Catalonia: Anarchists call for general Strike / Defense Committees against State Repression

note: there is a huge amount of Catalan news right now, with the referendum 6 days away. This is a sample only. Today the University was occupied and there was a mass postering around the city, etc.

see very latest  Catalan Referendum Wins.  Main Unions and ANC join anarchist led General Strike Tuesday    90% YES despite Spanish Police attacks.    844 injured by 10pm

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Alternative trade unions in Catalonia call for general strike for October 3

A van of the occupying paramilitary police , swamped by the multitude and trapped for half a day.

The General Confederation of Workers (CGT) of Catalonia has presented a notice of call for general strike. The protest must be ratified by union members’ assemblies, sources from the organization’s secretariat said.

‘Unite the Struggles.. Towards the General Strike’

According to the union secretary general, Ermengol Gassiot, the general strike has been set for October 3 “because of the legal deadlines to be followed.” This call is made, for two reasons: “on the one hand, to claim the social and labor rights violated by the labor reforms since 2010 and, on the other, to fight against the cuts of fundamental rights and against the presence of armed forces in our places of work “.

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Manifestació CGT. 27 i més
Manifestació CGT. 27 i més… anarcho syndicalist solidarity demo

The CGT is the fourth biggest Catalan union in number of delegates. In addition to the CGT, the Coordinadora Obrera Sindical (COS), with an independentist tendency, and the Intersindical Alternativa de Catalunya (IAC), have announced the call for a  general strike. This last union has special incidence in the Catalan administration: its federated organization, USTEC is majority in the public education.

However the following day the majority CCOO (ex communist) and UGT (ex socialist) unions rejected the strike call.


Assembly to create a District Defense Committee and freedoms in the Raval   by |

”As a result of the exceptional situation we are experiencing, a group of neighbors in the Raval  (an immigrant and anarchist barrio in central Barcelona) have considered convening an open meeting to pool the initiatives that may exist.

We invite all to participate in the Assembly on Tuesday, 26 Sept at 7 p.m. at Gat de la Rambla del Raval to create a Committee for the defense of the neighborhood and the freedoms in the Raval”.

por |

Barcelona 20 09 2017 la guardia civil registra el departament d afers exteriors donde han detenido a un trabajador y las personas que se han concentrado han intentado impedir que se fuera el coche policial Foto Ferran Nadeu

Defense Committees on the style of the 1936 Revolution are springing up across Catalonia as thousands of paramilitary ex-fascist Civil Guards are shipped in along with Army maneuvers , tanks and water cannons. The far right Madrid government is intent on using every power to stop people even voting on Independence in a process which has only provoked more and more resistance.

Meanwhile dozens of community organisations and Trade Unions are holding emergency talks on coordinating their response to the massive State attacks.

In the present atmosphere the Defense Committees are essential for coordinating the many spontaneous demonstrations with the places they are needed most.  Each of the over 2000 polling stations will need to be defended with mass demonstrations like those which blocked the police raid on the CUP HQ (Far left ‘anarcho republicans’) on Wed.

In Manresa the new defense committee called a demo on Wed.  7000 people showed up, the biggest ever in the town and 1000 people later picketed the Civil Guard barracks.

As the neo fascist police raided Catalan govt offices we saw what can happen in the age of Twitter and Whatsapp. Dozens more towns and districts held demonstrations in Catalonia as well as at least 32 more in solidarity all over Spain.. all more or less ‘peaceful’ so far with the Spanish press pouncing on any little incident to label all as terrorists.

The Madrid regimen has seized the Catalan finances, (but this month’s wages had been apparently paid early),  , brought in 3 cruise ships full of riot police, decreed the takeover of the Catalan regional police (causing rumours of a ‘go-sick’ police strike), seized millions of leaflets, posters and ballot papers, raided houses, closed down pro independence meetings, banned pro independence websites, called for a twitter and facebook prosecutions, imprisoned govt officials and charged 730 mayors,  threatened to close any radio, TV or news outlet that informs about the Referendum,  etc. etc.thousands of tractors arrived to block police raids

But worst for Catalans is the sight of those grey Civil Guard uniforms back on the streets,at least 5000 so far,  the same unreformed force that ruled them under the 40 year dictatorship with total impunity, robbery, endless killings and financial,  cultural and linguistic repression.

Assemblea per crear un Comitè de defensa del barri i les llibertats al Raval

Arran de la situació excepcional que estem vivint, un grup de veïns i veïnes del Raval hem considerat convocar una assemblea oberta per posar en comú les iniciatives que puguin existir. Convidem a tothom a participar a l’Assemblea oberta el dimarts día 26 a les 19h. al Gat de la Rambla del Raval per crear un Comitè de defensa del barri i les llibertats al Raval

   ‘Spain’ accuses 100,000 Catalans of Sedition.. Schools on Strike.. Universities Occupied


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