Community Solidarity. Etniko Bandido Infoshop. Mutual Aid

Etniko Bandido Infoshop shared with thanks Oct 22, 2021

Buting Community Free Shop and Pantry

Libreng Palengke

Mutual Aid Not Charity

Culture of Sharing

We packed 50 mix vegetables, good for “Pakbet” dish. One meal that can benefit four people in the family. We just put the banner and placards in front of our space with tables for vegetables to be given away for free for those in need.

Our way to show solidarity to our neighborhood who were affected by the on-going pandemic crisis.

This self-managed initiatives strictly done by the community. We are not accepting, endorsing and promoting any dole-out or donation coming from the government, politician, Corporate sponsorship, party/NGO’s, foundation or any charitable institution.

This is done by the community, for the community. 

Etniko Bandido Infoshop

A laboratory for liberational project and ideas. Etniko Bandido Infoshop became a venue for different kind of community event and hosting activities such as workshop, film screening, exhibition, meetings, mini-concert other social gathering etc.

Our dedication and passion on community-centered projects and values-oriented initiative will continue. Promoting anti-authoritarian, mutual-aid, voluntary-cooperation, horizontalism and culture of Sharing.

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