on killings of politician women said she received a phone call around 7:35 p.m. and the voice on the other end saidAmbulance blocked by police. DBP Silopi District Co-Chair, Gülşen Özden speaking to Hatice Kamer with BBC Turkish in Silopi as to killings of politician women said she received a phone call around 7:35 p.m. and the voice on the other end said they were shot and called for an ambulance. “They phoned me again in a few minutes. They hung up the phone saying ‘We are losing blood, hurry up. We all will die if you don’t come in 10 minutes’.they were shot and called for an ambulance.  “They phoned me again in a few minutes saying ‘We are losing blood, hurry up. We all will die if you don’t come in 10 minutes’. By the time the bodies were rescued they held 19 bullets.  Daily massacres take place in Eastern Turkey (North Kurdistan) as the Turkish police and half million strong army indulge in pogroms against the Kurdish population, who demand autonomous self-rule (but not a new state).

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