#Fracking Spain Report: Millionaire exposes himself in Public

hyper-toxic fracking waste water 2    When Mister Craig Steinke, CEO and chief shareholder of R2 Energy, came to Castellón to convince the local Mayors and press of the benefits of Fracking and oil extraction he told them a pack of lies. 41 mayors of local towns affected by the Fracking Application gathered in the ‘Municipal Palace, with press, TV, and a picket from the Anti Fracking Platform outside. Here we refute those lies one by one, and illustrate the criminal scandal of Fracking. (see Reference 1 Craig Steinke. below)

This was Craig’s big chance to get a drilling permit, to boost his shares and make another fortune. He already got appox. $20 million  from merging his previous company, Realm Energy into San Leon, of which he’s also CEO, after getting 10 Frack Permits in Northern Spain and multiplying share prices, (he owned over 30% of Realm himself). (See Ref.2.)

And Craigy is a wonderful liar. All he had to do was convince these gullible natives, which should be easy enough. Over 900 Spanish politicians have already been charged with corruption though not one sits in jail… Jobs, yes yes, 200 temps. Lots of money. Doubling local Council revenues. A housing boom. ‘’We will always have jobs for day labourers’ declared his sidekick, Rafael Lopez, plus plenty of lorry drivers, to transport the 15,000 tons of fresh water needed to frack each well. (Ref.3 Corruption)

The ‘natives’ licked their lips but looked a little skeptical. What had they really found? And what about the toxic inflammable Stop ther Frackerswater in that Gasland thing on the Internet?

We have long worldwide experience and proven expertise’. Craig lied. His companies, Realm (now merged into San Leon /Frontera), plus R2, and Reconnaissance Energy, etc, have never actually sunk a well, and Realm was previously a tinned milk wholesaler. No matter, the website claims our Craigy has worked extensively, in the notorious Marcellus Frack Field in the US. Famous for that Gasland film and the ‘feeding frenzy’ of hundreds of drilling companies between 2005 and 2010. Now largely played out, or uneconomic leaving ultra-toxic lakes and a poisoned acuifer, with plans to extend the field into New York facing strong opposition (at last). We haven’t traced what company he worked for, but Craigy is proud of his record of course, with his millions safely offshore he is offering nothing to his unlucky victims. Why should he? (Ref 4 Gasland)

It is ‘absolutely impossible for the toxic fracking liquid to contact the groundwater’, Craig assured them. Thousands of meters of rock would separate the hyper pressurized injection and extraction (of the 1000s of tons of now doubly toxic, inflammable, carcinogenic and often radioactive liquid to a waiting waste pit, passing safely through the freactic layers of course). Craig was beginning to sweat, despite the air conditioning in the Municipal Palace. He flashed up more pretty diagrams on the Powerpoint Presentation, referring to industry-sponsored studies saying ‘New technology, All is Now Safe’. Subversive studies now totally discredited… (Ref 5 False reports)

Craig Steinke noticia_normalAnd we will only use 10 chemicals, not the 900 used in Gasland. We can’t say what they are, they’re patent protected, but most are simple food additives’ declared Rafael Lopez, rolling his eyes. This was a big moment for Rafa, now the Spanish Exploration Manager of R2 Energy. (But recently an unemployed geologist who failed as a used car salesman in Madrid, and famous on the forums for his neo-fascist diatribes and pro fracking views).  (Ref 6 Rafael Lopez)

It is absolutely safe and there is no threat to drinking water’, Mister Craig Steinke asserted nervously. Of course in the US this was never a problem, indeed the fracking frenzy only took off when they were given huge subsidies and exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act, at the behest of George Bush and the Halliburton Texas oil mafia.

The sick and dying victims of frack poisoning (65,000 wells in a few years) can never sue the companies (most already disappeared after fracking crashed in 2010) because incredibly till this day fracking remains EXEMPT from environmental water law (weak anyway) and attempts to change this have been stalled for 4 years in the bought out Congress.(Ref 7 Drinking Water Act exemption).

frackingNatural gas will help Spain reduce its CO2 levels, averting Climate Change’ this slide in the presentation is also false, stemming from the criminal ecocide promoted by these millionaire delincuents. Because it’s the 1%, the same power­­­­ful mafia that were able exempt fracking from environmental law, that could lead the US into the Iraq war for oil, the same insane criminals who have sabotaged climate change mitigation for 3 decades, with false reports, false media and false institutes, feeding public desire that climate change is unreal. Until in recent US elections it was almost impossible for a candidate to win if they ‘’believed’’ in Climate Change!

