#35 To Change Everything.. Audio Zine from Ex-Worker Collective

e1a6326f4a89d128f49c57d901b651de_largelisten to Audio Zine HERE

Submitted by worker  From Crimethinc..   Welcome back to the Ex-Worker! In celebration of the second anniversary of the podcast, and the resistance unfolding around the world from Baltimore to Milan and beyond, we’re releasing our first audio zine!

CrimethInc.’s ambitious new anarchist outreach project To Change Everything is “a primer for the curious, a polemic for the entrenched, a point of departure for everyone who longs for another world.”crimethinc-screencap1So we at the Ex-Worker podcast are contributing an audio version to support the print and video versions circulating across the world. We’ll be back soon with our next regular episode, exploring the
unfolding social revolution in Rojava, so stay tuned! {May 4th, 2015}

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Document Name - Web Readyac

READ HERE   http://www.crimethinc.com/texts/days/

Audio Book Online www.audioanarchy.org

  also available here, the great sequel:                 Fighting For Our Lives – Crimethinc PDF  »


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