As US Pivots from Afghanistan to Yemen, Al-Mahrah Copes with Increasing Military Presence

US boots back on Yemeni ground
August 2018.. A US backed Saudi-led coalition battling in Yemen said it carried out an attack in the rebel-held north today that the Red Cross said hit a bus carrying children, leaving dozens of people dead or wounded. Trump boasted of a 1oobillion dollar arms sale to the Saudi invaders.

Image of eight-year-old Nawar Al-Awlaki who was killed by US forces in Yemen
Nawar al Awlaki, daughter of US-born Anwar Al-Awlakidied, also died in botched US commando raid in 2017. Over 30 people were killed by the trigger happy US soldiers, at least ten of them women and children by an American commando unit who were sent in to retrieve intelligence.


US troops in Yemen

By Ahmed Abdulkareem


Residents in eastern Yemen see the surge of U.S. military personnel as malign and colonial in nature and worry that it will bring not only chaos and instability to their region but could also bring with it the infamous human rights abuses and horrific violations that took place in Afghanistan and Iraq.

AL-MAHRAH, YEMEN —Eastern Yemen has been largely spared the country’s grueling six-year war, with U.S. military personnel in the region, once a rare sight, garnering little more than a curious stare from the passing onlooker. But a new sense of anxiety has settled over the residents of the eastern Al-Mahrah Province amid stories of violent midnight raids by American and Saudi commandos and an increasingly visible U.S. military presence in the region.

In June 2019, a team of U.S. Marines supported by Saudi forces raided a populated neighborhood, dubbed the “Qatar quarter,” in…

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