For these people it is just one more detail, to ensure that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) doesn’t even measure Methane emissions at Fracking wells. Methane is 24 times as bad as CO2 as a climate forcer (though its effects only last 20 years instead of centuries). The gas industry is the main source of escapes, methane like hydrogen is almost impossible (ie expensive) to contain.

If this greedy mafia had not stymied Climate Agreements for 25 years all this would now be totally illegal and we would already have clean energy. To stop Climate Change at 2 degrees, which is the absolute limit set, we need to leave four fifths of already discovered fossil fuels in the ground.

So prospecting for and deploying new deposits is therefore out of the question. To do so is criminal ecocide. Just as poisoning people after changing the law to make yourself exempt is still murder. Morally speaking, Mister Craig Steinke is a monster. (Ref 9 Climate change fossil fuels)

In this analysis Craig Steinke and Ian Telfer, far from being sexy predator capitalists hosting high society parties, are in fact murderers and worse, promoting for private profit the likely mass extinction of 4000 million years of evolutionary life on this planet, including our children.Fossil-fuel-free-future-or...

The next slide in the presentation proclaimed the joint founder of R2 to be no less than IAN TELFER.   Not THE Ian Telfer!  It is a mystery that one of the richest men on the planet would co-register R2 Energy , a tiny exploration company in Spain, with a smiling criminal like Craig Steinke. It is possible that Craigy is a lovely man, a victim like us all of the capitalist rat race, but his elimination would make a real difference. There are many examples of moral action taking precedence over national law. Perhaps the best option would be to subject Craig and Ian to a Popular Trial, as was done already by Telfer’s victims in Guatemala. La minera Goldcorp, a juicio popular por daños a la salud en desinformemonos.org/…/la-minera-goldcor. (REf 10  Telfer the golden thug).


Juicio Popular por los crimenes de Goldcorp Corporatrion en Guatemala, el CEO de Goldcorp es director de R2 Energy, empresa de Fracking en España.
Popular Trial for the crimes of Goldcorp Corporatrion en Guatemala, the CEO of Goldcorp is director of R2 Energy, the Fracking Company in Spain.

‘Cheap gas will save the Spanish economy and boost exports.’ Craigy continued. What a liar! Because there is still no open market for gas in Spain and the prices are officially secret it’s possible for Craig to make these false claims. How much does Natural Gas cost? An estimated 20 euros per MWh. How much for fracking gas? Up to 25 euros per MWh. This could be the key to stopping fracking in Spain.  It seems to be uneconomic. Plus there is powerful evidence that the gas price in Europe is about to collapse, see reference.  ( Ref 11  Spanish fracking is uneconomic)

The audience was getting restless. They didn’t enjoy being treated like idiots, least of all by an arrogant American millionaire, feeling a little like Amazonian Indians offered glass beads by Goldcorp or Texaco (now Chevron) before destroying their lands and water and exterminating whole nations.índice

Yes we work with Halliburton’, Rafa burst in. ‘We’re proud to work with Halliburton because they are the best’.  Craig is frowning deeply, perhaps realizing that to Spanish eyes his Exploration Manager is a clownish charlatan. Halliburton of course is the mega company who got the exclusive $7 billion contract before the Iraq War (half a million dead to secure oil contacts paid in dollars) even began, its ex CEO was Dick Cheney, architect of the war, and the whole push and WMD media lies campaign that made the attack possible can be traced to the fossil fuel industry, specifically George Bushe and the Texas oil mafia.(Ref 12 Halliburton)

But explorations take years’, Craig lied ‘we won’t drill till 2018 at least‘. Insisting on this point was a stupid blunder, deflating the greedy air of sweat and money. With the economy in free fall and many of them already charged with corruption and presiding over bankrupt Local Councils, 2018 seemed like much too far away.

