RiseUp4Rojava ..Erdogan uses Refugee Blackmail on EU to boost ”Safe Zone” invasion

Al-Qaeda and ISIL still operate in Turkey under charity cover

Turkey’s latest threat:  Give us safe zone or we send refugees to EU   …Erdogan threatens: “… we will have to open the gates [to Europe].Either you support us or no one should feel sorry. We would like to host 1 million refugees in the safe zone.”

So Europe is being blackmailed to help this OPENLY fascist invader extend  his empire in Syria and to wipe out the local Kurdish people an their democratic, non sectarian, anti racist, feminist revolution ..ETC..

In the last weeks the rate of refugees arriving in Greece has been shooting up, as Erdogan cynically allowed more people to escape, before cashing in on EU euros and political ignoring, if not actually aiding, his nazi invasion plans.

Aug 30 2019 Greece’s Lesvos receives largest single-day refugee arrival since 2015-2016 Some 547 migrants arrived Greece’s eastern Aegean island of Lesvos on Thursday in thirteen boats that set sail from the Turkish coast, marking the largest number of arrivals in a single day since the peak of a refugee crisis. Some 177 were men, 124 were women and 246 were children

So the craven EU politicians cave in and give him (indirectly) billions more public money for fear of losing their jobs and power to the racist right wing being fanned…

The European Commission on July 19 2019 adopted a new set of assistance measures worth €1.41 billion (nearly $1.6 billion), ensuring EU support to refugees and host communities in Turkey.   This ups the total to over 6 billion euros.  And this was before Erdogan’s latest human blackmail threats!

As well as receiving 6 billion euros to its economy (the cash goes directly to the refugees) there have been a long series of  scandals alleging the slave labour exploitation in Turkey of defenseless Syrian refugee families who despite working could starve without the EU aid. (see here: Syrian refugees: Abuse & exploitation in Turkey…650,000..)

The EU should spend the 6 billion euros of public money  not on Turkish blackmailers but on helping refugees return and rebuild their lives in Syria.

This gives the Turkish business class a third big boost in cheaper production , increasing profits for the rich while forcing down wages for many other workers with the threat of cheaper refugee labour. Labour is cheap, refugee labour is dirt cheap in Turkey

Refugees are being used again as Human Blackmail by Erdogan to extract money and impunity for Rojava invasion

So Turkey is getting  paid three times over for its mere 5% of refugees, while squeezing more money, support and impunity for its empire building from its EU neighbours with blatant human blackmail  .

Syria war: Turkey threatens Europe with new migrant wave –US forces to jointly patrol the ”safe zone”, and Mr Erdogan said Turkey was “determined to set it up  by the last week of September, 2019”.

And on top of this Turkey demands with threats that the EU helps it to invade a foreign country, expelling the population and settle some of the refugees there.

Right now Rojava is run by the Autonomous Administration (AA) , a web of local organisations  with delegates from all races and religions and especially women, and defended by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a 60,000 strong mainly volunteer alliance of dozens of Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Christian, Turkoman. Azizdi…  and especially women’s militias.

Dozens of multi ethnic demonstrations, vigils and hunger strikes continue along the Rojava /Turkey border against the new invasion disguised as a ”safe zone”.

The SDF has agreed under duress to let Turkey patrol inside Rojava, initially between the border towns of Serêkaniyê (Ras al-Ayn) and Girê Spî (Tell Abiad) and withdraw  in favour of the local (with a large arab contingent) Military Council . But with every concession made to Turkey Erdogan demands ten more with added military threats.

Erdogan has repeatedly vowed to recapture all lands once held by the Ottoman Empire, so all Syria ‘belongs to Turkey’ and promised to settle Turks and Arab refugees in Rojava, expel the local Kurdish population and end the unique democratic revolution which has united all races and creeds and freed women in the Rojava Revolution from centuries of serfdom, as illustrated in Kobane, and many Kurdish towns.

The proof of the unique Rojava revolution is evident including in the Arabic majority Manbij (which is just celebrating 3 years of freedom and prosperity) and even in the ex ‘ISIS capital’ Raqqa area which has doubled its population and taken up the revolution, despite continuing ISIS attacks, financed and armed via Turkey, and some resistance from conservative tribal leaders instigated from the Assad regime.

