Nigeria: Curfews Stifle Protests/ at least 62 dead/ SARS renamed SWAT/ disbanded for 4th time/ Govt vows ”reforms”

With curfews announced around Nigeria, the #EndSARS protests have been halted. However, in the diaspora, Nigerians picked up the pace of protests with protests recorded in Zurich, Paris, New Zealand , Berlin, Toronto, Belgium and other cities around the globe.


The maturity, bravery and organisation of the protestors in the face of mass murder and torture by police and army have amazed everyone, especially that it was begun and guided by the Feminist Coalition. No party was allowed to hijack the uprising and funds collected are being distributed to victims, etc.

In reality it seems that only when outbreaks of mass uncontrollable looting and destruction began that politicians began hypocritical moves for reforms that they will certainly try to ignore as always before.

The #EndSARS movement is a reminder of why we need to abolish the ruling class’s police forces and create community controlled arbitration and retribution systems around the world.


Nigeria’s #EndSARS protests

from Freedom News, shared with thanks.

As social movements continue around the world to end the impunity that police forces have, the African continent has seen their biggest movement within the country of Nigeria with the #EndSARS protests.

Nigeria has the largest population on the continent, and the largest population of young people has taken to the streets to protest the torture and brutality Nigerians are facing at the hands of police.

The Nigerian government has barely acknowledged some of the problems exist, the protests have turned toward social change demands, with citizens calling for more anti-corruption crackdowns in the government and social and structural changes nationwide.

In 2017, Nigerian activists launched a campaign to end human rights violations committed by SARS – the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a unit of the Nigerian police responsible for the investigation of crimes such as robbery and kidnapping.

#EndSARS: A day by day timeline of the protest that has brought Nigeria to its knees.

SARS had been created in 1992 to fight an increase in armed robbery and crime. Over the years, video evidence has appeared on social media showing unlawful arrests and other abuses.

In 2017 when the campaign #EndSARS was launched footage was shared allegedly showing the aftermath of the police killing of a young man. The internet began to fill with horror stories of young people who had suffered human rights violations at the hands of SARS.

“Members of the Nigerian army pulled up on us and they started firing. They were shooting, they were firing straight, directly at us, and a lot of people got hit.” Eyewitnesses say Nigerian forces opened fire on protesters in Lagos — CNN Africa (@CNNAfrica) October 20, 2020

At that time, in 2017, the police authorities made it known that they would reform SARS. Among the police amendments was the passage of the 2017 Anti-torture Act and the signing of the New Police Act. However, there was reportedly no enforcement.

For example, an Amnesty International report – Nigeria: Time to end impunity and other violations by Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) details at least 82 incidents of torture and other gross human rights violations between January 2017 and May 2020.

On October 8, there was again a rise in nationwide and international protests against SARS. This is after a video emerged of alleged SARS officers shooting a man in the Delta State of Nigeria.

Unlike previous protests, which lasted just a few days, the current protests have gone global with petitions and demonstrations to the U.K. government to extend sanctions to the Nigeria government. The demonstrations have also carried more than the message that the police cannot operate with impunity, they are calling for an end to corruption and good social governance.

Famous celebrities and business leaders have given rise to the spread of the #EndSARS movement, and they include Joe Biden and the U.K government and European Union who have expressed their concern at the Nigerian’s government’s lack or reform.

EndSARS Surpasses #BlackLivesMatter, Gets Nearly 30 Million Tweets In 48hrs

The Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, on October 11 agreed in a televised statement to disband SARS but replaced it with a new unit on October 13 called Special Weapons And Tactics unit (SWAT). This is the fourth time that SARS has either been disbanded or reformed.

Mohammed Adamu who oversees the police announced that SWAT would carry out the duties which were done by SARS. The SWAT team would receive training on police conduct and use of force by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

EndSARS: 62 Confirmed Killed, Lagos Destruction May Surpass N1trn to  Rebuild - THISDAYLIVE

EndSARS: 62 Confirmed Killed in Brutal Crackdown

However, this is a far cry from the reforms that protestors have been calling for and therefore the protests have continued.

The Nigerian government has issued statements claiming the protests have become political and have been being infiltrated by anarchists as property of politicians has been destroyed.

Depending on the reports nearly 2,000 inmates have broken out of jail after crowds attacked two prisons in Southern Nigeria in Benin.

However, by large the protests have been peaceful. Though lacking a central figurehead; young people have organized themselves through social media and come out to the streets to march sometimes holding hands.

Palm Wine Club - In Solidarity #ENDSARS 24th October 2020 | Listen on NTS

Fundraising for legal aid, food and drink has been organised for the protests by various groups including the Feminist Coalition which the Nigerian government has tried to label as a terrorist organization.

On Oct. 20, 2020, which marked about two weeks into the protests, the Lagos State governor suddenly announced a curfew to try and stop the protests by ‘restoring order’.

However, as we have seen around the world, the police only use force to restore order. The Nigerian government at the prominent protest site of the Lekki Toll Gate, reportedly cut the camera feed and lights.

The protesters who as seen in video footage were, at this stage, sitting on the ground peacefully were then attacked by soldiers who shot into crowds of people.

The footage of what happened has gone viral and is yet another example of a failed democracy and how governments continue to use the police and military to oppress their citizens with impunity.

In reality it was only when outbreaks of mass looting and destruction began politicians began hypocritical moves for reforms that they will then try to ignore as before. 62 deaths reported from protests, 51 0f them civilians, nationwide, 21 police divisions attacked, seven police stations were burnt down, police vehicles destroyed and facilities set ablaze..Some of the long list of destroyed public and private property in Lagos are Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government secretariat; Palace of the Oba of Lagos; Lagos High Court, Igbosere; Oyingbo BRT terminus; Ojodu Berger BRT terminus; Vehicle Inspection Office, Ojodu Berger; Lagos State Public Works

Corporation, Ojodu Berger; Lagos City Hall and Circle Mall, Lekki; numerous luxury shops in Surulere, The Nation Newspaper, TVC and Shoprite Lekki./

Also a whole series of large support demos around the planet this weekend, led by the Nigerian diaspora, have created hope that some change will be allowed.

The #EndSARS movement is a reminder of why we need to abolish the ruling class’s police forces and create community controlled arbitration and retribution systems around the world.

Freedom News
note: the information in black italics has been added to the Freedom report by TheFreeOnline. Illustrations also added.

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