U.S.: Hands off Cuba! End the Blockade!

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Wisconsin Bail Out the People Movement

Statement by UNAC on the Situation in Cuba.

U.S. Hands off Cuba! End the Blockade!

During his press meeting on Monday, President Biden claimed to support the people of Cuba, some of whom have protested in recent days. But the U.S. maintains a blockade of the country that denies the people food, medicine, fuel and trade with other countries.It is thiseconomic hardship, imposed by U.S. policywhichis the reasonfor theprotest. At the same time that Biden and the U.S. government cry crocodile tears for the Cuban people, they are strangling them to death with the blockade. Yet, we did not hear a peep from Biden during the months of protest by the Haitian people demanding that the U.S puppet Jovenel Moise leave office when his term ended,or when the Colombian people flooded their streets demanding their democratic rights from the right-wing, U.S. supported government of Ivan Duque.

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