Fracking is absolutely innocuous’ Craig repeated a little desperately, but the assembled worthies were losing interest and dying for a smoke.

The presentation wound to a close. There were no more questions

The chief Mayor thanked Mister Craig Steinke for travelling, but half-heartedly and referred to the delay till 2018, as if already preparing an excuse for withdrawing his support.

Nobody clapped.

And the Platform against Fracking kept shouting outside.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Mister Craig Steinke got a real reply to his bid to frack Castellón: 50 top scientists signed a report which totally smashed the case to frack. The study includes detailed maps and diagrams showing exactly how the unique acuifer, which local tourism, agriculture and industry is dependent on, would be poisoned by Fracking. The debate has changed, from ‘Wow. Let’s get Rich!’ to ‘Stop American gangsters destroying our lives’. (Ref 12 Report destroys fracking case).

anti-copywrite from https://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/




Reference 1. Craig Steinke  (this one there are several) Mr. Craig Arthur Steinke, CPA has been the Chief Executive Officer at San Leon Canada Limited (formerly Realm Energy International Corporation) since November 2010. Mr. Steinke is the Founder of Reconnaissance Energy Corporation and serves as its President. He has been an Operating Partner at Sterling Investment Partners since 2010. http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=6320695&privcapId=23127&previousCapId=34817&previousTitle=BUILDERS%20FIRSTSOURCE%20INC

Reference 2. Zaragoza, Pamplona, Solsona and Cantabrian Basins.  Realm Energy Corporation was a speculation bubble, it never drilled a well but ended up worth over $50m dollars. Now Craig is repeating the trick with R2 Energy and others. The licences in Spain which went to San Leon are being pursued under the subsidiary Frontera Energy. San Leon has a huge portfolio of oil and fracking licences and has begun extraction (in Ireland, etc.) But exploitation  of Spanish permits should be delayed because a) It has limited capital (‘only’ $100m) and needs to extract easy convfrack_protest_toban_black_flickrentional oil first. b) intense opposition to destroying the local acuifers c)           . San Leon and subsidiaries have resisted public opposition in Ireland, and have acquired fracking and oil licenses in Morrocan-occupied Sahara, despite a United Nations ban, including the area right under the capital, Al Aaiun.

The Frontera licenses  are Libra Superficie: 37.893,11 hectáreasConcedido el 20/09/2011 a Frontera Energy Corporation, S.L. por un periodo de 6 años.Trabajos del permiso de investigación.Primer y segundo de vigencia:Recopilación, escaneo y reprocesado de información sísmica disponible en el área. Reprocesado de información sísmica… Permiso Concedido por la Administración Central 29.07.2010 Géminis Superficie: 47.940,42 hectáreasConcedido el 29/09/2011 a Frontera Energy Corporation, S.L. por un periodo de 6 años.Trabajos del permiso de investigación.Primer y segundo año de vigencia:Recopilación, escaneo y reprocesado de información sísmica disponible en el área. Reprocesado de información… Permiso Concedido por la Administración Central 29.07.2010 Quimera Superficie: 101.032,1 hectáreasSolicitado el 22/02/2011 por Frontera Energy Corporation, S.L.. Permiso Solicitado a la Administración Central 22.02.2011 Perseo Superficie: 102.7552,1 hectáreasSolicitado el 22/02/2011 por Frontera Energy Corporation, S.L.. Permiso Solicitado a la Administración Central 22.02.2011 Prometeo Superficie: 103.019,4 hectáreasSolicitado el 22/02/2011 por Frontera Energy Corporation, S.L.. Permiso Solicitado a la Administración Central 22.02.2011

Apuesta energética por los ‘activos tóxicos’  fracturahidraulicano.info/…/apuesta-energet… – May 22, 2012 – FRACKING | FUERTE APOYO INSTITUCIONAL Y PUERTAS … de los pueblos de Cantabria que se verían afectados por permisos de fracking para …. En octubre de 2011, Realm Energy fue absorbida por San Leon Energy …Cantabria video embed http://vimeo.com/50318355

Reference 3. Corruption   España, paraíso de los políticos Corruptos

 Reference 4 Gasland GASLAND Trailer 2010 – YouTube

► 2:47► 2:47


May 6, 2010 – Uploaded by CMGOpMgr

GASLAND – (2010) Directed by Josh Fox. Winner of Special Jury Prize – Best US Documentary Feature

Reference 5 False Reports Frackademia: How the Fracking Industry Tries To Bully Or Buy Scientists  OIL LOBBY FALSIFIES REPORTS AND BULLIES GOVT   Range Resources, a Texas company, bullied the federal government into dropping a scientific report on environmental contamination caused by fracking, a new investigation by the Associated Press has just revealed. This comes on the heels of two major pro-fracking academic reports that had to be withdrawn in 2012.

