Jailed Greek anarchists hospitalised: Hunger Strikes Continue.


Greece: prison hunger strike goes on, as comrades hospitalised

  rabble.org.uk    A round-up of recent developments in the mass hunger strike of anarchist and other rebel prisoners in Greece. Sources: Act for Freedom Now, ContraInfo, 325, InterArma. Also check this new updates blog: http://hunger-strike.espivblogs.net.

Anarchist and other Greek rebel prisoners have been on hunger strike since the end of February, demanding the abolition of the new “Type C” maximum security prison regime and other repressive measures. The hunger strike started with prisoners in the new “Type C” maximum security prison of Domokos on 27 February. Captives in a number of prisons joined on 2 March, and issued a shared set of demands. Since then further prisoners have joined, including communists from Turkey imprisoned in Greece who began a rolling hunger strike on 11 March. hospitalisations begin After several weeks without food, some of the fighters are now starting to fall seriously ill, with a number of people hospitalised in the few last days. Here is a report from 13 March of the medical state of the 10 hungers strikers from the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) group, held in Koridallos prison (via 325).

And here is a report from 17 March, nearly a week a go now, on the health condition of four hunger strikers in Domokos Prison. At that point the comrades examined had each lost 9% or more of their body weight and were developing numerous health conditions. On 17 March, two of the CCF prisoners were hospitalised. On 20 March, anarchist Fivos Harisis, participant in the Network of Imprisoned Fighters (DAK), was taken to hospital. He had lost 12.8% of his body weight.

When the comrade refused to take in intravenous drip, he was returned to Koridallos prison, only to be readmitted to another hospital on 21st March after a fainting episode. Here is his letter about these events. Also on 21 March, Dimitris Koufontinas (convicted 17N member) was transferred from Domokos to the provincial hospital in Lamia, where he’s being held in a room-cell with no window. Demands reaffirmed Last week the Greek government started to make some concessions. SYRIZA, the leftist party that is the main government coalition partner backed up by rightwing ANEL, had made noises before the election about reversing the introduction of Type C prisons.

It has now put forward a parliamentary bill which includes proposals for closing Type C prisons and for the release of heavily disabled prisoners. The comrades on hunger strike say that these concessions are not enough, and they will continue their struggle. On 19 March, the “Combative Prisoners Network” issued a statement (translated by Act for Freedom Now) which begins: “After the deposition of the legislation of the Ministry of Justice, there appears to be a first conquest of the political prisoners’ hunger strike.

The abolition of the legal frame that defines the operation of the C type prisons, and the beneficial provisions for patients and disabled prisoners that lead to the release of multi-injured guerilla of the revolutionary organization 17 November Savvas Xiros, would fail (or at least not so soon) without the struggle that is being carried out. But there is much more to happen. “We do not care for any governmental statement or any promise coming from state employees.

Every authoritarian mechanism that deals with a hunger strike by its stated enemies will go onto a deterioration war that will include promises, negated deadlines, vague statements and anything that could wear us down physically or and psychologically. Especially Syriza, who all during its political life as a major or minor opposition demeaned and de-politicized the hunger strikes carried out by anarchist hostages, has great experience in the systemic managing of such situations.

“Now, the government disclaims its responsibilities transferring the granting of our demands to a (vague) future. From our side we continue the hunger strike without a thought of retreating until the granting of our demands […]” The statement then restates the main demands shared by the hunger strikers. These are: – Withdrawal of the special anti-terrorist legislation and specifically the terrorist and criminal organization laws (laws 187A and 187) – Withdrawal of the special repressive laws (“anti-hoodie” law) – Abolition of the “C-type” prisons – Delineation of the use and processing of DNA as legal. – Immediate release of the heavily injured Savvas Xiros – Immediate release of family members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) Solidarity outside

The hunger strike has been supported with demos and actions outside in the streets. These have included: Athens, 8 March: Occupation of the Syriza party HQ; Berlin 10 March: cop car burnt for the hunger strikers as well as for Lambros Foundas (killed by cops on March 10th 2010 in Athens). Athens 17 March, Solidarity demo: The march of around 1,500-2,000 people started from Monastiraki Square, passed through Athinas and Stadiou Streets, Syntagma Square and ended at Propylaea.

After the end of the demo barricades were erected around Exarchia, clashes erupted with cops and luxury cars were set ablaze. Solidarity gatherings outside Koridallos and Domokos prisons and in Greek towns. See some translated reports here, and here some calls and posters for solidarity events. Tagged greece, prison revolts, prisoner solidarity. Bookmark the permalink.

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