2nd member of banned music group Yorum, Mustafa Koçak dies after 297 days on hunger strike

4/24/2020   11:05 AM  KurdisCat

Mustafa Koçak was on hunger strike 297 days. Musician Mustafa Koçak has become the latest member of the left wing of the Turkish band Grup Yorum to die after a long intermittent hunger strike to protest the legal action against the music group.

Helin Bölek’s music also ended on April 3 when she died in prison on hunger strike, accused also of terrorism for her songs… SEE BELOW.

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The legal group Halkın Hukuk Bürosu, or the People’s Law Office, announced today, Friday, April 24, the death of Koçak on what he said was the 297th day of his hunger strike, and that his client he had not been granted the right to a fair trial.
“You know the state murdered Mustafa for not listening to him in court,” the statement from the group of jurists said. Koçak called for a review of the trial in the face of the court’s obvious bias as well as the Yorum Group’s joint petition for almost a year:

– Withdraw ban on music band concerts and music

– Release of musicians arrested by Erdogan- Withdrawal of judicially opened cases

– Stop police assaults against the cultural center Idil

The Yorum Group is a left-wing Turkish folk music group. They have released

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22 albums since its founding in 1985. Formed by four friends in 1985, it became popular in Turkey during the 1990s for its revolutionary themes and its combination of Kurdish and Turkish folklore, with lyrics dedicated to the struggle. against capitalism and imperialism.

Despite the many arrests and trials they have suffered (more than 400), the confiscation of their albums and the banning of their concerts, it is one of the best-selling and most listened to groups in Turkish history.

Some of its members ran an alternative cultural center in Istanbul. The band had given numerous concerts in Europe where a large Turkish community lives. In Turkey he had even gathered 200,000 people at his hugely popular concerts to mix modern music with Turkish folklore.

The group was already arrested in November 2016 and released a few months later.

In late 2017 they released their latest album Ille Kavga (meaning fight at all costs), on the cover of which are the instruments that were destroyed by police during a raid in 2016, in a cultural center where members were again arrested and imprisoned.

In December 2017, they went underground in the face of political persecution suffered under the Erdogan regime.

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Mor un segon membre del grup musical Yorum després de 297 dies de vaga de fam

La també música Helin Bölek ja va finir el 3 d’abril. Mustafa Koçak ha mantingut una vaga de fam 297 dies El músic Mustafa Koçak s’ha convertit en l’últim membre de la banda d’esquerres de la banda turca Grup Yorum en mori després d’una prolongada vaga de fam intermitent per protestar per les accions legals contra la banda. El grup jurídic Halkın Hukuk Bürosu, o el Gabinet d’Advocats del Poble, ha anunciat avui divendres 24 d’abril la mort de Koçak sobre el que va dir que era el 297è dia de la seva vaga de fam, i que al seu client no se li havia concedit el dret a un judici just.
“Sabeu que l’estat va assassinar Mustafa per no escoltar-lo al jutjat”, va dir la declaració del grup de juristes. Koçak demanava una revisió del judici davant la parcialitat manifesta del tribunal així com la petició conjunta del Grup Yorum des de fa gairebé un any:- Retirar la prohibició dels concerts de la formació musical- Retirar la inscripció del Grup com a “terrorista” per la seva música- Alliberament dels músics presos per Erdogan- Retirada dels casos judicialment oberts- Aturar els assalts policials contra el centre cultural IdilEl Grup Yorum és un grup de música folk turca d’esquerra. Han publicat 22 àlbums des de la seva fundació el 1985.  Fou format per quatre amics el 1985, es va popularitzar a Turquia durant la dècada dels 90 pels seus temes revolucionaris i la seva combinació dels folklores kurd i turc, amb lletres dedicades a la lluita contra el capitalisme i l’imperialisme. Malgrat les múltiples detencions i judicis que han sofert (més de 400), de la confiscació dels seus àlbums i la prohibició dels seus concerts, és un dels grups més venuts i escoltats en la història de Turquia.
Alguns dels seus membres gestionaven un centre cultural alternatiu a Istanbul. La banda havia ofert nombrosos concerts a Europa on viu una important comunitat turca. A Turquia havia arribat a congregar 200.000 persones en els seus concerts enormement populars per barrejar música moderna amb el folklore turc. El grup ja fou detingut el novembre de 2016 i alliberat uns mesos més tard.
A la fi de 2017 van llançar el seu últim Àlbum Ille Kavga (que significa lluita costi el que costi), en la portada de la qual apareixen els instruments que varen ser destrossats per la policia durant una batuda en 2016, en un centre cultural on els membres varen ser de nou arrestats i empresonats.
El desembre de l’any 2017 van passar a la clandestinitat davant la persecució política patida sota el règim d’Erdogan.
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Mor la música kurda Helin Bölek, després de 288 dies de vaga de fam contra la persecució política turca
La policia turca ataca el funeral de Helin Bölek fins i tot dins del cementiri

Helen dead on Hunger Strike for jailed Yorum group and banned music in fascist Turkey.

