Erdogan sending paid Jihadis against Manbij multi-ethnic and Womens’ revolution + UPDATE Assad’s Forces Invited In.

LATE LATE NEWS.>Turkish forces enter Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has refused to believe the Syrian

Turkish army now with jihadi terrorists outside Manbij

statement, brushing it aside as just a “psychological action.”Later in the day, the Turkish military crossed into Syrian territory at the border town of Jarablus Several convoys of Ankara’s armored personnel carriers were seen making their way through streets.


LATE NEWS….Syria army ‘enters’ Kurdish-held Manbij

Reported troop entry into Manbij comes after Kurdish YPG asked for government help in preventing a ‘Turkish invasion’. But a senior Kurdish Image result for Ilham Ahmedofficial, Ilham Ahmed, reportedly told AP that government troops have arrived but not yet entered the city.The military declaration came moments after the People’s Protection Unit, or YPG, made an appeal to P.resident Bashar al-Assad‘s government to prevent a “Turkish invasion”. Image result for SAA in ManbijThousands of Turkish paid jihadi mercenaries had gathered on the Manbij border backed by the 500,000 strong Turkish army, but can now only proceed risking a Turkish war with Syria. “The aim is to ward off a Turkish offensive,” Ahmed said. “If the Turks’ excuse is the [Kurdish fighters], they will leave their posts to the government,” she said.  Syria said no autonomy offer has been offered to the YPG, but they did not make demands that they disarm, as happened in Afrin. The US still has two posts around Manbij but they are due to pull out. Erdogan furiously  called the announcement a ‘False Psyop’ but Turkey will now  have to make new plans to continue its genocidal plot to expand the ´’Ottoman Empire’.

post EN CASTELLANO abajo

Trump’s abrupt decision to pull troops out of Syria has effectively given Ankara the green light to push into the remaining Kurdish-controlled areas in northern Syria.

The Arab section of SDF, Jaysh al-Thuwar, is taking the lead in defending Manbij against Turkey-backed jihadist groups and the Turkish army.
MANBIJ (ANF) – The Turkish state and their allied gangs have been fortifying their positions in the occupied areas around Manbij. The Manbij Military Council (multi-ethnic and women) has announced that they are ready to push back any and all attacks.
The Arab section of SDF, Jaysh al-Thuwar, is taking the lead in defending Manbij against Turkey, to counter the absurd accusations by Erdogan and Trump and the western media, that Manbij is a ‘nest of Kurdish terrorists’, and that Turkey is invading to ‘finish off ISIS’ when the nearest ISIS troops are over 500 kms away!
After a long bloody siege Manbij was liberated from ISIS terror in 2016. Now with Trump’s sellout/betrayal and Russian and Syrian permission, the neo-fascist expanding Erdogan regime is letting loose its paid jihadi gangs to destroy the Manbij revolution, enslave women as before, and open the way for a real genocide in eastern Rojava.
The US has given Erdogan free rein to flood Rojava with his fast growing mercenary army of jihadi Syrian militias, including many ISIS and Al Qaeda and militias now holed up in Idlib. Erdogan is paying the terrorists 500 Turkish dollars a month and offering loot, land and power destroying Rojava. Especially evil is the promise to destroy the unique womens’ liberation movement, returning women to semi slavery under medieval jihadi rule and implicitly offering the terrorist mercenaries the right to kidnap, rape and torture the heroic YPJ womens defense militia, as is already happening in Afrin.
Following the US decision to withdraw troops from Syria, the Turkish state has increased invasion attempts targeting Kurds. Massive invasion preparations are well advanced around Manbij area which will be a relatively easy target when the small US presence clears out.
Manbij is not even a Kurdish majority town and a unique independent multi ethnic and gender equal Council was set up after the SDF liberated it from ISIS  and successfully runs the area despite the Turkish blockade.
15/08/2016.Thousands of ISIS hostages passed from a medieval tyranny to a revolutionary and feminist area as Manbij fell to the SDF. Now Turkey wants to enslave these women again by giving Manbij back to new jihadi mercenaries..”..Women don’t possess any rights under the regime of ISIS. We are left without a will or the possibility of self expression.  Women become prisoners in their own houses; besides giving birth to children, they don’t have any rights or value. We can call this war against women..” Since then Erdogan has not rested in his obsession with destroying Manbij

According to the AFP, Turkish government backed gangs have been fortifying their positions around Manbij. A gang spokesperson said they are making their final preparations against Manbij and argued that they are waiting for the political deals between Ankara and Washington.

