Turkish Genocide Cancelled? Looks like Putin just saved Rojava.. for now

by thefreeonline 26th July ’22

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Russia is no friend of the SDF and the NES autonomous multi-ethnic area in Syria. Only with Russian airspace permission could the Turkish dictator Erdogan invade and genocide Afrin in 2018, and the same day the permanent “incursion” began he signed with Putin the agreement for the Turkstream 2 gas pipeline.

3rd July 2022. Jihadi and ex Al Qaeda militias, in the pay of Turkey’s Erdogan, queue up on the border of Rojava, competing as they await the order to loot, kill rape and ethnically cleanse a fourth section of NE Syria.

Erdogan is angry, sending his new drones daily to murder defense militias in Rojava. Massacring tourists in Iraq.. But will the 4th Invasion still go ahead with Russia, Syria and Iran now opposed?

But this time round Putin has so far said ‘NYET’ to Turkey’s much boasted plans for a 4th invasion, and has backed up its position with demonstrations of military force, new air defences and by organising Syrian and Iranian help.

Russia is after all a guarantor of the ceasefire lines from the 3rd invasion, but at first glance it’s surprising they would risk key Turkish aid and Black Sea transit permits in the Ukraine war by publicly humiliating the ‘Emperor’ Erdogan.

And this especially as the NES and SDF are still nominally supported by the enemy USA, at least in the oil rich eastern Deir es Zur area, due to their hugely successful war against ISIS with US Coalition air cover.

At the Madrid NATO summit Turkey achieved by blackmail a tacit approval to invade and takeover NE Syria, in exchange for dropping its veto against Swedish and Finnish membership.

That is they gave permission to subject an Autonomous, Democratic, Federal, multi-ethnic region to Turkish language, money, jihadi mercenaries..etc in the name of US “freedom” and Ottoman Empire. This to us is a disgusting and immoral example of power politics.

If Russia has really stopped the Turkish imperialist invasion it seems like a principled strategic move to prevent a NATO member further dividing up Syria: to prevent the long term breakup of its Syrian ally, and encourage a rapprochement between the progressive multi-ethnic Rojava and the stubbornly centralized Arabic Damascus regime.

The summit in Tehran was a defeat for Erdoğan” https://medyane..

” ….Erdoğan faced opposition when, after the NATO meeting in Madrid, he traveled to Tehran to speak with Russian President Putin and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. With slightly different words and expressions, both said no to the next offensive in Syria.

Erdoğan had promised his voters that he will accomplish what Atatürk – ‘the father of all Turks’ – failed to achieve: To create a great Turkey as described in the National Pact – Misak-i Milli – from 1920. Last autumn he said that 23 July 2023 (the 100th anniversary of the Lausanne Agreement) will be “the biggest milestone on the road to building a great and strong Turkey.”

This map was made before Turkey’s 3rd invasion, but it is still valid as it does not include the border area further east which was seized in that genocidal crime. Tall Rafaat/Shabha is the enclave in the center labelled ‘Afrin Refugees’.

Erdoğan was visibly disappointed at the press conference after the meetings. He said he will continue the fight against terrorism and expects to receive support.…”

So, for now, Rojava survives again…. Viva Rojava.. No Pasarán



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