Inside anarchist-feminist Rojava Project (beneficiary of ‘million’ bitcoin hack by “Robin Hood”)

anarchy in Rojava..b


It has been intimated that as much as one million stolen bitcoins are to be donated to the Kurds via the Rojava Plan, a project that has arisen from what some argue is an anarchist-feminist ideology. A much smaller donation of $11,000 has already been made. The doner, who has been described as a modern-day ‘Robin Hood’, claims to have been behind the infamous hack of the Hacking Team last year and prior to that the Gamma Group. The Rojava Plan is one aspect of the social revolution underway in Rojava, the Kurdistan province in northern Syria, which we have extensively reported on (see up to date links at end of article).

(Note: the video above was made in June 2015. For more current news on what is happening in Kurdistan, click here. See also: “The 7500 remarkable women fighting’s time you know who they are

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