1st four Sentenced for defending Can Vies A Center

 update, 12/02: The first sentence ,3yrs9months, has now been reduced to 18 months and with no previous the victim will not have to enter prison, suffering only parole and criminal record. We hope the pressure is working and others will go free!mg_1092_as_smart_object-1

CanVies (pronounced ‘vias’) is an Occupied assembly-run Social center, set by the railway tracks in what was once a CNT Union Center 80 years ago. The occupation has lasted 17 years, surviving multiple eviction attempts due to strong local support.WE ARE CAN VIESLast year Barcelona City Council decided on frontal attack, enraged that there was growing autonomous community they didn’t control. Thousands stood in front of the riot police, who finally broke through and the demolition began.

Then the unthinkable happened.the community took the streets, and fought the police for 4 days, the demolition was paralyzed.can-vies-dia-3-g
When 10,000 angry youths approached the Ramblas , the tourist money-pot, at midnight on the 4th day, the police got the order to back off and not fire gas. The police cordon round the partly demolished center was withdrawn, and suddenly a demolition excavator went up in flames.1401228970865
Can Vies was reoccupied, the next day thousands arrived in party mood  and incredibly, rebuilding immediately began. A human chain over 1km long was formed and rubble passed along it, delivering tons of it to the doorsteps of the local council offices!can-vies-day-6-rebuilding
Builders donated material. advice  and labour, 90,000 euros were collected, all sorts of groups helped out, a new cafe has appeared in the ruined part and many activities are in full swing, despite legal and bureaucratic attacks and new eviction threats by the enraged authorities.cadena-humana-can-vies-30-mayo

84 people were arrested defending Can Vies, and dozens were injured by the police, luckily there were no deaths. These citizens should get rewards but the State wants revenge.

the rubble arrives
the rubble arrives
The first court cases have finally begun, with the police and judiciary in foul mood after a documentary shown on local TV accused them convincingly of being chronic and inveterate liars, torturers and of doing frame-ups, and was watched by half a million Catalans. (The Ciutat Morta 4F scandal, see here): Ciutat Morta- Dead City- watch here + Review (English subs)
The Courts announced to the press, before the victims, the first 4 sentences. . The Solidarity Assembly of  Can Vies (see here) reports:
   ”The highest penalty is three years and nine months in prison for a man accused of throwing a glass bottle towards an agent riot shield. with aggravating disguise” because the youth allegedly wore a scarf that covered his face… (the only evidence is a police witness who arrested him later but reportedly couldnt even remember the colour of the scarf).”
injured defenders of Can Vies
injured defenders of Can Vies
”Also condemned was a youth aged 19, to twelve months in prison for the crime of attack on the authority (throwing stones) and resisting arrest)…. He denies it and said he resisted because he thought the plain clothes police were muggers.

demo for the 84 arrested defending Can Vies

Also sentenced to one year in prison was a photojournalist  covering the demonstration for Can Vies at the time of the events was The woman, who contributes to EL PAÍS newspaper and La Directa as accredited with documents signed by the media. She said during the hearing that after an agent recriminated her for taking pictures of plainclothes policemen she was forcefully detained and suffered damage to her camera.”

However, the judge believed the police version, according to which the girl threw a small stone at the policeman and caused injury to his forearm. She has been sentenced to a year in prison for the attack on the authority’ and 30day penalty fine for the alleged injury to the arm of the policeman….”

Can Vies before eviction
Can Vies before eviction
”The fourth victim  convicted is a youth arrested on Begur street, whom the judge accused of resisting arrest and therefore imposed eight months in prison. In this case, a neighbor saw the police action from the balcony of the house, and swore that the boy did not resist, on the contrary, she said he was the victim of police violence ….
The 5th defendant in this first batch was acquitted……”
In late January a week of solidarity with the victims was held, with marches, demos and fund raising, a section of the ‘4F ‘demo of 2nd Feb was to support the accused 84, and mothers of the victims spoke strongly in their defense.B8hOQTYIYAAHz_S
A whole range of campaigns are joining together, as seen when thousands marched this week:   defense of the Can Vies victims, To close the Immigration Detention Centers, To reopen the 4F ”torture and frame-up” case” and that of Juan Benitez,  killed by police,  The defense of the PANDORA 11 (see here) anarchists,  the campaign against the new Gagging Law which will make all meaningful protest illegal, plus the PAH campaign against evictions for mortgage default and those against cuts to health, education, social security, pensions, etc.
This autumn there will be elections in Spain, the neo-fascist PP will surely lose their absolute majority, if only for the proliferating scandals for public looting on a massive scale, and there is hope that the new party ‘Podemos’ (We can do it’), which sprang from the horizontal organizing ideas of the 15M movement, will sweep into power as Syriza has done in Greece.can-vies-resisteix1st day photo
One thing is clear, the institutions of Francoism, police, judiciary, army, Church, etc still need total reform.
The gigantic  ‘odious’ debts imposed to bale out private banks (and which will take at least 200 yrs of ‘public austerity’ to pay back) need to be defaulted on.
Instead a whole range of sustainable, anti ”growth” initiatives need to be rapidly promoted. (see here Kick-start Post Capitalism?)
There is no way the State can lock up 84 people for defending a peaceful anarchist community center against an immoral and unprovoked attack.
Our hope is that all these sentences will eventually have to be withdrawn due to public resistance, just as the attack on Can Vies had to be cancelled, and that false accusations will be prosecuted instead.

