Two kids, 13 and 16 of age, were killed when special troops of Military Police in Brazil (BOPE), ahead of the Army, invaded the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro on  tanks and helicopters, at 5:30, on March 30th.

37 kids were arrested en mass and held at gun point, when they protested the killing of their friends, throwing rocks at tanks and the armed police. It’s a new escalation of military violence against civilian population in Brazil.

15 communities, from the favela called Mare, home to some 130,000 people, are under military occupation now. In 15 minutes, the entire civilian population came under military occupation, following the invasion. 21 armored navy were the first to invade the allies, they were joined by 1,200 special military police from BOPE.


The scope of the military occupation is related to the location of this favela – near the international airport. This space is targeted for the “pacification” program, which is in fact a cover up for imposing police control on criminal gangs and for capitalist gentrification ahead of the World Cup.


Some 120,000 are to be forcefully evicted as the state steals their homes and lands to turn them into profits in the latest capitalist accumulation underway in Brazil now.

Army soldiers armed with guns and lethal ammunition will patrol the favela in northern Rio which engulfs the main road to the airport. In two communities (New Holland and Union Park) of the 15, which make up Mare, police are allowed to enter any house and arrest anyone – they have been granted ”collective arrest warants”. All residents are considered ”criminals” by the state and the pretext for the police invading their homes is ”the war on drugs”. State forces will set up permanent posts, as they have done in other slums they occupied.


The pretext for the brutal military occupation was, of course, the war on drugs – though most of the poorest people in Brazil have nothing to do with drugs.

The capitalist media justify the bloody military occupation by subscribing to the state’s version that the favela was invaded and occupied by the largest state armed force, deployed so far against the poor, to dismantle a drug lord’s deputies and dismantle his gang.


The boss of this gang, Marcelo Santos, had already been arrested in a luxury penthouse in the west of Rio.

Tanks, helicopters and 1,400 army and BOPE police killers arrested their own actually, who were part of the drug lord’s ring: a prison guard and a military officer, and the drug lord’s girlfriend, captured 500 kg of marijuana, and seized some weapons.

But this was not the reason behind the military occupation of the 15 communities in the favela of Mare.

The reason, unreported by the capitalist media, is to crush the public assemblies and self-organized struggles in these communities, which are self-organizing to resist state and capitalist gentrification and further impoverishment of poor people.

In fact, military police burst into such a public assembly organized by the popular committee against World Cup’s Anti-„terrorism” laws, and tried to call it off.

The military police were ordered to stop people’s debates, a Sgt. Freitas, told them that their activity was ”hurting the Military Police”. People were discussing how to further organize to push for the demilitarization of the police.

”It is clear to us that the action of the PM was deliberate: they knew what they were doing and we also know that they tried to intimidate the people’s debate and put pressure on them, because this debate was of a major importance for the working class and the people living in Brazil. It was a clear attempt to intimidation, and it was a violation of a legitimate right of the people which is recognized even in their bourgeois democracy. Urgently, demilitarize the police! Demilitarize the life!” Source


Military occupation of the favelas are a cover up for the state’s intensified gentrification for the profits of FIFA and the organisers of the Olympic games, and also for the return to the old ways of the fascist militay dictatorship.

The state claims they occupy the favelas – they invented the term „pacification” – to end ”violence in the communities”, but this could not be further from the truth: Rio does not make it in the top of the most violent cities in Brazil. The state’s lies hide another capitalist accumulation which is underway ahead of FIFA’s World Cup, and the Olympic games due in 2 years.

In fact, favelas which are not gentrified at gun point for capitalist profits, tend to turn violent against their residents after ”the pacification”, as drug lords are replaced by former military police.

However, the military occupation of the poor communities come under the state’s policy to stop social protests against the high cost of life, against the public money used to enrich political sponsors on the occasion of the World Cup, and to stop protests during the World Cup so that FIFA can pretend it’s just about football and refuse to admit ”the ball” is used as a tool of capitalist accumulation.


While it subscribes, covers up or encourages police racist and economic crimes against poor people, mostly black and indigenous, the state has prepared some laws that bring back the fascist dictatorship: anyone who protests the Cup can be considered ”a terrorist”. There are other laws which lay the blame on the victims, as some 40,000 people have been disappeared in Brazil lately.

Communities suspect police are involved in this, as the case of Amarildo de Souza confirmed their darkest suspicions. The father of 7 children was tortured and killed by the military police during the ”pacification” of Rocinha, the South of Rio de Janeiro, in 2013. Only in the past year, 6,000 people have dissapeared.

The laws for the World Cup gentrification and capitalist accumulation suspend a long range of civil liberties, and have come more and more under attack: ”The suspension (of civil liberties) means a serious security permanence of military dictatorship and prevents the judiciary to act independently and impartially,” complains Edward Baker, a lawyer for  Global Justice . ”When it comes to mega-projects development that are directly linked to state policy of economic growth, the Brazilian judicial system has been used in order to ensure no or even disregard the rights of the affected populations,” he adds.” Source 


Organização Anarquista Terra e Liberdade OATL:

”Message for the bourgeoisie: Today while you were asleep at home with your children, residents of another favela will be having their rights violated and their homes invaded, their sons and daughters will be humiliated and have guns pointed at their heads by this State. But you will continue sleeping, secure your property and your status-quo. You know that you can take advantage of the city and spend your Sundays on the beach, laughing with your friends, in the same city which is denied to them, in the same city from which they are excluded. But you cannot continue to live on the backs of those who work, which now the oppresses so that your life can continue as it is, without being disturbed. You will have to see that your life is  built on inequality and of massacres, just so you can feel superior, superior just because you hold capital, and this capital is nothing more than the work of those who are now being oppressed. It is a pity that we have to make you remember all this: no matter the size of your home, or of your bank account, or the limit of your credit card, you suck, your life is a shameful farce, nobody can save you from this reality. This society that keeps you and you help maintain cannot continue in the absence of social justice.”


Nao Vai Ter Copa. There will be no Cup.

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