Today, a singer in the “Yorum Grup” band lost her life in the Turkish fascist prisons after a hunger strike lasted for 288 days..

NEWS 03 Apr 2020, Fri – 20:45 2020-04-03T20:45:00 NEWS DESK

After 288 days of hunger strike, the singer Helen Polik who is a member of the

music band Yorum Grup, lost her life. She went on hunger strike to protest against the Turkish authorities’ arrest of members of her group and demanded their release from prison, in addition to allowing them to continue the music, but the Justice and Development Government rejected her demands, which made her continue the strike until she lost her life on Friday in Turkey’s prisons.

Shamefully the long fight by the Yorum group for the right to sing, for their music and physical survival, has been largely ignored by European social movements. Their extermination is part of Erdogan’s bloody war against women, gays, anarchists, Kurds and anyone who speaks out for freedom or democracy.

Turkish Islamist President R.T. Erdogan mobilized thousands of agents who have occupied the town of Armutlu where Kurdish singer Helin Bölek was buried. Regime police dropped fired water cannons and tear gas at the mourners even inside the cemetery.

In Istanbul, the rally in memory of the musician has been aborted by Erdogan police who have arrested the civilians involved. The number of people detained is unknown.


Turkey: Jailed Grup Yorum musician on hunger strike force fed and tortured

By TM – March 17, 2020 Share on FacebookTweet on Twitter

Mustafa Koçak, a jailed member of the Grup Yorum band who has now died after being on a hunger strike for 254 days in an İzmir prison, was removed from his cell and brought to a hospital where he was subjected to involuntary treatment as well as torture, the Bianet news website reported..

The revelation was made by Koçak’s lawyer, Ezgi Çakır, who released a video statement in which she described the details of the intervention her client endured.

Image result for Mustafa Koçak... yorum

Mustafa, in happier times.

“He was dragged out of his jail cell while tied to a chair and taken to the Şakran Prison’s hospital campus on Thursday at around 4:30 p.m.,” Çakır said, adding that they were prevented from seeing him for four days, despite appealing to the prosecutor’s office and the hospital administration.

She said she was only able to see Koçak after he was brought back to another prison.

“He told me what he went through for five days, and I intend to reveal this to the public,” she said.

“He told me he was subjected to forcible treatment for five days by three doctors including the hospital’s chief physician and an internist, that he explicitly stated that he did not agree to the treatment and that they put him on a drip anyway.”

“He showed me his arms, which were black and blue all over, from his shoulders to his wrists.”

“His hands and feet were cuffed and his mouth was taped so as to prevent him from screaming. His head was also restrained after he tried to remove the drip with his teeth.”

“He stated that several plainclothes police officers, members of the National Intelligence Organization [MİT], doctors, the prison prosecutor and the T2 prison administrator were also intermittently present in the room during the intervention.”

“He was not even allowed to go to the toilet for five days, resulting in him soiling himself, and they did not clean him up, either.”

“The people who blocked us from entering the premises for reasons of hygiene, they are the ones who caused Mustafa to soil himself and made him wait for five days [in that situation].”

Çakır added that Koçak was also exposed to sexual assault and harassment, including the insertion of a baton in his rectum.

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“He informed us that he was harassed and constantly subjected to verbal insults, that the officials laughed at him and mocked him.”

Çakır concluded by saying: “Mustafa has a message for you. He continues to resist.”

The video was published by the Twitter account of the Progressive Lawyers’ Association (ÇHD) and drew reactions from human rights groups, including prominent rights advocate, deputy Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu.

“The allegations are appalling! … Was this torture carried out against a person that weighs 33 kilos?” Gergerlioğlu tweeted on Thursday.

Held behind bars for two years, Koçak is one of the imprisoned members of the leftist Grup Yorum. He was sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment on terrorism-related charges. Some members of the group are still standing trial.

Some of them recently went on a hunger strike and death fasts in prison, demanding freedom for the group’s members and an end to a ban on its concerts.

One of the musicians, İbrahim Gökçek, was released from pretrial detention in February after a forensic report advised against his imprisonment for reasons of health.


‘Death Fasting Grup Yorum Members are in Critical Condition’

HDP Foreign Affairs Commission has addressed an open letter to the international community, raising concerns over the critical condition of death fasting Grup Yorum music band members: “Hear the voices of hunger strikers and take immediate action.”

Click to read the article in Turkish

Hişyar Özsoy, Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Vice Chair, has addressed an open letter to the international community regarding the condition of hunger striking Grup Yorum music band members.


“We have given free concerts for people. We have been the voice of the poor, the miners and the workers. We have been put on terror lists for that,” Gökçek said. “I am trying to be a barricade against a great assault.”

Members of Grup Yorum are standing trial on accusations of membership in a terrorist organization.

Thirty members of İdil Kültür Merkezi, a cultural center in İstanbul affiliated with the band, were also imprisoned in a raid on the center in February 2019.

Some of them went on a hunger strike in prison, demanding freedom for the group’s members and an end to bans on its concerts.

Some members of the band were received in Brussels by Marie Arena, the chair of the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights.


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