 Support the Accused

Volem que arribi a tot arreu el missatge de que les encausades no estan soles, és per aquest motiu que ens adrecem a vosaltres per demanar la vostra col·laboració en la difusió i la participació de la campanya de suport, com ho podeu fer:

Si necessiteu material de difusió ens podeu escriure a: xdefensarelsbarris@gmail.com

Esperem que hagueu anotat totes les cites a l’agenda de 2015!
Seguirem informant!

Our strongest weapon is Solidarity


Solidarity is the color of all hearts.


The squatted social centers are free spaces where activities take place in the neighborhoods. Activities we propose another way of relating to people without that money is the only currency. Spaces in which activities are performed, knowledge, needs and capacities are shared, in addition to points where information is not funded either by banks, governments or corporations.

For this reason and because they question the right of private property to prevail over the right to housing and social justice,they are evicted by that governments led by the boards of multinational corporations and financial institutions. …..

…The Expropiated bank in Gracia has an order of imminent eviction. That space now has a clear social function for people with less resources of the neighborhood and is not controlled by any political or financial power. And that for governments is a problem, because they have no complete control of the people.B8WYeC4IcAAx7R7

Another expropriated bank , is the CSO Industry, its another space that provides social work in the neighborhood and also escapes the economic logic and government control. And it also has threat of imminent eviction.

When evictions occur social centers, neighborhoods lose spaces for free expression. Lose a space of autonomy, ability to talk about their problems and seek resources and solutions to issues that affect them. When a squatted social center is evicted, neighborhoods lose, above all, freedom is a walled-up building or an empty plot.

LETS NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. Let not those who fight for these spaces be prosecuted, detained and convicted as after the failed eviction of CSA Can Vies, in the district of Sants.

CSO-Industria-PeltierwebEste pasado Viernes 23 de Enero, una veintena de personas se concentraron en el cruce de la Avenida Gaudí con la calle Industria de Barcelona, para mostrar su solidaridad con las personas encausadas en la manifestación contra el derribo de Can Vies, y para mostrar su solidaridad contra las amenazas por los desalojo del Banco Expropiado en el barrio de Gràcia y del Centro Social Okupado y Autogestionado La Industria.


Los centros sociales okupados, son espacios liberados donde se realizan actividades en los barrios. Actividades que nos proponen otra manera de relacionarnos entre las personas, sin que el dinero sea la única moneda de cambio. Espacios en los que se realizan actividades, se comparten conocimientos, necesidades y capacidades, además de ser puntos en los que la información no está financiada ni por bancos, gobiernos o multinacionales.

Por eso, y porque cuestionan que el derecho de la propiedad privada deba prevalecer sobre el derecho a la vivienda y sobre la justicia social, es que los gobiernos dirigidos por los consejos de dirección de multinacionales y entidades financieras, los desalojan. Y más en estos tiempos, en los que en dichos centros se abren espacios de intercambio o tiendas gratis para todas aquellas personas que necesitan algo que ya no pueden comprar, porque ni tienen ese supuesto derecho al trabajo, ni tampoco dinero, pues las ayudas de la comunidad europea y el dinero público de los gobiernos han ido a parar a las arcas de los que más tienen: los bancos.

 contra infos video ist afternoon pre-demo. more here: http://www.netvibes.com/privatepage/1#Welcome

El Banc Expropiat de Grácia tiene una orden de desalojo inminente. Ese espacio que ahora tiene una clara función social para las personas con menos recursos del barrio, no está controlado por ningún poder político o financiero. Y eso para los gobiernos es un problema, pues no tienen el completo control de las personas.

Otro banco expropiado, es el CSO La Industria, es otro espacio que realiza su labor social en el barrio y que también escapa a la lógica económica y del control del gobierno. Y por ello también tiene amenaza de desalojo inminente.cvmani8febrer

Cuando se producen desalojos de centros sociales, los barrios pierden espacios de libre expresión. Pierden un espacio de autonomía, capacidad para hablar sobre sus problemas y buscar recursos y soluciones a las cuestiones que les afectan. Cuando un centro social okupado es desalojado, los barrios pierden, sobre todo, libertad y queda un edificio tapiado o un solar.

NO PERMITAMOS QUE ESO SUCEDA. No permitamos que las personas que luchan por esos espacios sean encausadas, como las detenidas por el desalojo del CSA Can Vies, en el barrio de Sants.

Absolución para las personas detenidas por luchar por el CSA Can Vies.
Detengamos el desalojo del Banc Expropiat de Gràcia
Detengamos el desalojo del CSO La Industria



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