Women’s Day Convoy braves Turkish Bombing and Shelling to Reach Afrin

Afrin prepares for International Women’s Day

women’s convoy arrives in besieged Afrin
A convoy of buses bringing women from across Rojava and other parts of greater Kurdistan arrived in Afrin to show solidarity with women in the besieged canton, according to local news agency.
“We are very happy. As a Yezidi woman I am heading to Afrin and we support Afrin,” an elderly woman told YPG-linked ANHA news, explaining that for her there is no difference between her hometown of Shingal and Afrin.The all-female Kurdish armed force YPJ, which is fighting on the frontlines in Afrin, declared they will “continue to struggle until the last drop of our blood.”In a published statement on Monday, the force said the attacks on Afrin reveal the inequality in the world, saying that if justice were true, “the slaughter of women, children and the elderly would not be ignored.”

Times Of Oman     Activists arrive to take part in the International Conscience Convoy

Turkey commits yet another massacre in Afrin, 13 civilians killed: monitor

By Rudaw yesterday at 07:26

A severely wounded child in Afrin Hospital on Monday. Photo: Ahmad Shafie Bilal/AFP
A severely wounded child in Afrin Hospital on Monday. Photo: Ahmad Shafie Bilal/AFP


ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Thirteen civilians were killed in Afrin’s Jandaris town on Monday, a UK-based conflict monitor reported.

Turkish planes carried out several airstrikes in the town in southwestern Afrin “which resulted in the death of 13 civilians at least, including 2 children and 3 women,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated, describing it as a “massacre.”

AFRIN- Few while ago, the women’s convoy coming from al-Jazeera, the Euphrates, Deir ez-Zor and Şengal, in addition to a delegation from Başûr Kurdistan have reached Afrin city to support the Resistance of the Age and join women’s celebrations in the March 8th events.The convoy was welcomed by Afrin residents amid chants that salute the Resistance of the Age.ANHA

North Syria, Kurdistan women are heading toward Afrin

MANBIJ – The women of North Syria, al-Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor, Manbij, Shengal and the delegation of Kurdistanians went to Afrin.

The convoy of women coming from al-Jazeera and the Euphrates regions, Deir ez-Zor, Shengal, al-Raqqa and the Kurdistanians delegation from Kobani on Tuesday, arrived shortly to Manbij city, to go to Afrin to support Resistance of the age, and to revive International Women’s Day with the women of Afrin.

The convoy was greeted by hundreds of women from Manbij and its villages, where they joined them. The convoy then proceeded towards Afrin.

A while ago, al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor women procession headed from al-Naeem Square towards Manbij city as the women there would meet the women procession coming from al-Jazeera and the Euphrates Regions; the Kurdish women delegation and Şengal women. They would head towards Afrin to support the Resistance of Age, and to revive the International Women Day with Afrin women that is on March 8.

Aesha al-Nahar who is one of Deir ez-Zor women said to Hawar news agency, “We are heading towards olives land to stand in solidarity with Afrin women against the Turkish aggression, and to participate in reviving the International Women Day with Afrin women.

Aesha sent a massage congratulating the women of North Syria, especially Afrin women on the occasion of March 8.

In her turn, the member of Syrian Women Council Zulaykha Abdi said, “On the occasion of March 8, we are heading towards Afrin to stand with Afrin women. From al-Naeem Square in al-Raqqa, I salute Resistance of Age women on the International Women Day.”

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