In December 2012, Raymond Orbach, head of the Energy Institute at the University of Texas, was forced to resign from his post following revelations that a report titled “Fact-Based Regulation for Environmental Protection in the Shale Gas Development” published earlier in the year by the institute was based on an investigation led by Charles “Chip” Groat, a judys_fracking_triple_divide1-580x386director of Plains Exploration & Production Company, a Houston-based oil and gas company that operates fracking and deepwater drilling sites in Texas, the Gulf Coast, and California.

Range Resources, a Texas company, bullied the federal government into dropping a scientific report on environmental contamination caused by fracking, a new investigation by the Associated Press has just revealed.

The EPA is due to publish the results of the now delayed national study on fracking. Environmental groups are not holding their breath. “In its inability to find a single company willing to test water quality before and after drilling and fracking, the EPA is being thwarted in perhaps the most important part of its study of fracking’s impacts

Reference 6 Rafael Lopez  /Rafael Lopez   Country Manager – Head Exploration Spain en R2 ENERGY LTD. Rafael López Guijarro es archiconocido en los foros relacionados con el Fracking por su defensa a ultranza de esta tecnología con el sobrenombre de PANZEGOLAS. También es un viejo conocido por algunas de sus opiniones que no es necesario comentar pues se comentan solas y dicen bastante sobre la personalidad de este individuo. Aquí se puede ver un ejemplo:

Reference 7  Drinking water exemption The 2010 U.S. documentary film Gasland by Josh Fox, which focuses on the impact of hydraulic fracturing, is critical of the industry’s assertions of its safety and its continued exemption from the Safe Drinking Water Act in the Energy Policy Act of 2005.[citation needed]   A bill to repeal the exemption for hydraulic fracturing (also called “fracking”) contained in the Safe Drinking Water Act was introduced in the United States Congress on March 15, 2011. The exemption, passed in 2005, ignores mounting evidence that fracking poses serious threat to drinking-water sources and to human health. The Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals (FRAC) Act of 2011 would make it law that corporations involved in hydraulic fracturing must disclose all chemicals used in fracking operations, with the exception of proprietary information.   However this law has been sabotaged and shelved and still has not been passed (Feb 2013)

Reference 8 Independent studies put methane escapes as the 2nd cause of Climate change in the US, and a recent report slide_234188_1126201_freeshows that taking methane leaks into account fracked gas is just as lethal to the climate as coal.  Scientists worldwide have been publishing studies about the ‘methane bomb’, the melting of permafrost in the Arctic and/or unfreezing of billions of tons on the sea floor could cause a sudden runaway climate event that would wipe out humanity (except for the 1% that is). Finally the EPA has agreed to measure methane emissions (only starting in 2015 and only at the wellhead).

Reference 9 The and oil AND coal industry has known all along about Climate Change, but the feeding frenzy continues, faster than ever. Due to their effective control over the US government they have been able to sabotage all meaningful mitigation negotiations.

Reference 10 Goldcorp .   Telfer’s name gives credibility to potential investors, and along with a few exploration licenses, will make Craig more millions of dollars. Telfer is an admired respectable business leader, although a greedy arrogant uncaring manager of his Latin American mining empire. Why help Craig Steinke? Is he being blackmailed? Goldcorp on Trial, The Indypendent, September 10, 2012   http://corporateknights.com/article/when-push-comes-shovels?page=show               

Guatemalan Uprising against Goldcorp Assassins

Ref 11  Is fracking uneconomic?  Gas prospects in Europe

How much for Natural Gas? 20 euros per MWh. How much for fracking gas? 25 euros per MWh

This could be the key to stopping fracking in Spain… The PRICE

‘’Europe faces higher economic hurdles to exploiting shale gas because geological structures are deeper and more complex, environmental legislation is stricter than in the United States, grants, subsidies, and tax breaks are not available, and the population in relevant areas is denser. Also there is no oil lobby controlling politicians and funding false reports and obtaining exemption from environmental controls.