Indeed on several occasions Erdogan has openly threatened to send terrorist bombers to Europe:       .. ‘In an instance of bizarre timing or, perhaps, foreknowledge, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Europe only four days ago that it could see terrorist bombings and attacks in its cities in the near future if it does not cease support for and cooperation with Kurdish “militants.”

Erdogan’s ‘joint patrols’ with the tiny number of US troops are a blatant farce. Before even starting The Turkish side vows to extend unilaterally the  safe zone from 5 to 30 kms. How could the US stop them? Declare war  against Turkey, with just 2000 troops on the ground?

Speaking at the anti safe zone action, Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria deputy arabic co-chair, Hemdan El-Ebid said Turkey is threatening to invade areas of North and East Syria to settle terrorist groups there as it did in Bab and Afrin.

The huge Turkish expansionist army is 639,551.[8] strong ( though largely conscripts) who have had 8 years experience of infiltration and war profiteering in Syria. They also have at their disposal and often on their payroll tens of thousands of terrorists   often ISIS, Al Qaeda and a plethora of  FSA jihadi militias.

Not to mention the huge great dividing Turkish wall along the Syrian border 764km long and built from seven-tonne concrete blocks, topped with razor wire and reminiscent of the barrier erected by Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. .

The flood of nazi style propaganda from Turkey has always labeled the SDF as a terrorist threat, but the fact is that in 8 years there have been no cross border attacks. On the contrary there have been thousands of Turkish aggressions. Wikipedia is still banned in Turkey for mentioning them, along with this blog and many many more, but Google cannot be deleted so easily.

Erdogan claims he is creating a ”Peace Corridor” with Turkish military patrols. The photo is Cizre city, one of many peaceful and prosperous Kurdish majority cities in Turkey, after Erdogan’s ”community policing patrols” in 2015.
 The Ethnic Cleansing in the Turkish  invaded areas of Syria is in favour of paid mercenary terrorists and their families, (this includes ex Al Qaeda and ISIS families from Idlib, ) forcing Turkish language, money and customs.
Daily reports show rampant pillaging, kidnap, rape and mass murder of Kurdish locals in Afrin, where Turkey was let loose by Russia in a dirty arms and gas pipeline deal.

The Syrian war with  up to 498,000 people dead has been largely financed and supplied across the Turkish border via Turkish war profiteers, always favouring extremist Islamic extremist gangs and training, paying and harbouring ISIS leaders.


The US joint venture with an expansionist neo nazi regime is incredibly stupid in anything but the shortest term. And cowardly as well, the US has immense power, enough to take on China, Iran, Venezuela and Nth Korea simultaneously, and due to dollar hegemony  can just print money to finance its wars with infinite debt.

Yet it cannot even stand up to or defend the only democratic non sectarian revolution in the Middle East  against an  evil corrupt fascist bully clearly and proudly  intent on anything, including genocide, to increase his personal power and wealth.

In proportion Turkey doesn’t have so many refugees and has closed its Syrian border (while doing a roaring trade supplying the war in Idlib via its Hatay province which it invaded and ‘turkified’ from Syria since 1939 ).

Lebanon for example has 1.5 million refugees in a population of just 6 million.. that’s 25% or 5 times the concentration of Turkey, whose 3,5 million are only 5% of its 80 million population.

Afrin was reported to be hosting a 50% increase in its population of internal refugees (IDPs) before the bloody Turkish invasion, that’s 10 times the current rate in Turkey, and the Rojava revolution as a whole is hosting OVER TWO MILLION IDPs according to  Peace in Kurdistan despite  being blockaded and constantly attacked by Turkey and ISIS .

Its high time the EU, the US and Russia got together to call Erdogan’s bluff. The Syrian conflict is winding down, not so many refugees will want to come to Europe, and the reality, apart from insidious racist propaganda, is that those who come can easily be accomodated in a population of over 513 million people.

The EU should spend the 6 billion euros of public money  not on Turkish blackmailers but on helping refugees return and rebuild their lives in Syria.

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