Turkish Genocide Cancelled? Looks like Putin just saved Rojava.. for now

The Free

by thefreeonline 26th July ’22

Russia is no friend of the SDF and the NES autonomous multi-ethnic area in Syria. Only with Russian airspace permission could the Turkish dictator Erdogan invade and genocide Afrin in 2018, and the same day the permanent “incursion” began he signed with Putin the agreement for the Turkstream 2 gas pipeline.

3rd July 2022. Jihadi and ex Al Qaeda militias, in the pay of Turkey’s Erdogan, queue up on the border of Rojava, competing as they await the order to loot, kill rape and ethnically cleanse a fourth section of NE Syria.

Erdogan is angry, sending his new drones daily to murder defense militias in Rojava. Massacring tourists in Iraq.. But will the 4th Invasion still go ahead with Russia, Syria and Iran now opposed?

But this time round Putin has so far said ‘NYET’ to Turkey’s much boasted plans for a 4th invasion, and…

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Author: thefreeonline

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