27/12/18.  Turkey’s jihadi mercenaries, many from Idlib, are arriving on the outskirts of Manbij, backed by tanks and heavy artillery, with the promise of plunder, looting, land and rape, as happened in Afrin,  in service of Turkish fascist expansion.

An American volunteer fighting alongside Kurdish forces in Syria was killed during the offensive to recapture the town of Manbij from Islamic State militants in 2016.

Manbij Military Council Spokesperson Shervan Dervish said their forces have come to attention and added: “We are monitoring the increase in back up forces along the border.”

Dervish said “The International Coalition patrols are still in place, and nothing has changed,”

Jaysh al-Thuwar General Command Deputy Ehmed el Sultan (Ebu Al-Arac) spoke to ANHA and also said the Turkish state is preparing their gangs to attack Manbij, adding that they are ready to resist any and all attacks.

A YPJ volunteer helps rescue civilians from ISIS in Manbij in 2016, illustrating the dramatic revolutionary change in female status. Many volunteers died rescuing civilians from ISIS.

The Rojava revolution was made by a struggling people, not American bombs

Matt Broomfield reports from Rojava for Red Pepper

Last night I slept in a Kurdish friend’s house here in Rojava. His daughter, brash and confident at 6, stood on a table and performed the songs she has been learning in school, as part of the first generation of Syrian-Kurdish students ever to hear their mother tongue in the classroom.

“I am a Kurd,” she sang. “I learn in my own language… I sing in my own language…” It does not seem so much to ask.

Turkey threatens to ‘let loose’ its 3.5 million Syrian refugees on Europe, gaining billions in EU subsidies while using the refugees as semi slave labour, mercenaries and strike breakers.. In reality 3.5 million is not so huge in a Turkish population of 80 million. In Afrin before the Turkish invasion nearly half the population were internal refugees and something similar in parts of Lebanon.

Yet it is too much for the Turkish state, ever-hungry for the extermination of the Kurds, ready “to bury the militants of Rojava in their ditches,” as their defence minister threatened this week. It is too much for Donald Trump, who this week took the decision to withdraw his forces from Rojava and leave us at the mercy of the coming Turkish invasion.


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What can SDF and the Kurds do to protect their democratic, feminist, co-op revolution?.. International support is vital, but we see in Afrin that thousands of demonstrations round the world counted for nothing.

Direct Action against Turkish State and economy is a good option  

Supporters need to work with the Turkish opposition in Turkey, revive and extend the  ‎Boycott Turkey campaign and put on real pressure by any means, especially financial and boycotting tourism.

see also: Turkey’s Support for Islamist Terrorism in Syria

”One possibility would be to turn to Russia as a patron. Russia has already demonstrated that it won’t take a challenge from Turkey in Syria lying down and could economically punish Turkey severely, as Putin did in 2015 after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet that was attacking Turkmen militias in northern Idlib province”.

Another possibility, however distasteful, is for the Kurds to  turn to Bashar al-Assad himself. The hope would be that the Syrian Arab Army might be allowed by the Kurds to establish a buffer zone along the Syrian-Turkish border, which might hold back Turkey.



  • 154th journalist imprisoned in Turkey by ErdoganAsli Ceren Aslan, editor of the newspaper Özgür Gelecek (Free Future) was arrested on 9 February in the province of Urfa province,

Damning UN report slams Turkey, revealing the extent of its anti-Kurdish war in Turkey




………………continues   HERE

Athens, Greece: Incendiary Attack Against Turkish State-Owned Company Istikbal in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin   by


”During the night of the 2nd of February we attacked the Turkish company Istikbal with an incendiary device and we torched a 7.5 tonne truck in front of their headquarters at 152 Kifissias Avenue.

Erdogan agreed #turkstream 2 pipeline for Russian okay to Bomb AfrinJust 24 hrs before they started blasting the only progressive forces in the Middle East with US planes and German tanks the ‘Turkish Hitler’ Erdogan gave permission to Russia to build the 2nd #turkstreamgas pipeline through Turkey into Europe. (see Jan 21 2018 Gazprom receives construction permit for second string of TurkStream)

Ambulance blocked by police. DBP Silopi District Co-Chair, Gülşen Özden speaking to Hatice Kamer with BBC Turkish in Silopi as to killings of politician women said she received a phone call around 7:35 p.m. and the voice on the other end said they were shot and called for an ambulance. “They phoned me again in a few minutes. They hung up the phone saying ‘We are losing blood, hurry up. We all will die if you don’t come in 10 minutes’.


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