COVID-19 disaster in Johnson’s Britain, update

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Cartoon of British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson, from Dutch daily NRCFrom daily News Line in Britain, 18 May 2020:

‘You Have Right To Refuse To Work!’ – Aslef Advises Members

As London Underground ramps up services today, ASLEF has advised members of their right to refuse to work in circumstances where they are at risk of serious and imminent danger.

Finn Brennan, ASLEF organiser on the Underground, said: ‘Despite our objections, London Underground has insisted that train drivers revert to working as they did before the Covid-19 crisis. They are being told that they can no longer continue to work in the safer way that they have been working over the last six weeks.

‘This is because the government is insisting that Transport for London (TfL) maximises the service it operates, regardless of the implications for driver safety. 42 TfL workers have already lost their lives to this dreadful disease. The government appears to regard them as…

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