Together, these issues mean significantly higher production costs—€25 per megawatt hour (MWh) or higher—which cannot be covered when gas prices are €20 per MWh or lower, which is the average in Spain, calculated on surveys of prices at port entry as there are no official figures.. Based on current and expected gas prices, we do not anticipate an unconventional gas revolution in Europe in the near future.’’

If this statement is true, and  more reports suggest that it is, then we would have a good chance, with a strong non-party campaign of stopping fracking in Spain, of saving the groundwater from extreme poisoning, and of sending a strong signal that, here at least, we are getting serious about saving the biosphere and averting catastrophic climate change.


Frack Gas to cost 25% more than present inflated prices. The numbers don’t add up. Despite all the hype and outright lies the fracking industry has no immediate financial future. This is why the US frackers won’t invest in LNG facilities, unless the government pays. This is why Craig Steinke was keen to pass on his fracking licenses in Realm Energy to San  Leon/Frontera and stash the $25 million cash, instead of developing them himself. Let’s see if he sells off his new licenses with R2/Montero, once he has hyped up the share prices to a ridiculous level.

In Spain there is still no open market for gas, prices are secret which is ideal as it makes lots of opportunity for shady dealings and corrupt practices. In the rest of Europe the `hub’ gas markets are taking over, which can be just half the price, but are much more variable. Here in Spain we are stuck with contracts linked to oil prices. Most of these Supply Contracts run until at least 2020, which is a disaster for Spain… why?….

Gas consumption collapsing. Of course, with the permanent ‘’crisis’’ gas consumption has fallen more than 10% instead of increasing as predicted. So Spain not only receives LNG cargos at a high oil-related price but gets far too much and has to resell to Europe at a big loss. Absurdly they like to lay the blame for this bad planning on ‘too many wind generators’.

World Gas prices are likely to crash in 2015, making Fracking a total  ‘no no’. So we have an artificially high price, averaging about 20 euros per MWh, and fracking gas will cost about 25 euros to produce. This begins to sound good, but there’s more. Most commenters agree that a collapse in gas prices will arrive by 2015, and this in spite of the extra imports due to decommissioning Nuclear Plants. This predicted price fall is due to the new hub markets, as well as the huge fracking Water-on-Fire-300x225industry taking off in China and India (unfortunately for the planet), and most importantly due to a lot of new LNG shipping facilities coming on line, especially in Australia and Quatar. Estimates of 50% overcapacity and a price crash are common.

Fracking in Asia.. another disaster for the Planet. Asia Pacific is projected to increase production of unconventional gas more than eightfold through 2020, driven primarily by China’s drive for energy independence. China’s goal is to derive 30 percent of its gas production from unconventional sources by 2020 (about 70 bcm). India is also pushing for shale gas as deposits countrywide are projected to be 300 times higher than India’s current largest gas field, the Krishna Godavari (D6) basin. Chinese national oil companies are preparing for an unconventional gas revolution in China and are acquiring the necessary expertise and technologies in countries with advanced experience in shale gas. The shale gas ambitions of China, and to a smaller extent India, have a major downside potential for the global LNG


(Ref 12 Report destroys fracking case)  Castellón is a drought prone province, threatened by desertification and fire, as the Sahara desert creeps up the Spanish coast. Water, then, is a huge issue and water disputes are rife, groundwater are over exploited and inclined to salinization, wells and springs are often contaminated by industry and sewage. People are passionate about water and will resist, Spain is not Texas. The idea that Craig Steinke could poison the aquifer for a quick profit for the local sharks and politicians is political dynamite.    50 profesores universitarios firman contra la extracción de gas y petróleo mediante el fracking   /Los acuíferos podrían terminar \http://www.larodalia.es/?dep=1&id_noticia=18444


SAME REPORT IN SPANISH here:https://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/informe-fracking-es..

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